James Midas is a powerful and corrupt businessman, and the former CEO of Midas Medical. He was the first criminal taken down by the deputized Team Arrow.


In around 2004, Midas was arrested by the Starling City Police Department.[1]

In 2019, he began selling bullets containing chlormethine, making the rounds among gangs. He was forced to confess to this by the Green Arrow, before being arrested. However, due to the circumstances, Midas was let go by Mayor Pollard. Following this, he worked to get rid of all of the chlormethine, but was ambushed by a deputized Team Arrow, shortly followed by members of the police force, being arrested properly.[1]



Season 7

Behind the Scenes

  • In the DC comics, "Midas" was a scientist, who burning alive and leapt into a river of toxic waste, that made him a monster, entirely composed of it, which made him one of the enemies the Green Arrow.


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