"James Bond never had to fight off a horde of Vikings or help me escape a demon realm."
Sara Lance[src]

James Bond is a staple movie and pop culture character evident throughout the multiverse, a super spy.


James Bond is usually characterized as a spy with affinity for dressing in tuxedos,[1] a particular way of introducing himself, by surname and then full name[1] as well a plethora of gadgets and colorful eccentric villains often aided by silent henchmen.[2] One of the movies in James Bond series is Goldfinger.[2]

On Earth-1 at some point in their lives James Bond movies were seen by Joe West,[3] Remington Meister[1] Sara Lance,[4] Ralph Dibny[1][2] and Barry Allen.[2] On Earth-38, Nia Nal is familiar with the movies.[5]


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Behind the scenes

  • In the real world, Royal Navy Commander James Bond, as created in the novels by Ian Fleming is indeed a fictional character and a pop culture staple, leading a successful series of movies spanning over half a century.


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