"I am not about to stand around and let Gotham cry out to be saved by someone who hides behind a mask. The Bat is nothing more than a symbol of false hope."
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Commander Jacob Kane was the head of Crows Security. He was the brother of the late Martha Wayne, the father of Kate Kane and Beth Kane, the widower of the late Gabi Kane and the late Catherine Hamilton-Kane, and the step-father of Mary Hamilton.


Early life

Jacob Kane was born into the Kane family and had an older sister, Martha.

Jacob later married and his wife Gabi Kane had twin daughters, Kate and Beth Kane. After Gabi's death and Beth's apparent death in January 2003, Jacob continuously mourned for them, unaware that he was drifting away from his only daughter Kate.[1]

The tragedy left Jacob and Kate broken, sometime during Beth's disappearance, Kate had a nightmare, and Jacob hugged her tightly, even though she had a bed, she slept in the living room in case Beth called, she then made her father promise they'll never stop looking for Beth, later, Jacob brings Kate waffles, but Kate doesn't want to eat them, she says that they should instead be looking for Beth, however, her father points out that they've been looking for months and deserve a break, however, Kate tells her dad she feels like this was all her fault because Beth went to check on their mom, but instead of helping, Kate climbed out, she feels like she could have tried harder to save her sister, but was scared that if she stepped too far, she'd fall down too. Later, Jacob tucks a blanket over a sleeping Kate and sees a map of the area where the car went off the bridge, and the places they have already checked for Beth.

Jacob breaks into tears and walks away with it, he crumbles it just as he sees Kate is awake once more and is seeing him crying, Jacob calls her over and holds her tightly, he tells her that investigators found skull fragments on a nearby farm and had them tested, and they belong to Beth, Kate correctly doesn't believe it, as she had already checked the farm on multiple occasions and calls Jacob a traitor for giving up before walking away.[2]

Sometime prior to 2008, Jacob married a new wife, Catherine, and met his new step-daughter Mary.[1]

Becoming head of Crows Security

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At some point, Jacob was promoted as the head of Crows Security, when Kate was expelled was Point Rock Academy just one week before graduation, Jacob suggested that Kate leave Gotham City to travel around the world and train under combat and survival specialists. Sometime after Sophie Moore, Kate's ex-girlfriend, graduated from Point Rock, Jacob welcomed her into the Crows.[1]

During the switching off of the Bat-Signal event at the Gotham Art Museum in 2018, Jacob deployed the Crows, but failed to capture even just one member of Alice's gang, resulting in the death of two Gotham police officers and the kidnapping of Sophie, the next day, he finished briefing the Crows on the suspects of last night's incident, when he was surprised by the sudden presence of Kate, she asked for Sophie's whereabouts and offered her assistance to the Crows, but her father disagreed and left to answer a call, later, at Kate's welcome home party, Jacob was approached by Kate and, given security footage from Wayne Enterprises that was live during Sophie's kidnapping and learned that the gang's hideout was in Burnside Orphanage, Jacob ordered his men and was about to talk to Kate, when she suddenly disappeared. When the Crows got on the scene, the criminals were already gone, and they were unable to locate Kate, but her bike was found hidden in bushes, leading Jacob to deploy half of his agents to look for her.[1]

The following day of Friday, Kate suddenly showed up at Crows Security, informing Jacob of Alice's personal vendetta against him, they got into an argument that ended with Kate feeling unwanted by her father, that night, the Movie in the Park event was ongoing, when Jacob suddenly felt unpleasant about the abandoned building across from the park and learned from another agent that Agent Dodgson was already covering it, he was conversing with Mayor Akins, when he got a sudden call from Alice, and gave him a choice to either save the film viewers from the bomb in Dodgson's truck or Sophie, who was standing on the edge of a plank, she gave him time to choose and ended the call. Later, he got a glimpse of a new bat vigilante, who managed to save Sophie's life.[1]

The next day, Jacob briefed the Crows on their two new main targets; Alice and Dodgson, he disregarded targeting the new Bat, as he knew Bat wannabes would die sooner or later in some spectacular fashion, speaking from experience. When he got home, he was confronted by Kate and confessed his true feelings towards his daughter as the overprotective father that he was, which was why he didn't let her join the Crows, as he had lost too much of his family to even lose Kate, but he offered her a position in the Crows to which Kate refused.[1]

Hunting Alice

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Discovering Catherine's deception and that Alice is Beth

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Divorcing Catherine

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Jacob asked for a divorce from Catherine and fled from Gotham in order to clear his mind and investigate August Cartwright's whereabouts.


