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The Jade Dragon Restaurant is a Chinese eatery located in Star City and is also is a front for the Chinese Triad.[1]


Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn had dinner at restaurant for Tommy's birthday, where they discussed their respective fathers. Oliver also used the opportunity to investigate the Chinese Triad after discovering that the late Guillermo Barrera was hired by them to assassinate someone. Oliver snuck into the back and forced one of the workers to tell him all he knew about the transaction. In Mandarin, the worker told Oliver where the assassination attempt would take place. Oliver then quickly left and joined Tommy back at their table, and the worker claimed to a Triad member that the man who attacked him was "definitely Chinese" because of his perfect accent.[1]



Season 1[]


  • The restaurant is located at 1257 Merle Street.[1]
  • According to Felicity Smoak, Jade Dragon serves "the city's best chow mein".[1]