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"I'm not about to stand around and let Gotham cry out to be saved by someone who hides behind a mask. The Bat is nothing more than a symbol of false hope."
—Jacob Kane[src]

Jacob "Jake" Kane is a former USSOCOM colonel of the United States Army and the former head of Crows Security. He is also the brother of the late Martha Wayne, the father of Kate Kane and Beth Kane, the widower of the late Gabi Kane and the late Catherine Hamilton-Kane, the maternal uncle of Bruce Wayne and the step-father of Mary Hamilton.

Jacob had Crows Security disbanded for good after he realized the full extent of the organization's corruption. Later, Jacob is arrested for helping Alice and is moved to a jail in Metropolis.


Original multiverse

Early life

Jacob was born in Gotham City into the Kane family and had an older sister, Martha.

In his youth, Jacob became an uncle when Martha married Thomas Wayne and had a son, Bruce Wayne. Sometime afterwards, his sister and brother-in-law were both killed in a mugging.[1]

In adulthood, Jacob joined the United States Army as a field agent in the 3rd Special Forces Group, earning a decorated career and eventually rising through the USSOCOM ranks to become a colonel.

After his service, Jacob fell in love with and married Gabi Goldstein. On January 26, 1990, they had twin daughters, Kate and Beth, short for Katherine and Elizabeth respectively, whom he loved deeply.[2] For Kate and Beth's sixth birthday, Jacob bought his daughters their own bicycles, though Kate broke hers on the same day, since it was too big.[3] At one point, Jacob taught Beth how to play Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude", which he told her was their song.[4]

Kate and Beth's Bat Mitzvah

Jacob Bat Mitzvah

Jacob with his family after Kate and Beth's Bat Mitzvah

On January 26, 2003, Jacob and Gabi held a Bat Mitzvah for their daughters at their synagogue to celebrate Kate and Beth's 13th birthday. Jacob's car was filled with so many birthday gifts that there wasn't enough room left for passengers. He joked about having to give some of the presents away, to which Kate and Beth assured him they could go home with Gabi. Musing how the girls were now "officially young women", Jacob kissed his daughters and wife goodbye before driving off.[5]

However, on their way home, Kate, Beth and Gabi were caught in the middle of a chase between Batman and the Joker, who rear-ended the family's car and eventually caused it to fall off a bridge into a river, leaving Kate the only survivor. After Gabi and Beth's apparent deaths, Jacob was left heartbroken and continuously mourned for them, unaware that he was drifting away from Kate.[1] The whole city spent months helping the Kanes search for Gabi and Beth until Gabi's body was recovered.[6] During this time, Jacob met and befriended Catherine Hamilton, the CEO of Hamilton Dynamics and one of the volunteers in the search parties.[7]

Searching for Beth

Jacob comforts Kate after she had a nightmare

Jacob hugs Kate after she has a nightmare.

Sometime during Beth's disappearance, Jacob ran upstairs to Kate when she had a nightmare, holding his daughter tightly. He suggested she go to bed, but Kate instead wanted to sleep in the living room in case Beth called and Jacob acquiesced. Kate asked her father to promise they would never stop looking for Beth, which Jacob affirmed.[6]

August deceives Jacob

August deceives Jacob.

After the search for Beth had expanded to Blüdhaven, Jacob received a phone call from someone with her voice who pleaded for help, but it was cut short. Suspicious, he immediately traced the call and traveled with Kate to it's location, the house of August Cartwright. August apologized, claiming the call was just a prank. Jacob refused to believe him and went upstairs, demanding to know where Beth was. However, August introduced Jacob to his son, Johnny, showing how he was able to mimic anyone's voice. Eventually, Jacob came to believe that the young boy had in fact called him, causing him and Kate to leave.[8]

Jacob and Kate have a waffles break at Burnside Park

Jacob and Kate have a waffles break at Burnside Park.

One afternoon, Jacob brought Kate chocolate-covered waffles while they were spending the day at Burnside Park. When Kate refused them, Jacob pointed out that they've been looking for Beth for months and urged her to take a break. However, Kate revealed she felt like it was all her fault Beth was gone because she left her sister behind in the wreckage while Beth tried to help Gabi. Kate tearfully expressed that she didn't try hard enough to save her sister because she was too scared, but Jacob assured his daughter it was not her fault.

Jacob grieves for Beth

Jacob grieves for his "deceased" daughter, Beth.

Later, a team of investigators working for Catherine presented Jacob with skull fragments discovered on Miller Farm which contained Beth's DNA, "proving" his daughter was dead. That night, a depressed Jacob tucked in a sleeping Kate before looking over her map of the area where Gabi's car went off the bridge, as well as the places already checked for Beth. He broke down crying and crumpled up the map, waking Kate up. Jacob hugged her and explained how Beth's body had been found. Kate protested this, as she had already checked the farm multiple times. However, a grieving Jacob believed Catherine and decided to call off the search, angering Kate.[6]

The Hamilton-Kane wedding news

An article on Jacob's marriage to Catherine.

In order to cope with his sorrow and find a way to turn his pain into power, Jacob decided to use his military experience to protect Gotham from crime and ensure that what happened to his family would never occur again. With Catherine's financial backing, Jacob founded his own private security company, Crows Security, offering military-grade protection to Gothamites who could afford it.[1][7] Overtime, the relationship between Jacob and Catherine deepened until they fell in love and married on May 25, 2004,[2] the hottest day of the year.[3] Jacob gained a new step-daughter, Mary Hamilton, whom he loved and raised as his own.[1]

When Kate was in high school, Jacob found a reefer inside his daughter's school bag and consequently grounded her for the entire summer.[3]

Giving Sophie advice

In 2013, a week before Kate was set to graduate from Point Rock Academy to join the Crows, she was caught by a superior with her secret girlfriend, Sophie Moore. Jacob visited Point Rock to attend Kate's hearing, in which the academy offered the two women a chance to deny the homosexual allegations against them.

Jacob suggests Sophie to sign the letter of denial at Point Rock

Jacob advises Sophie to sign Point Rock's letter of denial.

Jacob talked to Sophie, who didn't want her family to know, and recommended her to accept Point Rock's offer, warning that she wouldn't graduate otherwise. When Sophie asked about Kate, Jacob stated that his daughter would have done what she wanted no matter what he said. However, he knew that unlike Kate, Sophie didn't have many other options. She worried this would destroy her and Kate's relationship, to which Jacob simply replied that he couldn't make the decision for her and offered Sophie his sympathies before leaving.[7]

Jacob with Sophie at her graduation

Jacob with Sophie at her graduation.

