"His apprentice, his protégé, and the executor of his final wishes."
—Jacqueline Nimball on her relationship with Winslow Schott Sr.[src]

Jacqueline Nimball is a criminal and former maintenance worker at Van Kull Maximum Security Prison, where she became associated with with Winslow Schott Sr.. After his death, Winslow trusted her to continue his work. While attempting to kill Winslow's wife, Mary McGowan, Jacqueline was defeated and apprehended by Winslow's son, Winn Schott Jr..


Meeting the Toyman

Sometime while working at Van Kull Maximum Security Prison, Jacqueline met and became close with Winslow Schott Sr. Winslow told her all about his son and wife and how they never visited him while he was sick.

Winslow eventually died from his sickness, leaving Jacqueline all of his knowledge and toys.[1]

Revenge on Mary and Winn

Before the Toyman's funeral, Jacqueline was able to place a bomb in his coffin and while Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, Winn Schott and Mary McGowan stood by watching his coffin being lowered into the ground Jacqueline set off the bomb but just before it could kill anyone, Supergirl flew in and managed to use herself to block the blast.

She later sent a huge army of robotic flying monkeys towards the D.E.O. headquarters in attempt to kill Mary and Winn but Supergirl managed to destroy all of them and save the two attempted victims. While Mary and Winn were dismantling once of the monkeys, Mary noticed a logo of a toy company that looked familiar to her and went there on her own. When she got there she was grabbed by a giant mechanical claw when Jacqueline turned and revealed herself. Jacqueline told Mary that she met Winslow in prison while she worked as maintenance and that is carrying on his final wishes, the deaths of his wife and son. However, before Jacqueline could kill Mary, the Superfriends showed up and Winn managed to get his mother out of the mechanical claw. Jacqueline then shot the screen behind the two and was about to shoot them but Winn distracted her long enough to get one of her own flying monkeys inside the building. He tried to get her down but she took out a yo yo and wrapped it around his neck but he knew his father's toys and cut the rope with razor blades that shot out of the yo yo and then stabbed Jacqueline in the leg while Mary pushed the mechanical crane into her, knocking her to the floor. Jacqueline's fate after this is unknown.[1]


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Jacqueline is an extremely intelligent woman and was able to quickly learn all of the Toyman's tricks. She also appears to be very loyal and wouldn't betray the man who she looked up to. She is also apparently very delusional, blaming Mary for Toyman's descent to madness and crime, despite knowing full-well that Mary was regularly abused by the man.


  • Expert engineer: Jacqueline is shown to be a capable engineer, as she was personally trained by Toyman. She was able to program and control flying monkeys. However, it was noted that Jacqueline's design was overall much cruder and sloppier than Toyman's skill.
  • Skilled markswoman/Firearms: Jacqueline is skilled at using firearms, as she was able to shoot a screen from a far distance.



Season 3


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jack Nimball was a brief usurper of the moniker Toyman and an unsuccessful criminal. After being beaten several times by both Superman and primary Toyman, Winslow Schott, the latter killed him with a mechanical toy bird, claiming that he desecrated the Toyman name.


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