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"Because I didn't forge my company into a multinational conglomerate to have someone swoop in and steal my life's work. And because...I believe warnings are best delivered directly. And I'll only give one. Stay out of my business."
—Jada Jet to Ryan Wilder[src]

Jada Jet is the CEO of Jeturian Industries, the widow of the late Franklin Jet, and the mother of Marquis Jet and Ryan Wilder. She is also affiliated with the Black Glove Society.

After giving birth to Ryan, Jada paid her doctor to cover up her pregnancy, changing her name on Ryan's birth certificate to her alias, Nia A. Wilder.

Since Marquis was electrocuted over the head by the Joker's joy buzzer as a child, he has developed sociopathic tendencies. Jada has tried to find a cure for Marquis, even though she has to ally with the Black Glove Society to preserve him in cryostasis with Mr. Freeze's serum.

Jada returned to Gotham when she discovered that someone from Wayne Enterprises was investigating her and ended up discovering that the new CEO is Ryan Wilder, her daughter. Jada tried to keep Ryan away from Marquis to protect her, but ended up pushing her away. When Victor Zsasz attacked them at the behest of Marquis, Jada discovered Ryan's secret identity as Batwoman and they eventually reconciled. When Marquis threatened to attack the city with the Joker's acid bombs, Jada got him fired from Wayne Enterprises revealing her husband's death and Ryan managed to get Marquis back to normal using the joy buzzer.


Early life

At some point, Jada married Franklin Jet, the CEO of Jeturian Industries.[1] Around 1994, she gave birth to a son, Marquis.[2]

Giving birth to Ryan

"He had 25 patients in the days surrounding your birth. I looked into all of them, and one came into the hospital a day before you were born. According to her medical files, she was suffering from a cyst on her ovary, so I followed the money. She paid him $2 million after her so-called emergency surgery."
"$2 million to cover up her pregnancy with me? Why?"
"I have no idea, but your mom is still alive, Ryan.
Sophie Moore and Ryan Wilder on Jada's pregnancy[src]

Sometime before August 1994, shortly after Marquis' birth, Jada had an affair with an unnamed man and became pregnant with a girl. Wanting to hide any evidence of her pregnancy, she disappeared for nine months straight.[2]

On May 29, 1995, Jada came into Gotham General Hospital suffering from a cyst in her ovary. She paid Dr. Anthony Quadracci $2 million, ostensibly for her emergency surgery. A day later, Jada gave birth to a daughter, Ryan. Quadracci told her about a couple who were desperate to have a child of their own, and she saw it as an opportunity to give Ryan a loving home. The two million was supposed to go to the family, to ensure that her would want for nothing. Dr. Quadracci inserted a fake name, "Nia A. Wilder", on her death certificate, while also signing Ryan's birth certificate.[3][4] When Jada returned home, she and Franklin did not speak for a full summer after that.[2]

Taking care of her son and the company

On January 26, 2003,[5] Marquis' school bus got stopped by the Joker and he placed his electric joy buzzer on Marquis' head, sending an electrical charge through his brain and causing serious damage. This caused Marquis to develop anger issues and sociopathic tendencies, such as killing an ant colony with sunlight in front of her later that year.[6]

At some point, Franklin hired John Diggle as a security guard for the Jet family, but actually Jada was in control.[7] Eventually, Lucius Fox had Jada fund a computer lab in which a quantum computer was built.[8]

At some point before August 2008, Jada and Marquis argued about him not wishing his father his happy birthday. Marquis said he wrote him a card, but Jada replied that since his father was overseas, it would mean a lot to him if he did so, leading to him angrily throwing a vase at the camera and his mother.

In August 2011, Jada and her family went on a camping trip. She noticed Franklin having an allergic reaction to peanuts and frantically searched for his epipen while pleading her son to help. However, Marquis had triggered his father's allergy by spiking his burger and simply laughed while videotaping the incident. Franklin then died, much to Jada's devastation.

Afterwards, Jada decided to save the recordings and cover up the truth of her husband's death. She spent millions of dollars trying to cure Marquis' condition, with no avail.[6]

After Franklin's death, Jada took control of Jeturian Industries. She also had a chef named Lazlo Valentin at Jeturian Industries. Years later, for unknown reasons Jada fired Lazlo, who became very disgruntled.[6] After Bruce Wayne poached one of her best employees, Jada had a heated encounter with him.[1]

By 2016, Jada had doubled Jeturian Industries' wealth.[1] Later, she allowed Marquis to join Jet Industries as the Executive Vice President, with her using this as an excuse to keep a closer eye on him until she could cure her son without finding him out. Jada decided to join the Black Glove Society to find a cure.[9][6]

Meeting her daughter

In 2021, Alice learned that Jada was still alive while investigating Ryan. At Arkham Asylum, she revealed the truth to Ryan about her mother.[10]

At Ryan's request, Sophie Moore investigated the circumstances surrounding Jada's pregnancy and discovered that she had covered it up. At Mary Hamilton's graduation, she told Ryan about it and gave her an envelope containing the woman's real name. Ryan later gave the envelope back to Sophie, stating that she didn't need to know her mother's real name; the Bat Team was her family now.