After Kate was expelled from Point Rock, Jacob suggested her to leave Gotham and travel around the world to train under combat and survival specialists. Sometime following Sophie's graduation, Jacob welcomed her into the crows, eventually making Sophie his right-hand.[1]

Hunting Alice

Jacob at the switching off of the Bat-Signal

Jacob at the switching off of the Bat-Signal.

During the switching off of the Bat-Signal at the Gotham Art Museum in 2018, Jacob deployed the Crows as security while his wife, Catherine, spoke at the event. However, they failed to capture even just one member of Alice's gang when the event was attacked, resulting in the death of two Gotham police officers and Sophie being kidnapped. The next day, Jacob briefed the Crows on the suspects of last night's incident, urging the group to rescue Sophie. He was then surprised by Kate's sudden return to Gotham City. She asked for Sophie's whereabouts and offered her assistance to the Crows, but Jacob disagreed and left to answer a call.

Dodgson as a Crows agent

Jacob talks with Kate at her welcome home party.

Later at Kate's welcome-home party, Jacob was approached by his daughter and given security footage from Wayne Enterprises that was live during Sophie's kidnapping. He learned that the gang's hideout was in Burnside Orphanage and ordered his men to go there. Jacob was then about to talk to Kate, when she suddenly disappeared. Once the Crows arrived at the orphanage, the gang had already left and they were unable to locate Kate. Her motorcycle was found hidden in bushes, leading Jacob to deploy half of his agents to look for Kate.

Jacob at the Gotham City- Movie in the Park

Jacob at Movie in the Park.

The following day on Friday, Kate suddenly showed up at Crows Security, informing Jacob of Alice's personal vendetta against him. They got into an argument over her actions, with Jacob upset that his daughter had put herself in danger and Kate feeling unwanted by her father ever since Gabi and Beth died. That night during Gotham's Movie in the Park event, Jacob suddenly felt uneasy about the abandoned building across the park and learned from another agent that Dodgson was already covering it. While conversing with Mayor Akins, Jacob got a call from Alice, who gave him time to choose whether to save the moviegoers from the bomb in Dodgson's truck or Sophie, who was close to falling off a plank. Later, Jacob got a glimpse of a new bat vigilante, who saved Sophie's life.

Jacob tells Kate that she is everything he had left

Jacob tells Kate that she is all he had left.

The next day, Jacob briefed the Crows on their two new main targets: Alice and Dodgson. He disregarded targeting the new Bat, stating that Batman "wannabes" would die sooner or later in "some spectacular fashion", speaking from experience. When Jacob arrived home, he met up with Kate and the two made amends. Jacob admitted he didn't let Kate join the Crows because of his overprotectiveness, since he had lost too much of his family and didn't want to lose her too. Jacob finally offered her a field position in the Crows, but Kate refused.[1]

Jacob tells Kate that Alice can't be a still alive Beth

Jacob is skeptical that Alice is really Beth.

Later, at a briefing, Jacob calls Dodgson a traitor and Alice a psychopath, saying the duo want to terrorize the citizens of Gotham City by undermining the people actually protecting them (i.e. the Crows) thus, he wants them stopped; dead or alive. The following day, during breakfast, after Jacob asked Kate if she wanted to reconsider the idea of joining the Crows and she dismissed it again, Mary questioned Sophie's sexual orientation, being cut out by Kate, who reveals to Jacob her suspicious that Alice was actually Beth, shocking everyone. Jacob however insisted that facts are facts and Beth was dead. Kate told him that she intended to prove it to him and left.

Jacob scold Kate for bringing the Wonderland gang to the Crows' doorstep

Jacob scolds Kate for bringing the Wonderland gang to the Crows' doorstep.

Later, after Sophie and Kate were attacked by thugs who stole Alice's butterfly knife from them, Jacob complain that Kate brought Alice to the Crow's doorstep, and she wonders how Alice knew she had the knife. Sophie supported Kate, but Jacob insisted that Alice is a cop killer and must be stopped, to which Kate replied that somewhere deep inside she must still be Beth. Jacob ignored her informing that the GCPD already gave the Crows permission to put Alice down. An aide reported that they traced one of Alice's men to a section of the town.

Jacob hold Alice and Kate at gunpoint

Jacob holds Alice and Kate at gunpoint.

That night, after the Crows spot Dodgson on surveillance in a suburban neighborhood, and Jacob recognized the place as his former house at 1472 of Norman Drive. He directed every available man to it, however when the Crows arrive, they find that the elderly couple who lived there had their throats slit. Sophie asked Jacob how he knew Alice had been here, and after he answers her, she asks if he was seriously considering that Alice was Beth, to which he replied she was simply trying to get into his head. Then, Sophie revealed Beth and Kate's location to Jacob, the Crows stormed into Burnside Park pointing their guns to the villainess, prompting Kate to shield her yelling to Jacob that she was his daughter and if he shot her he would lose her too. Not wanting to take that risk, Jacob ordered his men to lower their guns and instead took Alice to Arkham Asylum, although she escaped after a bombing on Loeb Bridge.

Jacob tells Kate to drop her belief that Alice is Beth

Jacob tells Kate to drop her belief that Alice is Beth.

Jacob questioned his men once more and told them that they need to find out what's going on between the Wonderland gang and the GCPD because Alice escaping in such a way was not random. Kate came in and told him that he was about to kill his own daughter, to which Jacob replied showing her the photos of the dead family and saying that his Beth wouldn't have killed them. He ordered Kate to drop it or he would have her arrested, and Kate stormed out.[6]

Catherine and Jacob stuck inside an elevator

Catherine and Jacob stuck inside an elevator.

A few days later, after noting that no one has taken responsibility for the attack at Loeb Bridge, remaining puzzled, Jacob summoned Sophie at his office and gave her the special assignment to protect his step-daughter, Mary. Later that night, he attended Tommy Elliot's party at the Elliot Tower, approaching his daughter, who had been invited too, and complaining with her about how much he hates Elliot despite being one of his biggest clients. A few moments later, Jacob received a phone call from Alice, who revealed to be at their house. The man then ordered his men to escort his family away and while Sophie and Tyler took care of Mary he accompanied Catherine at the elevator. However, due to Tommy having planted bombs on three elevators, the couple found themselves stuck inside one of it and were subsequently saved by Batwoman.

Later that night after returned home, Catherine told Jacob she was scared and demanded him to deal with Alice, despite his concerns that she might be Beth.[4]

Discovering Catherine's deception and that Alice is Beth

Few days later, Jacob listens to cello music reflecting Alice was playing their song while calling him during the party at Elliot Tower, when Sophie came in and gave him a report showing that the IED that hit Alice's van was Hamilton Dynamics' technology, prompting him to wonder who at Hamilton would want to ambush the convoy.

Jacob breaks down in tears after finding out Catherine lied over Beth being dead

Jacob breaks down in tears after finding out Catherine lied over Beth being dead.

