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Jake Howell is a former student of Midvale High School.


Jake attended Midvale High School and was the star quarterback of its football team, The Stallions. Due to this status, he was a popular student and a friendly acquaintance of Alex Danvers, Josie, and Vicki Donahue. When Kenny Li caught Jake smoking pot on campus, he began to constantly harass Kenny in an attempt to threaten him into keeping quiet.

After Kenny was found murdered, Jake and his teammates mocked his death, angering the former's friend, Kara Danvers. Kara confronted Jake in the locker room, asking if he had anything to do with Kenny's death. Jake initially didn't take her seriously and jeered that Kenny was a "born loser" who deserved his fate. Infuriated, Kara used her super strength to pin him to the lockers and demanded answers. Frightened, Jake then admitted that Kenny caught him smoking pot, which was why he was always bullying the latter, but had an alibi the night of the murder.

After this confession, Jake was suspended from school and presumably kicked off of the football team.[1]



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • He was credited as "Jake".