Jackson Klimavich (died late 2017) was an undercover agent of the International Domain Name Directory (IDND) posing as an accountant.


Jackson received a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics from Central City University. As part of his cover, he became a CPA at a firm in downtown Star City.

Jackson and his wife married in 2012.

One night, Jackson noticed and approached Black Siren in a bar. After a brief talk regarding his work, he offered to buy her a drink. Black Siren flirtatiously responded that she had "a better idea" and dragged him outside to make out. She noticed Jackson's wedding ring as they were kissing, but assured him that "[she] won't tell if [he] won't tell". Intrigued, Jackson asked Black Siren to tell him one of her secrets to be even. In response, Black Siren whispered in his ear using her sonic scream, instantaneously killing him. She then stole Jackson's fingerprints in order to enter the International Domain Name Directory vault. Jackson's cause of death was ruled as internal hemorrhaging.[1]



Season 6


  • Jackson is 5'10" and weighs 180 lbs.[1]
  • Despite his marital status, Jackson had a profile on Upswipz.[1]
  • According to his status profile, Jackson enjoys traveling.[1]


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