Later, Catherine visited Jacob at his office, revealing that Alice came to her and was interested in her company's newest project but she refused to give such a weapon to a terrorist. The phone rang but his wife begged Jacob not to answer it since it might be Alice and she wanted him to hear the truth from her. Catherine finally revealed to Jacob how 15 years ago, she made it seem his daughter was dead by passing off deer bone fragments as Beth's and paying off the coroner to manipulate the DNA test, so that he and Kate would move on. Jacob was furious and exited his office in anger, leaving Catherine in tears. Later, he was seen in his office listening to cello music and crying.[9]

Jacob and Sophie on the road

Jacob and Sophie on the road.

After Kate managed to capture Alice, she called Jacob in order for him to track the call and locate them both as the villainess was taking her to a "road trip" to explain what happened to her after the car crash 15 years prior. Jacob decided not to send the whole team but instead to go himself taking only Sophie with him; while on the road, Sophie asked him if he was feeling okay due to noticing Jacob was quieter than usual, prompting him to reveal to her that he and Catherine were going through a rough patch. Sophie realized that Kate was right the whole time, but Jacob told her that they have to capture Alice and test her DNA.

Jacob shots at Dodgson and the Wonderland gang

Jacob shots at Dodgson and the Wonderland gang.

After reaching Dusty's Roadside Diner, Jacob and Sophie were ambushed by Dodgson and several Wonderland Gang members. While Sophie distracted Dodgson's goons, Jacob managed to shoot a propane tank making it explode and scattering the criminals in the process. Finding Dogdson on the floor, Jacob confronted him and the latter told him that he joined the Crows to make Gotham a better place for all, but instead Jacob divided the city as due to his deeds only the wealthy are safe, despite Jacob being too blind to see that. Dodgson then taunted Jacob by telling how he was also too blind to see his own daughter, prompting Jacob to angrily slam his former employee to the ground and beat him to a pulp until Sophie pulled him away.

Jacob realizing Alice is Beth

Jacob finally realizing Alice is Beth

Convinced that the trail regarding Kate's whereabouts has gone cold, Sophie and Jacob were on their way back to Gotham when the man realized he had been down that path 15 years earlier, and figured out where Beth and Kate are, reaching the old Cartwright house and confronted Alice exclaiming that he now believed she was really his daughter finally calling her "Beth". He asked her to step outside for them to talk. However, once he asked where Kate was, Beth became angry and ended up stabbing him in the stomach.

Kate and Jacob discusses if it's possible to save Beth

Kate and Jacob discusses if it's possible to save Beth.

She was about to kill him before Kate entered, holding Jonathan Cartwright hostage and ordered she let their father go. Beth refused, believing Kate didn't have it in her. However, Sophie entered and exclaimed that she did. Beth knew it was true and let Jacob go, taking Jonathan with her as she fled. Exiting earlier from the hospital due to hating them, Jacob joined Kate on a bridge telling her he was now convinced of Alice's identity although wondering if anyone can save her.[8]

Jacob watch a report on Angus Stanton's death

Jacob watch a report on Angus Stanton's death.

The following day, at the Crows' Headquarters, Jacob told Kate about Cartwright and how all those years Beth was being held prisoner by a madman with a medical license. Then Sophie came in informing him of the news report about Stanton's death at the hand of the Executioner. Knowing the GCPD has put up the signal for Batwoman, Jacob said that she was a symbol of false hope because she hid behind a mask. Kate leaves and Jacob told his men to get the Executioner, while Sophie asked him permission for a special assignment to discover Batwoman's identity.

Jacob receives Bertrand Eldon's confession from Batwoman

Jacob receives Bertrand Eldon's confession from Batwoman.

He then oversaw the operation to arrest the primary suspect, Chris Medlock who was previously prosecuted by Stanton, however when the Crows took him to the police station, Batwoman yank Medlock up to the nearby roof and thrown Jacob a Batarang into a police van with Bertrand's confessing to be the Executioner and why he did it.

Jacob argues with Kate over Judge Calverick being corrupt

Jacob argues with Kate over Judge Calverick being corrupt.

After Jacob watch Brandon's confession video, Kate came into his office and told him that he doesn't believe Judge Calverick was a fraud. He pointed out that Batman destroyed their lives to which Kate told him that Beth became Alice because they stopped looking for her, angrily saying that Jacob gave up and blamed Batman because it was easier and that an innocent man was going to pay the price for Jacob not listening then or now.

That night, during Batwoman's fight with the Executioner at Calverick home, Jacob and one of his men arrive and Jacob shoots the murderous vigilante. He sent his men to sweep the building, and Jacob told Batwoman that he doesn't see a difference between her and the Executioner, insisting that he was accountable while she was accountable to no one. Batwoman disarms him and they fight until the dead man's switch on the Executioner's belt linked to his heartbeat, causing gas to pour into the room while the doors lock.

Jacob confesses to Batwoman about blaming himself for the death of his family

Jacob confesses to Batwoman about blaming himself for the death of his family.

The oxygen drop, and Batwoman has to let the gas fill the room in order to set the hydrogen cyanide in flame and escape. Batwoman told Jacob to stay low to the ground, and he insisted that he won't see the Bat symbol as the last thing before to die. He told her that the symbol let his family die and Batwoman told him to let his hatred fuel him into staying alive. Jacob then explains that he has to blame the symbol because otherwise, he would have to blame himself. Batwoman ignited the gas when it reaches saturation level, and the cyanide burns off, saving Jacob.

Jacob tells Kate he will never give up on bringing Beth back

Jacob tells Kate they're gonna get Beth back.

Later in Jacob's office, Kate look over the information Jacob has on Alice and, when he came in, Jacob told her that they would get Beth back and he won't ever give up. They both broke down into tears and shared a hug.[10]


Jacob asked for a divorce from Catherine and left Gotham in order to clear his mind and investigate August Cartwright's whereabouts, but after days of investigations he was unsuccessful in locating him.[7]

Jacob imprisoned by Alice

Jacob imprisoned by Alice.

While on his way back to Gotham, Jacob stopped at a motel, where he was ambushed by the Wonderland gang, captured and brought to their hideout. After he woke up, chained to the wall by Alice, Jacob said that he was sorry for having left her behind, however, Beth asked why he never tested the skull fragments Catherine found, and Jacob explained that he didn't think Catherine was lying and that believing her was easy than going to bed with a broken heart; finally admitting that he failed her. Alice thanked him for saying it and for making her what she was today. Jacob asked what she was planning, to which Alice happily explained it was the day of her mad tea party and that he has been invited despite being stuck there.

Jacob is arrested

Jacob is arrested.

