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"What you have just witnessed is the fourth medical miracle, Biomax!"
—Jack Spheer[src]

Jack Spheer (died April 24, 2017) was the billionaire CEO of Spheerical Industries and the ex-boyfriend of Lena Luthor.


Early life

In 2012 in Metropolis, Jack Spheer met and befriended Lena Luthor. They worked together in a garage in Metropolis on a project called Biomax, which would use nanotechnology to cure diseases such as cancer. The pair encountered several problems and complications trying to perfect the nanobots' intended benevolent functions. Jack was presumably the one more dedicated in doing so, such that Lena at least once perceived him as "insufferable" and threw a tantrum, along with a microscope at Jack, because of it.

After three years, Jack and Lena fell in love and began dating.

One year later, Lena's half-brother, Lex Luthor, was arrested and she subsequently moved to National City to take over her family's company, Luthor Corp, and redeem her name. Jack gave Lena an ultimatum: stay and continue their work on nanotechnology or leave. Sadly, Lena chose the latter and the two broke up, leaving Jack in a deep malaise.

Not long following, Jack performed a test trial on himself and injected himself with the nanobots, accidentally causing his body to merge with them. Jack intended to scrap the Biomax project upon realizing the nanotechnology took over the occupants' minds. However, his business partner and CFO, Beth Breen, refused to allow this, as it would financially ruin Spheerical Industries, and began to control Jack using the nanotechnology.[1]

National City and death

Jack Spheer and Beth Breen unveil Biomax.

Soon after, Jack traveled to National City to showcase the completed version of Biomax, newly-created nanobots that could cure ails and injuries, thereby promising immense medical applications. He sent a personal invite to Lena in the hopes that she would appear at the presentation. At the presentation, he spotted her by the crowd, being taken aback. The launching proceeded well, with Jack making an impressive appearance. He listed the three known medical miracles of the world up to date (vaccines, anesthesia, and antibiotics) and revealed Biomax as the "fourth", which would usher the new age of medicine. He personally demonstrated the capabilities of Biomax by cutting the palm of his hand and then allowing a small swarm of Biomax nanobots, released from a handheld sphere carried by Beth, to cauterize and mend the open wound, leaving no trace of it. Jack then proudly announced that Spheerical Industries would begin their launch of the new medical technology throughout National City. He then called for questions from the crowd and Kara Danvers questioned him as to if he was following the FDA's safety measures with his new Biomax nanobots.

After the presentation, Jack reunited with Lena and was surprised to find that the one who grilled him during the presentation was her friend, before Kara left them to let them catch up. Lena congratulated Jack on finally solving how to calibrate the functionality and coordination of the nanobots, inquiring as to how. Jack offered to tell her over dinner; Lena was hesitant. Before Jack could urge further, Beth approached the pair and informed Jack that a private meeting with their shareholders was in an hour, prompting him and Lena to part ways.

That night, as a nanobot swarm, Jack attacked Joe Watkins' car as he and Kara sat in it, the former whistleblower on Jack. The car blew up, killing Joe. Jack went to another whistleblower's house, Derrick Simmons, killing him shortly before he could tell the truth about Biomax to Snapper Carr.

Shortly following, Jack visits Lena to ask her to dinner. Lena agreed on the terms that it be non-romantic. Their dinner was interrupted by Kara and Mon-El, who joined the dinner to question Jack about the human trials, which Jack answered to be on public record. Lena then asked how Jack completed Biomax and as he explained it, he claimed that the breakthrough only came after the revelation of how he regretted letting Lena leave. Kara attempted to disrupt the conversation but Lena asks for time alone with Jack. Mon-El humorously embraces Jack, simultaneously swiping his security badge, and left with Kara.

Lena and Jack kiss.

Jack and Lena retreated to L-Corp, where Jack apologized for having made Lena choose between him and L-Corp, but Lena considered how different her life would have been had she stayed – even wondering whether she would have made a legacy outside of her family. The two shared a kiss. At the same time, Kara and Mon-El discovered a video of his self-trial, causing Jack to traverse to his office, closely missing them.

Having been told the information about Biomax by Kara, Lena confronted Jack at a Spheerical Industries lab, expressing her disappointment of having been lied to about the truth behind the Biomax breakthrough. Lena recalled that the early prototypes for Biomax that the two of them worked on effectively robbed their first test subjects, lab rats, of free will. She revealed that she knew about the faked human trials and the brutal murders committed in tying up loose ends. However, a confused and shocked Jack confessed that he had no idea what Lena was talking about. Suddenly, he uncharacteristically froze as Beth resumed control of his mind.

Jack's death.

Supergirl eventually appeared, but Beth had Jack unleash the nanobot swarm on her, pinning the superheroine against some equipment and suffocating her. Lena beat down Beth and destroyed the earpiece controlling Jack. Coming to his senses and struggling against the nanobots, Jack directed Lena to the computers' mainframe. Lena attempted to override Biomax, but Beth divulged that it would destroy the nanobots and kill Jack, as they were already merged into him. To save Supergirl and stop Beth, a suffering Jack pled out for her to override the system. Apologizing to him, Lena successfully did so, saving Supergirl. Lena then held Jack's hand as he passed away.[1]


Jack received justice for his death when Beth was sentenced to prison for her crimes.

In her heartbreak and anger over Jack's demise, Lena confessed to her best friend, Kara Danvers, her fear of following in the footsteps of her family's malevolent legacy should she ever succumb to such strong negative emotions again. However, Kara assured Lena she won't and promised to help her friend heal from Jack's death.[1]

Spheerical Industries was eventually acquired by L-Corp, courtesy of Lena, who continued Jack's work in nanotechnology.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Cyborg physiology: After injecting himself with the Biomax nanites, they bonded to Jack's body and allowed him to gain several powers.
    • Nanite mimicry: Jack is able to turn his entire body into a swarm nanites.
    • Shapeshifting: In his Biomax form, Jack can transform his body into any shape.
    • Nanite replication: Jack was able to produce enough nanites to attack Supergirl while maintaining his regular body mass.
    • Enhanced strength: As Biomax, Jack could break free from Supergirl's freezing breath and was strong enough to force the superheroine against a column, nearly suffocating her.
    • Enhanced durability: Jack could withstand and swiftly recover from being frozen by Supergirl's freezing breath.
    • Flight: As Biomax, Jack can turn himself into a swarm of nanites capable of flight.


  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Master scientist: Jack was a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician, scientist and leader.


  • Lack of control: Jack could not control the nanites once they were merged with him.
  • Neurotransmitter: The nanotechnology in Jack's body could be controlled by a neurotransmitter designed by Beth Breen, which allowed her to take over his mind and force Jack to obey her mental commands.
  • Nanite override: A override code was able to shut down the nanites bonded to Jack, but resulted in his death.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jack Spheer, known as Biomax, was the CEO of Biospheer Technologies. He developed the Biomax process, a plasma that could control organic tissue. He intended to use it to change and revolutionize the way food was produced, but a number of people became sick due to Biospheer additives. Confronted by Green Arrow and Black Canary, he was accidentally pushed in to a vat of the Biomax formula, mutating into a sentient version of the formula, and developed the ability to control minds.