Jacob is the ex-boyfriend of Ray Terrill.


Jacob and two of his friends hung out at a bar in Tulsa, staring at a man at the bar. After a short time, he approached his table, but he was scared and said that he had to park the car.[1]

The next day, Jacob was back in the bar when the glass suddenly broke in his hands. He immediately went to the bartender to ask for a new one, when the same man approached him, introducing himself to Ray Terrill. Their conversation quickly led them towards the park, next to which the men heard a woman's scream, immediately running towards it and noticing the robbery. Terrill ordered Jacob to find help, and decided to observe everything from behind the tree, in fact assuming the mask of the hero Ray Terrill.[2]

The next evening, Jacob called Ray to arrange a meeting with him.[3] Sometime later, they break up.


Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Season 1


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