James Jesse is a speedster and the leader of the Rogues on Earth-27. He is also one of the few thousand survivors of Earth-27 following its decimation by the Anti-Matter Man.


Early life

At some point after Johnny Quick conquered Central City, James Jesse founded a resistance group called the Rogues to fight him.[1]

The following took place in an alternate timeline where Flashpoint never happened.

Meeting a new speedster and Central City's liberation

In 2016, James met Barry Allen, a speedster from Earth-1. During a debriefing, he noticed that Barry was unaware of Johnny Quick and the Crime Syndicate of America. After Barry proved his character, James asked if he could help the Rogues take down Johnny Quick and free the Central City. Barry agreed, with the condition that they help him locate Hocus Pocus' missing wand.

After the defeat of Johnny Quick, James asked Barry to come see him at his desk where he revealed to have been in possession of the wand all along, which Hartley Rathaway fixed. As thanks, Barry gave James Johnny Quick's speed formula, which could help the Rogues create an army of speedsters to protect Central City from the Crime Syndicate's future assaults.[1] James was amongst those who used the formula, subsequently gaining a connection to the HyperHaven.[2]

Arriving on Earth-1

In 2018, the Anti-Matter Man attacked Earth-27 and poisoned its atmosphere. During the crisis, James and the other speedsters of Central City noticed an interdimensional breach, which they escaped through. Upon discovering an unknown world, they initially panicked but were eventually welcomed into a camp at a stadium. There, James and the other refugees were given food and blankets from the city's authorities as they worked to decide what to do with the interdimensional visitors.

Later, James was surprised to meet Barry again, who briefly explained the Multiverse and revealed the Crime Syndicate were now attacking this Earth. James gave Barry some information about the Crime Syndicate, emphasizing the fact that Owlman was the most dangerous of them all since he is the only one without powers but could still stand with the other members. Later, at the camp, James encountered Barry again, who wanted more information on Owlman since he created the breach. Growing wary, James explained he only knew Owlman by reputation and he was the crime boss of Gotham City. James then advised Barry to stop asking questions, as he was terrified of Owlman.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • HyperHaven connection/Hyperhuman physiology: James's powers come from a connection to HyperHaven, gained when reciting Johnny Quick's formula.
    • Superhuman speed: The main superpower of all speedsters, James could generate large amounts of kinetic energy in his cells to allow for movement at incalculable speeds, most notably by spelling fast HyperHaven equation (3X2[9YZ]4A), which increases his speed even more.




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