After being chloroformed, that night Jacob woke up in the parking lot of the Orpheum Theatre, there he was approached by the GCPD and - after they found a vial of poison on him - arrested by Commissioner Forbes for helping Alice in the murder of his wife Catherine Hamilton-Kane, which occurred a few moments earlier and was actually done by Mouse wearing a skin grafts made mask of his face.

Kate visit Jacob in jail

Kate visits Jacob in jail.

Later that night, Kate visited Jacob in jail at Blackgate Penitentiary and they both agreed to put a stop to Beth's schemes once and for all. Jacob stated he was even fully prepared to kill Alice as revenge for Catherine's death, to which Kate confirmed that she wouldn't stop him.[3]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Jacob, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[11] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[12]

New multiverse

Inmate at Blackgate Penitentiary

While imprisoned at Blackgate, Jacob was harassed by Reggie Harris, who placed a knife into his meal and tried to provoke him to start a fight, however the former commander didn't fall for the trick and leave.

Jacob Kane has a phone call with Mary in Blackgate

Jacob Kane has a phone call with Mary in Blackgate.

Later, he was contacted by his step-daughter Mary explaining that she managed to postpone his hearing for a week in order not to have it coincide with Valentine's Day, yet she still had difficulties in finding a professional to testify that "face exchange" could be possible. Jacob replied that she should talk with someone and that despite all the differences of opinion between him and her mother, he never stopped wanting to be her father, to which the latter responded that she had no time for feeling sorry for herself and that she needed to concentrate on finding a way to free him.

Jacob Kane and Reggie Harris at Blackgate

Jacob Kane and Reggie Harris at Blackgate.

Later Jacob had a phone call with Kate too, informing her of the stressful conditions her step-sister was into and, few days later, on Kate's birthday, after the latter informed him that she and Mary finally reconciled, Jacob told her he was really proud of her. During said call, Reggie tried once more to harass him ordering him to move, which Jacob did dropping the phone in defiance.[13]

Jacob warn Sophie to keep her eyes on Alice after the Crows arrested her

Jacob warn Sophie to keep her eyes on Alice after the Crows arrested her.

The following day, after Alice was arrested by the Crows, Sophie called Jacob before to interrogate her and he said to her that she wasn't her daughter anymore, warning her to not make his same mistake and letting Alice get into her mind. Sophie argued with Jacob that it would be a mistake to not interrogate her as she hoped to made her incriminate herself, however Jacob replied that all she would get from her would be nothing but a bunch of "nonsensical nursery rhymes" and that, although he do appreciate her attempt that would be too big of a risk, suggesting her to keep her eyes on Alice until during her transfer to Arkham instead.

Jacob gives Sophie the order to hunt down and kill Alice

Jacob gives Sophie the order to hunt down and kill Alice.

After the villainess managed to escape, Sophie went to visit Jacob in jail and the latter told her not to worry and that it may be better that way since, as she was officially on the run, they can now shoot her on sight; thus giving Sophie and the Crows the order to kill her.[2]

Jacob thanks Doctor Campbell

Jacob thanks Dr. Campbell.

A week later Dr. Ethan Campbell accepted to meet Jacob and Sophie at Blackgate Penitentiary, where they show him the skin graft mask of Jacob and explained that they have Mouse in custody so that if he testify that "face exchange" could be possible Jacob could he free. Campbell accepted to doing it but asked as a condition for it to speak with Mouse stating it was due to scientific interest, prompting Jacob to happily thank him and shake his hand.

Jacob is saved by Reggie Harris

Jacob is saved by Reggie Harris.

Later, while in the prison's showers, Jacob was assaulted by Dodgson, who stabbed him with an improvised knife and started a violent fight with him, however, before Dodgson could kill him, Jacob was saved by another Reggie Harris, who managed to knock his assailant out. The following day, when Jacob asked him why he saved his life, Reggie explained to him that, being close to be release, Jacob was more useful to him alive as he was.[14]

Released from prison

Jacob is released from prison

Jacob is released from prison.

After he was exonerated of Catherine’s death, Jacob was assaulted by a horde of reporters and told them that now that it has been revealed he was framed by Alice and her Wonderland gang, he intended to go back to the Crows to restore peace and tranquility to the city of Gotham.

Jacob and Sophie at the morgue

Jacob and Sophie at the morgue.

Later at the morgue, Jacob and Sophie identified Beth's Earth-TUD14 doppelgänger to the coroner and - believing it was his daughter - Jacob mentioned how all he felt was hollow in that moment. Sophie told him that it was always destined to end this way, to which Jacob asked her why the bullet that killed Beth wasn’t one of theirs causing her to lie telling him that she hadn't a lock on her.

Jacob's first speech to the Crows after his release

Jacob's first speech to the Crows after his release.

Back at the Crows Headquarters, Jacob told his agents that they have lost the city trust and are hemorrhaging clients not necessarily because they were weak, ineffectual or indecisive, but because for the first time in four years, they have competition. He then show them the cover of CatCo Magazine, mentioning how the city seems to like Batwoman because she doesn't subscribe to the rules, which in turn makes her entertaining.

Jacob suspend Sophie

Jacob suspend Sophie.

Later, agent Miguel Robles approached Jacob and gave him the footage where Sophie let Batwoman escape, stating that it was the right thing to do and that, being the only person who knew about it, it was up to the commander to decide what to do. Enraged, Jacob called Sophie in his office and, although she assured him to be a Crow through and through, he showed to her the footage, telling her to think hard on whose team she’s on and thus suspending her from service.[15]

Still worried for Sophie despite having suspended her, right after his decision, Jacob called Sophie's mother and told her about it, urging her to visit her to look after her.[16]

Corruption among the Crows

Jacob has a meeting with Bobby Reeves

Jacob has a meeting with Bobby Reeves.

When Reggie Harris' lawyer Bobby Reeves came to Jacob office, he asked the commander to call Davis Wellington, the judge charged to re-open Raymond Calverick's case, in order to postpone the hearing of his client as he owes his life to him. Jacob refused as the corruption behind the former judge's cases is GCPD's problem, to which Reeves pointed out that he knew Crows has some role in it too, suggesting him to make that call.

Jacob questions Robles

Jacob questions Robles.

Getting suspicious at Reeves statement, Jacob began investigating Lucius Fox's murder himself, discovering that Robles, the agent who was in charge of the Crows team who arrested Reggie sent $51.000 to the owner of Sip&Dash, the place where the raid took place; Jacob approached Robles the following day and asked him about it, to which he explained it was a refund for having destroyed the place when arresting him, after which Jacob asked if it was for destroying the evidence and Robles replied that a Crow would never have done something like that.

Even more suspicious, that night Jacob called Sophie and asked her to came back, stating that despite their opinion being different, he knew he can trust her.[16]

Jacob discovers August Cartwright is still alive

Jacob discovers August Cartwright is still alive.

