"I've seen these wannabes before, He gets the city all hot and bothered and then thanks to a total lack of skill, he usually dies in some spectacular fashion."
—Jacob about the Bat's sudden reappearence[src]

Jacob Kane is the commander of Crows Security. He is the father of Kate and Beth Kane, the husband of the late Gabi Kane, the current husband of Catherine Hamilton-Kane, and the step-father of Mary Hamilton.


Jacob and his wife Gabi Kane had two daughters, Kate and Beth Kane. After Gabi's death and Beth's apparent death in January 2003, Jacob continuously mourned for them, unaware that he was drifting away from his only daughter Kate.[1]

Sometime prior to 2008, Jacob married a new wife, Catherine, and met his new step-daughter Mary.[1]

At some point, Jacob Kane was promoted as the head of Crows Security. When Kate was expelled was Point Rock Academy just one week before graduation, Jacob suggested that Kate leave Gotham to travel around the world and train under combat and survival specialists. Sometime after Sophie Moore, Kate's ex-girlfriend, graduated from Point Rock, Jacob welcomed her into the Crows.[1]

During the switching off of the Bat-Signal event at the Gotham Art Museum in 2018, Jacob deployed the Crows, but failed to capture even just one member of Alice's gang, resulting in the death of two Gotham police officers and the kidnapping of Sophie Moore. The next day, he finished briefing the Crows on the suspects of last night's incident, when he was surprised by the sudden presence of Kate. She asked for Sophie's whereabouts and offered her assistance to the Crows, but her father disagreed and left to answer a call. Later at Kate's welcome home party, Jacob was approached by Kate and given security footage from Wayne Enterprises that was live during Sophie's kidnapping, and learned that the gang's hideout was in Burnside Orphanage. Jacob ordered his men and was about to talk to Kate, when she suddenly disappeared. When the Crows got on the scene, the criminals were already gone, and they were unable to locate Kate, but her bike was found hidden in bushes, leading Jacob to deploy half of his agents to look for her.[1]

The following day of Friday, Kate suddenly showed up at Crows Security, informing Jacob of Alice's personal vendetta against him. They got into an argument that ended with Kate feeling unwanted by her father. That night, the Movie in the Park event was ongoing, when Jacob suddenly felt unpleasant about the abandoned building across from the park and learned from another agent that Agent Dodgson was already covering it. He was conversing with Mayor Akins, when he got a sudden call from Alice, and gave him a choice to either save the film viewers from the bomb in Dodgson's truck, or Sophie, who was standing on the edge of a plank. She gave him time to choose and ended the call. Later, he got a glimpse of a new Bat vigilante, who managed to save Sophie's life.[1]

The next day, Jacob briefed the Crows on their two new main targets: Alice and Dodgson. He disregarded targeting the new Bat, as he knew Bat wannabes would die sooner or later in some spectacular fashion, speaking from experience. When he got home, he was confronted by Kate and confessed his true feelings towards his daughter as the overprotective father that he was, which was why he didn't let her join the Crows, as he had lost too much of his family to even lose Kate, reconciling their relationship.[1]


Relationship with Kate

"Your father doesn't want you, Kate. He shipped you away and you show up without the proper postage. Sophie is the daughter your father always wanted, not you."
Alice taunting Kate Kane about her complicated relationship with her father[src]

Since the death of her mother and presumed death of her sister, Kate has felt like the odd person out, and their relationship has been strained at best. After she got expelled from the academy, he had her get out of Gotham, and train to supposedly join the Crows, once her training was complete. When she unexpectedly cut her training short after Sophie had been kidnapped by Alice and her gang, she wanted to help, but Jacob didn't let her. He eventually told her how she seemed to take after her cousin; a female Bruce Wayne he called her, but unlike him, Jacob thought Kate actually has a shot of making something of her life. Eventually, he confessed that to Kate that he never wanted her to be a Crow and called himself selfish, overprotective and admitted he’s terrified for her safety because she’s all he has left, scared to lose her as well. However, once Sophie was rescued, he told Kate that if she still wanted to join the Crows, she can now join.[1]


"Crows represent order, security, safety."
—Jacob Kane[src]
  • Expert tactician/Leader: Jacob Kane is a highly skilled field commander.



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  • In the DC Comics, Jacob "Jake" Kane is a high-ranking officer in the U.S. Military, and the father to Kate and Beth Kane. Despite his difficult relationship with his daughter, he uses his military access and expertise to assist Batwoman in her war on crime.


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