Sometime later, Jada arrived in Gotham City on her private helicopter from a business trip. She confirmed that Dubai approved of her company's prototype and ordered her associate to have Jet Industries' lawyers write up a contract with them. Just then, a man approached Jada with some troubling news; Jet Industries experienced a security breach which she shouldn't let their cyber team deal with because the perpetrator was specifically searching for information on Jada.[3]

The next day, Jada arrived at Wayne Tower and demanded to find the CEO, who was currently Ryan Wilder. Jada (not knowing Ryan was her daughter) accused Wayne Enterprises of hacking the Jet Industries to do corporate espionage, which Ryan denied but Jada said she didn't believe it anyway. Ryan later showed up at her building and said she was her daughter.[1]

All those years, Jada thought Ryan was being cared for by loving parents, but It was only when Ryan found Jada that her realized that the doctor had kept the money for himself and dropped her off at a fire station.[4] Although Ryan said she would understand Jada's reasons for abandoning her, she told Ryan to stay out of her family and her business.[2]

When Jada saw that Ryan was approaching Marquis at the Gotham Expo Hotel event, she had Wayne's servers hacked and passed secret data to Vesper Fairchild. Jada also hired and tasked Black Glove Society with testing and creating a version of Mr. Freeze's liquid nitrogen that would successfully put a person's body in suspended animation without any adverse effects on that person’s body and cells, so she could use it on Marquis.[9]

Professor Pyg attacks the dinner gathering.

During Jada's dinner party with Ryan and Sophie Moore, Marquis showed up unannounced with his girlfriend Zoey. Unbeknownst to them, the chef, Lazlo Valentin, poisoned the wine with a parylitic and killed Zoey. They barely managed to escape and went to Jada's panic room, where Marquis was later treated with an injection. Jada tried to trick Lazlo as a distraction, but it didn't work. As Ryan and Sophie fought back against Lazlo, Marquis ultimately struck him from behind and knocked him down, then proceeds to brutally stab Lazlo repeatedly, killing him in the process. Jada then tells Ryan what happened to Marquis when he was a child and everything she did to try to cure him.[6]

Marquis getting crazy

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Jada called John Diggle to offer him a job as head of her security detail. He didn't accept the offer but wanted to help her fix her son. Jada and Diggle broke into Renee Montoya's office and took the joy buzzer.[7]

Jada gave Batwoman the joy buzzer in exchange for getting her son back, but Batwoman didn't and Jada exposed to the Gotham news that Batwoman who lost the Batman Trophies.[11]

Ryan and Jada reconcile.

Marquis sent Victor Zsasz to kill Jada and she finds out that Ryan is Batwoman when she uses some fighting skills to defeat him, and they ended up reconciling.[4]

Jada's connection to the Black Glove Society was officially discovered by Ryan when Marquis kidnapped her and four other members to take revenge. Marquis would freeze her like she would him, but Ryan was able to save her along with Barbara Kean, but the other members were killed by Marquis.[12]

When Marquis threatened to attack the city with Joker's acid bombs, Jada said the press that Franklin died in a fall years ago. Theese allegations put the leadership of Marquis Into question and the Wayne Board has unanimously reappointed Ryan to the CEO Position, calling her previous resignation coerced. Eventually, Ryan subdued Marquis and ended up using the joy buzzer in him, making him go back to normal.[8]


Jada is a brilliant businesswoman, extremely strategic and very resourceful. She isn't wary to use blackmail to make others do what she wants, such as members of her own family.

Jada appears to have had a deep love for her husband, Franklin, before her son, Marquis killed him. Despite this, she continued to love and care for her son, attempting to find him professional help and evade his incarceration.

Upon discovering that Ryan Wilder is her daughter, Jada wore a cold, heartless visage to deter Ryan from forming a close familial bond with her, indirectly protecting her from Marquis' sociopathic tendencies. Though she eventually recanted and showed genuine concern & pride for her daughter over what she'd accomplished.

Despite working with the Black Glove Society, Jada insists that she was never made aware of indirectly partaking in any human experiments conducted by the BGS. She claims that her motherhood prevents her from performing such an action.





Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jezebel Jet is a former model who ran the small African country of Mtamba and the former squeeze of Bruce Wayne. She is also a member of the Black Glove, a team founded by Dr. Hurt to destroy Batman.