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Jacob was once a loving husband and father to his wife, Gabi Kane and his two daughters, Kate Kane and Beth Kane, however, after the car crash that killed his wife and supposedly one of his daughters, Beth, Jacob became overprotective of his other daughter, Kate. Because Jacob was overcome with grief over the loss, his relationship with Kate became strained, despite trying to give her a good future and accepting the type of individual she has grown to be.

Jacob is very similar to the late Quentin Lance at first; as he believes that justice can only come from law and order, and he has a distaste for vigilantes, such as Batman and Batwoman respectively. Similar to how Quentin reacted when finding out that his daughter Sara Lance died and (wrongfully) blaming Oliver Queen for her death, Jacob blamed his nephew, Bruce Wayne (under the persona of Batman) for failing to save to his wife Gabe Kane and daughter Beth Kane, feeling that Batman is responsible for creating the Joker, Penguin and several other members of Gotham's rogues gallery, Jacob is extremely arrogant and self-righteous to the point that he doesn't take responsibility for his mistakes; for example, he tries to blame Bruce (under the persona of Batman) for his daughter, Beth becoming a sociopath, only for Kate to cruelly put him in his place and coldly state that the Dark Knight is not the one that stopped searching for his daughter and believed she was dead, as it is much easier to blame Batman than face the truth; that Jacob is responsible for Beth becoming the sociopath she is today. Just like Quentin, Jacob is not above admitting when he was wrong and admitted to Kate that he should not have blamed Batman for what happened to his family and accepts responsibility for Beth becoming the sociopath she is today.

Jacob is proven to be concerned about the welfare of others deeply as when Alice had Jacob's second-in-command Sophie Moore held hostage, Jacob pleaded with Alice not to bomb all those civilians who were watching a movie at a park in Gotham City. The only reason Jacob formed Crows Security was to recruit ex-Navy SEALS and Green Berets to protect Gotham City and assist the G.C.P.D. in situations they cannot handle.

Jacob is also proven to have loved Beth deeply despite being responsible for her becoming a psychopath, when Jacob learned that his second wife, Catherine Hamilton had paid the coroner to fake the DNA test over some skull fragments of a deer found by some of her men to make it match Beth's, he was angry, telling his second wife to get away from him and filing for divorce, when Jacob got a call from Beth and traced it to August Cartwright's house, he willingly trespassed August Cartwright's home to find his daughter, Jacob even attacked a former Crows operative named Dodgson to find Beth and kept beating him until Sophie stopped him. When held captive by Beth before being framed for Catherine's murder, he apologized to Beth for failing to both find her and be her father.

Jacob is proven to have good morals; for example, when he had discovered that his second wife, Catherine had paid the coroner to fake the DNA test over some skull fragments of a deer found by some of her men to make it match Beth's, causing him to believe that his other daughter is dead, Jacob was completely enraged and disgusted the point that he filed for divorce, as he cannot be in relationship with an immoral individual, who shares some responsibility for Beth becoming the sociopath she is today, although he hated his wife for playing god with his family's lives, this did not mean he wanted her dead, when Beth killed Catherine and framed him for it, he was furious at what his daughter done, however, despite this, he has not truly forgiven Catherine for her immoral actions and possibly never will.


"Crows represent order, security, safety."
—Jacob Kane[src]
  • Expert tactician/Leader: As the head of Crows Security, Jacob is a highly skilled tactician and a capable leader.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As the head of Crows Security, Jacob is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
    • Expert marksman: As the head of Crows Security, Jacob is highly skilled in the use of firearms. He shot and killed the Executioner with a single round.
  • Cellist: Jacob is a talented cellist, having taught his daughter, Beth Kane, how to play Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude".[3]





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  • Jacob hated hospitals.[4]
  • Jacob and Catherine got married on the hottest day of the year.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jacob "Jake" Kane is a high-ranking officer in the U.S. Military, and the father to Kate and Beth Kane. Despite his difficult relationship with his daughter, he uses his military access and expertise to assist Batwoman in her war on crime.


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