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John Edgar Hoover is a robot impersonating J. Edgar Hoover who was created by Bishop.



Due to the death of the real J. Edgar Hoover[1], Bishop and Gideon created a robotic version to replace the real one to avoid damage to the timeline due to the Legends.[2]

Chasing the Legends

Hoover confronts the Legends.

Hoover traveled to a train, where he found the Legends, and murdered Al Capone's gang to kill the Legends on Gideon's orders, but Sara Lance used a bottle to knock him out, and they discovered that he was a robot, which was about to kill him. about to self-destruct, causing the Legends to flee.[3]

Learning of this, Bishop and Gideon decided to create a second model to replace it and fix the story.[2]

Hoover is defeated.

Hoover teamed up with Ross Bottoni's gang to close out the Bullet Blondes show and battled Nate Heywood and Gary Green to get in. Hoover interrupted the show, but was confronted by Sara and Ava Sharpe, who trapped him to leave him in the pocket dimension, to find out what was going on.[4]

He was hacked out of his system by Zari Tomaz and the Legends discovered that Hoover had orders to destroy them. Hoover taunted Zari, saying that she and Nate couldn't be together if she continued to live in the Air Totem. Reprogrammed by Zari, Hoover helped Nate and Zari meet Thomas Edison to get the blueprints for Gwyn Davies' Time Machine. Upon completing the mission, Hoover began to freak out and self-destruct, causing Edison to die of a heart attack.[5]

However, Gideon recreated another clone of Hoover so that this time he would do the acts that the real Hoover could not do.[2] Now with a copy of Thomas Edison, he and Hoover took it upon themselves to remove the body of the original Edison.[5]


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