The following morning, Jacob reached Kate at The Hold Up after he called him and, when she opened the door asked what she couldn't tell him over the phone. She asks Jacob to promise her that he won't "kill him" to which he simply barged into the bar without promising anything. He saw an unconscious August Cartwright tied to a chair, and ask Kate to explain, prompting her to gave him a drink and told her that he was going to need it. Kate reveals that Alice wasn't really dead and left August for her to find.

August is questioned by Jacob and Kate

August is questioned by Jacob and Kate.

After they realized that August was actually posing as Ethan Campbell, when August woke up, Kate and Jacob ask him who "Mommy Dearest" was (as written on the note Alice shoved in his mouth), to which August answered she won't let Alice win in a game against him and that all he wanted was a fresh start for him and his son after she destroyed their family, so he used fear toxin to convince Mouse that Alice was his worst fear, he also guessed that he would probably hook her up to the canister on which he bounded him after she freed him, saying that if they didn't administer her adrenaline soon her psyche would collapse once and for all.

Jacob vows to skin August alive

Jacob vows to skin August alive after finding Beth.

Hearing this, Jacob became enraged and started to choke August, but Kate stop her dad from ultimately killing him, the man then promised August that he would find Alice and then skin him alive, just a few moments before departing the bar to try finding Beth by tracking August's phone.

Jacob saves Beth

Jacob saves Beth.

After Kate discovered Beth was at 614 Williams Street, she informed Jacob via phone and he went there, arriving just in time to inject his daughter with adrenaline, thus nullifying the effects of the fear toxin and saving her life. Beth, cried and even called him "Daddy" for the first time in years.

Jacob puts a blanket over Beth

Jacob puts a blanket over Beth.

Later, he put a blanket over her saying that Kate was with Cartwright and because of that he was able to find her, Alice asked Jacob why he came running, to which he admitted that it was because he still cared for her, prompting the latter to open up to him over August having kept Gabi's severed head in a locked fridge in his cabin due to his mother wish.

August Cartwright dies

August Cartwright dies.

When they came back to The Hold Up, Jacob and Beth discovered that Kate has strangled August in rage. He immediately tried to resuscitate him, calling him a son of a bitch, while Beth sighed and then congratulated Jacob, telling him that both of his daughters were now killers.[5]

Jacob and Kate watches Alice escape after they buried August Cartwright

Jacob and Kate watch Alice escape after they buried August Cartwright.

After burying August's body underneath a freeway, with Alice commenting to Kate how ironic it was that the person who tore them apart was also the reason they've been reunited, Jacob told her to knock it off and comforted Kate while Alice took a turn at burying the body. Then Alice double crossed them, stating that their family reunion was over and escaping in the shadows after taking Jacob's gun.

Jacob asks Sophie to investigate the oddities on Lucius Fox's cold case

Jacob asks Sophie to investigate the oddities on Lucius Fox's cold case.

The following morning, Jacob met Sophie and told her how the footage of four cameras were missing from the Sip & Dash on the night Lucius Fox was murdered and that the shop owner Alia Nazari was given a cleanup fee of $50,000 by Robles. He admitted his suspicion regarding the corruption among the Crows, stating that she was the only one he could trust. Sophie explained she hasn't changed her opinion on Batwoman, to which Jacob replied that they could at the very least agreed that they had bigger problems on their hands.

Jacob points a gun to Mouse

Jacob points a gun to Mouse.

Later, when Mouse started to attack Arkham Asylum's nurses who has had him as a patient, Jacob and a Crows team ambushed him out of the house of one of them, Tammy, after she called them. Jacob aimed a gun at Mouse, but doesn't shoot, instead telling his men to bring him back to Arkham.

Jacob and Kate locks Alice in Arkham

Jacob and Kate locks Alice in Arkham.

Then, when Kate and Alice broke into Arkham to free Mouse, the former leave her sister locked in Mouse's same cell and, as Jacob appeared beside Kate, Alice realizing that he was in on her plan from the start. Jacob told his daughter that that way she won't hurt anyone else, to which she spitefully replied that he has hurted people as well, and was no better than her.

Jacob and Kate share a hug

Jacob and Kate share a hug.

That night at the Crows Headquarters, Jacob told Kate that Arkham officials have Alice in isolation on a 24 hour watch and that he moved Cartwright's body so won't be able to blackmail them. He told Kate that it was time to put Alice behind them and they hug.

Jacob shots a sniper that was attempting at his life

Jacob shoots a sniper that was attempting at his life.

Later Sophie called Jacob from a burner phone reporting to him that the conspiracy was greater than they believed, stating that both Alia and Reggie were taken out by a professional sniper, one of which attempted to her life as well forcing her into hiding. During said conversation, Jacob noticed a sniper shot aimed at him and managed to use a nearby car as a makeshift shield, figure out where he was located and shoot him, although when he got to the latter asking who hired him, he was already dead due to having ingested a capsule of cyanide.[17]

Jacob has a briefing about the Detonator

Jacob has a briefing about the Detonator.

A week later, after the Detonator returned destroying Gotham International Bank in a bomb attack, Jacob had a briefing with the Crows where Robles - who followed the terrorist's case seven years prior - explained that it couldn't be a copycat since he used the same kind of explosive using details than were never disclosed to the public. Jacob dislocated his men and order them to investigate and capture the terrorist before other buildings were demolished.

Jacob rescues Bobby Reeves

Jacob rescues Bobby Reeves.

Later he was called by Bobby Reeves, who was ambushed by the Detonator and attached to a bomb inside his car in Bennett Ave. with the choice to press a button that would have stopped the bomb saving his life but causing another to detonate killing dozens of citizen. Jacob reached the lawyer telling him he knew he would have to do the right thing and that he had to be strong, then, after managing to evacuate the whole Bennett Ave., Jacob order Bobby to press the button saving him but causing 2420 Maple Street to collapse due to the Detonator's second bomb.

Jacob is attached to an explosive vest and rescued by Julia and Sophie

Jacob is attached to an explosive vest and rescued by Julia and Sophie.

That night Jacob was knocked out by Robles, who revealed to be the one posing as the Detonator - due to the real one being dead in 2013 - and wake up finding himself with an explosive vest and the Detonator's typical button that offered the choice to defuse the bomb by detonating another. Jacob was rescued by Sophie and Julia Pennyworth, who tried to disarm the bomb and informed him of Robles' role in the murder of Lucius Fox, prompting the man to admit it was all his fault to having founded the Crows, dividing the whole city. After Batwoman called Julia informing her that the second bomb was secured inside the garage of Wayne Tower, they defused that on Jacob by pressing the button, saving him.

