"The men and women I've targeted are dangerous, corrupt, a virulent cancer. Cancers like James Holder, whose corporation put defective smoke detectors in low-income housing in The Glades. There have been many fires and too many funerals. But cancers can be fought and conquered. All it takes is a surgeon and the right instrument."
Oliver Queen[src]

James Holder (died October 2012) was a corrupt businessman whose company, Holder Group, sold defective smoke detectors. His name is on "The List".


James Holder was the CEO of Holder Group. The company put defective smoke detectors in low-income neighborhood housing, particularly in the Glades. As a result, countless deaths occurred from fires, prompting a lawsuit against his company, but Holder was ultimately acquitted of all charges.

One night in October 2012, Holder was at his pool, discussing with an associate about how now that the lawsuit against him was over, they could focus on acquiring Unidac Industries. Afterwards, Holder prepared for a late night swim when the beer bottle in his hand was suddenly shattered by an arrow from the Hood. Holder threatened to call security, only for the vigilante to show him the men's firearms, having already dealt with them. The Hood then confronted Holder about the deaths he had caused in those fires. Suddenly, Holder was killed by Deadshot, who shot him in the chest with two curare-laced bullets on Warren Patel's orders, because the latter was also interested in acquiring Unidac.[1]



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