Jacob Shaw (1904-1953) was a scientist who explored other realities with the help of Egyptian rituals.


Early life

Jacob Shaw spent years exploring the possibility of traveling to other worlds using the Egyptian "dream temple" technique, describing each of his actions in detail in his journal. He stopped writing when he shot his protégé, though he testified that it was the most ordinary hunting accident. He was awaiting a murder trial when he fell into the Cathoni state. He died a few weeks later, but there have been numerous theories regarding his death that Shaw's subconsciousness had entered a different dimension and remained there to avoid his fate.[1]

Hunting students

Shaw had spent many years alone in his world when students stormed in. The man frightened them and they managed to escape his reality. They did not realize that they were thus condemned to hunting. The scientist used flat, reflective surfaces to appear in the real world. His first victim was Carter, whom he strangled. Soon after he set off to fetch Miranda, whose side of the stomach had been pierced with a pipe. A third student came to him himself and died from numerous defensive cuts caused by an attempt to protect his friend. When the three of them got together, she tried to understand what had happened to them. Suddenly, Shaw appeared in the room, who tried to explain everything in his crazy way, and then ordered them to run away, threatening to kill him. Only Adam remained motionless, understanding the principles of this world, thus putting himself in danger. Soon there were other guests in his world - John Constantine and Ritchie Simpson, who were going to beat the scientist. The men did not realize that Shaw was watching them, until he finally decided to show up. Enraged, they tried to fight the enemy, but this was his world and he had power here, seriously wounding them. Constantine explained to Ritchie that the wounds the scientist inflicted on them were not real and he could fight it. Thus, the professor took courage, stood up and began to modify the world in defiance of Shaw's principles, destroying it once and for all and driving his home to destruction.[1]

Powers and abilities



  • Genius-level intellect: Before his death, Jacob was a fierce scientist who would not give up after failures. His passion for work led him to discover travel to other realities, which eventually contributed to his death.
  • Occult knowledge: Jacob has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural.[1]


  • Mental illness[1]





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