Julia and Sophie are appointed co-leaders of a new Crows strike team

Jacob appointed Julia and Sophie co-leaders of a new Crows strike team.

The following morning, Jacob officially reinstated Sophie and informed her that they have gotten rid of all the Crows' corrupt agents due to the information obtained by Robles' confession. He then told her that she was appointed the co-leader of a new Crows strike team together with Julia in an jointed operation with the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.[18]

Jacob visits Beth in Arkham

Jacob visits Beth in Arkham.

A few days later, Jacob and Sophie went to Arkham in order to take Tommy Elliot to trial after his insanity plea was denied and have him executed for Lucius Fox's murder. However, they found him hanged in his cell, apparently suicidal. Getting suspicious, Jacob interrogated his daughter asking her if she knew what was happening. Alice however reminded him that he was the reason she was locked up in Arkham and she couldn't care less about helping him, causing Jacob to state that she was the one who told him that "Beth was never coming back" and he was simply acting accordingly in order to protect the only daughters he had left. In response, Alice vowed to make him suffer far worse than how she's suffering behind Arkham's walls and left the meeting room.[19]

Jacob informs his men about Tony Kim's kidnapping

Jacob informs his men about Tony Kim's kidnapping.

After N.S.A. agent Tony Kim was abduced by the villain nicknamed "Hush" near the agency's field office in Tricorner, in the same area where it was found the body of Professor John Carr inside a dumpster, Jacob called a briefing with all his agents and informed them it was their priority to catch the culprit.

Jacob complains about the clash between Batwoman and Hush on Williams Viaduct

Jacob complains about the clash between Batwoman and Hush on Williams Viaduct.

Later, following a confrontation between Batwoman and Hush on the Williams Viaduct, Sophie reported to Jacob that the bullet she found on the scene matched those used in the Gotham University library, meaning it was indeed the same person. Jacob complained that Batwoman intervention could have caused a massacre on the viaduct and, as Sophie tried to argue, he replied that he won't stand waiting for a battle between masked freaks to be over.

Jacob wants Batwoman brought to him

Jacob wants Batwoman brought to him.

That evening, after Batwoman was tracked in Arkham, Jacob prepare a whole team of Crows agents to get her, however once he arrived on the place together with the GCPD he found it in flame while a mass prison break caused by Alice was occurring. Jacob ordered his men to bring Batwoman to him, to which an agent replied it would be impossible even to enter the asylum right at that moment.

Jacob sees Batwoman arrive

Jacob uses the Bat-Signal to summons Batwoman and declare war to her.

That night, Jacob summoned Batwoman using the Bat-Signal and revealed that thanks to her, hundreds of Arkham inmates were released into the city. Batwoman replied that it was Alice's fault, to which he claimed that they were two side of the same coin like Batman and the Joker. After she refused to stop her vigilante activities, Jacob warned Batwoman that the next time he saw her would be war.[20]

War against Batwoman

"Jacob Kane will never see a vigilante as one of the good guys."
Mary Hamilton[src]
Jacob Kane vs The Titan

Jacob Kane confronts The Titan on the Burnley's subway line.

Later that night, Jacob tracked the dangerous Arkham escapee Tim "The Titan" Teslow on the Burnley line direct to Central Gotham where he beheaded a man. He tried to stop The Titan but was overpowered and disarmed by him; however, before the criminal could kill him, Kate intervened and fought him, getting defeated as well. The Titan however decided to take advantage of this to escape.

Jacob is interviewed by Dana Dewitt

Jacob is interviewed by Dana Dewitt.

The following day, after The Titan attacked his brother, Jacob was interviewed by Dana Dewitt and stated that he would arrest Batwoman, her allies, and everyone who used the Bat-Signal. The anchorwoman stated that Gotham hadn't seen such a tense relationship between someone and a vigilante since Loeb and Batman. Following this, Mary came up with a plan that drew out the Crows using the Bat-Signal on a rooftop telling Jacob that she trusted Batwoman since she protects others without asking for a penny and in order to change the city's perception of the Crows, he should work with someone in whom the city really has hope.

Batwoman and Jacob has a truce

Batwoman and Jacob has a truce.

After Batwoman appeared, she told Jacob that while she can't show him who she really was, they should work together to stop The Titan, thus calling for a truce that Jacob reluctantly accepted.

Jacob shots at Batwoman

Jacob shots at Batwoman.

Using The Titan's last victim - former Gotham Goliaths' Coach Kurt Donahue - as a bait, the Crows and Batwoman lured the criminal to the Gotham City Arena; albeit the plan was successful, Jacob betrayed Batwoman, ordering his men to gun down the Titan and surrounding Batwoman. After she asked him what he was doing, Jacob replied that he promised her war and ordered his men to fire their guns. The bullets don't pierce through the suit and eventually Batwoman used her grapple hook to get out. Then Julia and Sophie arrived realizing that Jacob did indeed double-cross Batwoman.

Jacob asks Sophie what's so special in Batwoman to be at her side

Jacob asks Sophie what's so special in Batwoman to be at her side.

Back at the Crows headquarters, Jacob is confronted by Sophie about what he did and asked him if that was the reason she was sidelined. Angered, Jacob asked what there was about Batwoman that brought both Sophie and Mary to her side, prompting Sophie to reply that she gave hope to the city, to which Jacob said that hope was a luxury she couldn't afford.

Jacob realizes he need a stronger bullet to kill Batwoman

Jacob realizes he need a stronger bullet to kill Batwoman.

Later, Jacob was given a series of bullet casings from the fight with Batwoman, realizing that he needed to find something stronger to kill her.[21]

Discovering that Kate is Batwoman

After Kate's plane crash, Jacob called Commissioner Forbes, who was intent on declaring her dead, to offer more of his men to help continue the search for her. After being comforted by Mary, Jacob was visited by "Bruce Wayne", who said that Alice was at his manor. When finding Alice, he learns from her that Batwoman is Kate. Alice proceeds to tell him that Kate died knowing that her own father hated her. Shocked, Jacob activated the Bat Signal in order to lure his daughter out but as Kate did not show up, Jacob collapsed to his knees and cried as he realized Kate really was Batwoman and all this time he was trying to kill his own daughter.[22]

Searching for Kate

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Dana Dewitt airing footage after Batwoman had not been seen for weeks, caused the Gotham citizens to have a protest demanding her return. Jacob and the Crows told the citizens to disburse the assembly.

