J. Crane is a patient at Arkham Asylum.


J. Crane's hallucinogen

J. Crane's hallucinogenic serum spilling on the ground.

At some point, J. Crane was admitted to Arkham Asylum and was designated as patient #856220. Crane's belongings, which included test tubes filled with a strong hallucinogenic serum, were put in a box, placing it in the evidence room. When Oliver tried to hit Nora Fries with a lightning bolt, he accidentally shot J. Crane's box of belongings, spilling the hallucinogen inside the room and making Barry and Oliver see their worst fears.[1]



Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC comics continuity, Jonathan Crane is a criminal in Gotham City who takes pride in spreading fear using his specially-designed fear toxin, and is an adversary of Batman named "Scarecrow".


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