When Batwoman appeared, Jacob realized that this was a black woman wearing the Batsuit, not Kate. Suddenly, a swarm of bats attacked the protest and the Crows helped the citizens by killing the animals until the new Batwoman, led them away.[23]

Determined that Snakebite would not overrun the city, Jacob had a meeting with the Crows and told them to discover who led the False Face Society, a new gang of drug dealers; later, agent Whelan was told that the False Face Society Leader wore a black mask, but Whelan refused to present this information to Jacob without knowing a proper identity.[24]

Jacob asked agent Whelan to research the Napier painting.[25] After conversing with Evan Blake, Jacob and Sophie learn that the painting was to be auctioned and ask Batwoman to assist them in using the painting to find Coryana; reluctantly, Batwoman assists the Crows until they hit Wolf Spider with an SUV and leave him for dead.[26]

Mary and Jacob held hostage by Aaron Helzinger

Jacob and Mary held hostage by Aaron Helzinger.

Jacob and Mary were kidnapped and brought over to a clinic by Aaron Helzinger. He demanded that Mary make more of the antidote used by Hamilton Dynamics used for the bat toxin to cure his unstable condition. Mary then told Jacob about her secret clinic and how she has been practicing underground medicine for two years. After Mary told Aaron that there were no antidote left because the antidote only retains stability after one generation, he stabbed Jacob. Aaron then proceeds to tell Mary and Jacob about the cancer in his amygdala due to UV exposure and stabbed Jacob again.

Desperate to save Jacob from more torture, Mary tells Aaron about Coryana. Sophie then arrives with the Napier painting and saves Jacob from being tortured. A fight ensues which is broken up by Batwoman. Members of a gang then show up, with one member pointing a gun at Sophie's head. Ryan gives the gang the Napier painting. The clinic was later shut down by Jacob due to its illegal status.[27]

Jacob and the Crows raided Garnick Industries to find Ethan Rogers dead. During this, Jacob discovered that Sophie knew about the clinic, making him mad at her.[28]

Later, Jacob and Sophie are kidnapped by Safiyah's organization and taken to Coryana. Eventually, they manage to escape.

After body parts with Kate's DNA were found in Bludhaven,[29] she was declared dead. Jacob went to her funeral with his family and friends.[30]

Dosed with Snakebite

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On either February 5 or March 5, 2021, Jacob had a therapy session with Dr. Evelyn Rhyme to discuss his experience with being dosed with Snakebite. Later, attempting to be closer to Mary, Jacob offers to finance the clinic, but Mary vehemently refuses.[31]

Disbanding Crows Security

Jacob disbands the Crows

Jacob Kane disbands the Crows.

"Well, I started the Crows because I wanted to protect Gotham from the kind of monsters who would hijack a school bus and run a family off the road like they were nothing, but somewhere along the way, the Crows began cutting corners to get results. While Agent Tavaroff is directly responsible for what happened to Mr. Fox, I am guilty of harboring these types of actions for years. I want to offer a direct apology to the Fox family for all the hurt that we have caused, but these are not isolated moments, and apologies mean nothing without actions. I have therefore come to the conclusion that there is only one way to make amends. As the founder and majority shareholder, I have decided to disband the Crows, effective immediately."
—Jacob Kane[src]

Jacob received a visit from Sophie, who told him to go back to check and find out if Russell Tavaroff lied about Luke's innocence or not. When Jacob found the truth, Tavaroff knocked him out. Tavaroff and the other members planned to kill Jacob with a snakebite making it look like an overdose, but the Batwoman came and defeated them, saving Jacob and told Jacob him he had to make a decision. The next day, Jacob cleared luke's name and disbanded the Crows permanently.[32]

Arrested again

Jacob and Alice talk to Kate

Jacob and Alice talk to Kate.

Reluctantly, Jacob teams up with Alice to capture "Circe Sionis". They take a DNA test and discover that she truly is Kate. To Jacob's surprise, Ocean appears and presents to them a pack of Kate's things to help trigger her memory. Circe doesn't move, until Alice offers her a mug she made her when Kate attempted to come out to her as a kid.

Jacob considers Mary on the telephone and enlightens her regarding Circe being Kate, similarly as Tatiana and individuals from False Face appear and hijack Jacob.

Roman Sionis freely uncovers that Alice is Beth and Jacob is faced with it on the news, yet he accepts it. Jacob is then arrested for helping Alice.

Jacob calls Mary from jail, where he uncovers he's being moved to a jail in Metropolis. He requests that Mary help save both Alice and "Circe", and contends that there's a path for them to be Beth and Kate once more.[33]

Jacob was visited by Kate after she left Gotham City in search of Bruce Wayne.[34]


Jacob was once a loving husband and father to his wife Gabi and his two daughters, Kate and Beth. After the car crash that killed his wife and supposedly one of his daughters, he became overprotective over Kate, his surviving daughter, deeming her as "everything he has left". Due to Jacob being overcome with grief over the loss, his relationship with Kate became strained, despite trying to give her a good future and accepting the woman she has grown to be.[1] Jacob is proven to be deeply concerned about the welfare of others; when Alice had his second-in-command Sophie Moore was held hostage, he pleaded her not to bomb a group of civilians who were watching a movie at Robinson Park. The only reason Jacob formed Crows Security was to recruit ex-Navy SEALS and Green Berets to protect Gotham City and assist the GCPD in situations they cannot handle.[7][15]

Jacob firmly believes that justice can only come from law and order and disapproves vigilantes like Batman and Batwoman, describing them as a "symbol of false hope"[10] and also blaming the former for the death of his wife and daughter due to failing to save them for the car crash. He also felt that vigilantes are liked by the city because they didn't subscribe to the rules.[15] In his eyes, Batman is also responsible for creating the Joker and several other villains in Gotham's rogues gallery.[10] He was willing to go war with both Batwomen instead of working together to capture escaped criminals and arrest anyone associated with her, proving just how far his hatred of vigilantes has consumed him.[20] He also has no problem with breaking a truce, as shown when he had the Crows kill Tim Teslow instead of letting Batwoman talk him down and attempted to kill her afterwards.[21] This unknowingly strained his relationship with Kate, who Jacob never realized was actually the very vigilante he was trying to kill until she went missing and Alice told him the truth. This revelation caused Jacob to be overcome with guilt and remorse as he realized he tried to kill his own daughter and how it damaged his relationship with her.

Jacob is proven to be extremely arrogant and self-righteous to the point that he doesn't take responsibility for his mistakes, blaming others for what happened to Beth only to later admitting it was a coping mechanism for not blaming himself and facing the truth that; he was the one responsible for it due to having stopped searching for her and believed that she was dead.[3][10] Yet, he is not above apologizing or admitting when he was wrong.[8] Also, even when having different views over something with one of his subordinates, like when he and Sophie disagreed about trusting Batwoman, he has demonstrated that he can be impartial on it since what really matters to Jacob is to be able to trust his agents.[16]

Jacob knows that he can't talk his daughter out of anything once her mind is made up, after she and Sophie were caught violating Point Rock Academy's strict code of conduct against homosexuality, he did not try to convince her to do what the academy's tribunal wanted nor explained to her that being one of it's top cadets doesn't get her special treatment or makes her above the rules, as he knew that it would have been pointless.[7]

Jacob is proven to have loved Beth deeply when he learned that his second wife, Catherine, had paid the coroner to fake the DNA test over some skull fragments of a deer found by some of her men to make it match Beth's. He was angry, telling Catherine to get away from him[9] and filing for divorce,[7] and in 2003 went to August Cartwright's house after getting a call from Beth and tracing it there.[8] While he was held captive by Beth he also broke down and confessed that believing Catherine was easier to him than going to bed with a broken heart, tearfully apologizing to his daughter for failing her.[3]

But after Beth had poisoned Catherine and framed him for her murder, he lost all hope that his daughter could be saved from the monster she had become and even ordered Sophie to have the crows to kill her on sight.[2] He also started to see Alice and Beth as two different individuals, declaring that whatever August did to his daughter erased any traces of her and Alice was mentally put in her place.[15]

But despite this, after learning that August has Alice tortured in an unknown location, Jacob immediately went to save her, threatening to skin August alive after doing so.[5] After saving her, Jacob makes it clear to Beth that he still cares for her despite everything she has done, becoming even more sympathetic towards her after learning more of what she endured at the hands of Mabel Cartwright and what August did to her mother's remains but despite this, he chose to lock her in Arkham anyway. He was visibly solemn and saddened over having to do so.[17] When he later visited her, he explained that he had to lock her up so he can protect the only daughters he had left: Kate and Mary. In response, Beth vowed to make him suffer far worse than how she is suffering inside Arkham's walls. Hearing this, Jacob was heartbroken on how much his daughter has changed.[19]

Jacob does some morals. For example, after he had discovered that Catherine had paid the coroner to fake the DNA test, he became enraged and disgusted to the point that he filed for divorce,[7] yet that didn't mean he wanted her dead. When Beth killed Catherine and framed him for it, he was furious at what his daughter has done and filled with grief over his second wife's murder, as well as the thought that his daughter could do something so horrible.[3][2]

But despite this, Jacob has not truly forgiven Catherine for her despicable actions and while he doesn't condone murder, he has obviously forgiven Beth for her actions after realizing the full extent of the abuse she suffered the hands of August which was caused by Catherine and he obviously stopped grieving for her when he had found out about the full extent of August's abuse.

Despite being on the verge of divorce Catherine, that never intruded on Jacob's desire to still be Mary Hamilton's father-figure, since he loves her and care very much for her well being.[13] Additionally, despite having hated and wanted Batwoman dead, once Jacob learned Kate was actually Batwoman, he immediately deeply regretted his treatment of Kate and continued to try to find her and hunt down whoever was responsible for his daughter's supposed death.

Jacob is a hypocrite, as he hates vigilantes for naming himself judge and jury when he did the exact same thing when he killed the Executioner and the Titan. As well when he tried to kill Batwoman in cold blood just for his revenge without realizing that he did it. what he did was illegal since Batwoman was accepted by Gotham and she did not commit any crimes, hurt or kill anyone.

Due to knowing the fact that Kate was Batwoman, Jacob is beginning to become more tolerant towards the new Batwoman especially after the new Batwoman saved him from the False Face Society. Jacob went far as to acknowledge to Sophie and the Crows that he would be dead if not for Kate's successor.

While Jacob does care about members of his own family, he has a strained relationship with his nephew Bruce, as seen when Tommy briefly impersonated him. It was implied that Bruce resented Jacob over wrongfully, holding his alter-ego Batman responsible for what happened to Gabi and Beth, as well as for having an unjustified hatred towards vigilantes in general. As a result Bruce could never trust his uncle with his secret identity as Batman.


"20 years in the military."
—Jacob Kane[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former USSOCOM colonel, Jacob is in top physical condition for a man of his age. Jacob is shown to be quite fast for a man his age, as he was able to keep up with a former Navy SEAL or Green Beret like Dodgson.[8][14] He was also able to jump on a car hood while running and has faster reflexes than a trained sniper.[17] His conditioning lets him recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhumanly, he went back to full health in less than a few hours after being stabbed in the stomach.[8]
    • Honed senses: Jacob has sharp hearing and sight, as well as keen skills of perception. He is able to pick up incoming danger and react quickly.[17]
"Crows represent order, security, safety."
—Jacob Kane[src]
  • Keen-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader/Military training: As the former head of Crows Security, Jacob is a highly skilled tactician and a capable leader. He also ran his security organization efficiently for over fifteen years[2] and was capable of managing and organizing several handfuls of Crows Security agents by himself during countless operations.[6]
    • Skilled deceiver: Jacob is proven to be a convincing liar, as he was able to fool both Kate Kane and Mary Hamilton to the point; that even Kate thought he was being honest; despite two the latters being excellent lies in their own rights. although you also have to keep in mind that kate and mary were fooled because he was their father and stepfather.
    • Skilled investigator: Jacob is proven to be a capable investigator.[16]
    • Cellist: Jacob is a very talented cellist, having intensively studied the instrument growing up. He even taught his daughter, Beth Kane, how to play Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude".[4]
    • Basic medical knowledge: Jacob received medical training during his time in the army, allowing him to stitch up wounds. With this skill, he was able to lend a hand and successfully suture the wounds of a patient at his daughter Mary Hamilton's clinic.[35]
  • Expert marksman: As the former head of Crows Security, Jacob is highly skilled in the use of firearms. He shot and killed the Executioner with a single round,[10] as well as shot a sniper from a distance faster than him.[17]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As a former United States Army and USSOCOM officer, as well as the former head of Crows Security, Jacob is highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as he had received intensive training, as all U.S. Army members do. He managed to subdue Dodgson, a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant in his own right, twice,[8][14] despite the latter being at least a couple of decades younger than him. He was able to go head-on against Batwoman, although she was holding back at the time.[10]


  • Guns: Jacob is very proficient in using guns, primarily using a pistol during his work on the field with Crows Security.



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  • Jacob hates hospitals.[8]
  • Jacob shares several similarities with Quentin Lance in Season 1 of Arrow.
    • Both work in a law enforcement organization.
    • Both oppose the presence of vigilantes in their home cities and have a personal vendetta against their respective shows' main protagonist. However, Quentin only wanted to arrest the Hood, while Jacob tried to kill Batwoman.
    • Both have two daughters, one of whom is presumed dead but had actually survived.
    • Both have complicated relationships with their surviving daughters due to their differing views.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jacob "Jake" Kane is a high-ranking officer in the U.S. Military, and the father to Kate and Beth Kane. Despite his difficult relationship with Kate, Jacob uses his military access and expertise to assist Batwoman in her war on crime.