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"Standing up for what's right always means something."
—James Olsen to Nelson Stewart[src]

James "Jimmy" Olsen is the best friend of Clark Kent and Winn Schott, the ex-boyfriend/good friend of Kara Danvers, and the ex-boyfriend of Lucy Lane and Lena Luthor, the brother of Kelly Olsen, Originally a photojournalist of the Daily Planet known for being friends with Superman, James became the art director of CatCo Worldwide Media in National City, where he helped Kara with her heroism. He was later promoted to CEO of CatCo by Cat Grant when she took a leave of absence from the company. Always longing for his own brand of justice, James, with the help of Winn, adopted the guise of Guardian, a vigilante operating in the city.

After revealing his identity during Reign's terraformation of Earth, James soon became a deputized superhero of the National City Police Department. He resigned from CatCo when its new owner, Andrea Rojas, started diminishing the importance of journalism. James moved back to Calvintown and used a loophole in the contract that kept him from being a reporter to purchase the local newspaper, The Calvintown Gazette, and become its publisher. He now uses the paper to fight against the town's corrupt justice system.

Later on the new multiverse, James joined the Superfriends again to help them defeat Lex Luthor and Nyxlygsptlnz. James attended Kelly and Alex's wedding.[1]


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

James Olsen is the only son of a soldier who died during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. He has a younger sister, Kelly.[2] Before Marcus was deployed to the Middle East, he gave James his first camera.[3] Since the death of his father, James keeps the camera with him at all times and decided to become a photojournalist.[4]

Olsens' family pictures

Young James with his sister Kelly.

When James was seven, he went on a family vacation. At the hotel grounds, James and his cousins played hide-and-go-seek. While hiding during the game, the boys were approached by four police officers, who then tried to arrest them. They attempted to explain to the police that they were staying at the hotel, which none of them believed. The officers put handcuffs on James and his cousins and marched them into the hotel lobby, where James' mother happened to be. She demanded the police to let them go. The police officers believed her and released them. This incident would stay with James in his adulthood and made him desire to be seen beyond his skin color.[5]

A funeral was held for James' father when he was young. Before the service started, James told Kelly that he would be with her to support her. James snuck into the funeral early to have a moment alone with his father, but had to leave when someone saw him. Outside, two boys confronted James, making fun of the fact that his father was dead. The boys locked James in a coffin, so Kelly was alone at the service, which bothered Kelly for many years. Not being at his father's funeral caused James to suppress the truth of what had happened. Instead, he began to tell people that he was locked in a bathroom across the street, and the funeral was over by the time he had been let out.[6]

At some point, James moved with his family to Metropolis.[7]

Growing up, he began to find the nickname "Jimmy" annoying and preferred to be called "James". A nervous kid starting out, James found employment at the Daily Planet, where he befriended Clark Kent .[8]

During his time at the Daily Planet, James once climbed a bridge spire to take photographs of a tanker fire. However, he soon became light-headed from the smoke and lost his footing. As James plummeted to the ground, he prayed for a miracle to save him. Superman then showed up and grasped James' hand, saving his life, which was the first time James met the superhero.[9] Superman eventually entrusted James with his secret identity, Clark Kent. Clark allowed James to take the 1st photo of Superman,[8] for which the latter won a Pulitzer and soon gained public recognition for being friends with Superman.[4]

At some point, James began dating Lucy Lane, the younger sister of his coworker Lois Lane. However, their relationship soon ended because Lucy constantly felt sidelined by James in favor of Superman.[10][11]

Moving to National City[]

James meets Kara

James meeting Kara for the first time.

Seeking to broaden his own horizons, James was asked by Superman to move to National City to keep an eye on his cousin, Kara, also accepting a job as CatCo Worldwide Media's art director. First meeting Kara when she came to get some layouts on request from Cat Grant, he told her that Grant could wait, as it'd be her loss if she fired him right after hiring him. Introducing himself as the new guy, James was recognized by Kara after she saw a framed print of the first photo ever taken of Superman. James offered the copy to her, on the condition that she first tell him what her name was. After introducing herself and attempting to leave, he reminded her of the layouts she had originally come to get.

He was later asked to lunch by Kara, though he told her to meet him on the roof instead as he entered the elevator. On the roof, he presented her with the blanket Kal-El had been wrapped in as a baby when he arrived at Earth, revealing to her that he came to National City as a personal favor to her cousin.[8]

James and Winn discover Kara's secret

James and Winn surprised that they both know Kara's secret.

A week later, James went to the content meeting called by Cat, who first made sure everyone knew about Supergirl's recent heroic failure. James pointed out that even Superman had made mistakes starting out. He was then asked by Cat whether he could get her an interview with Supergirl by approaching the subject to Superman the next time they met, though James was reluctant to do so. After the meeting, James later tried to convince Kara that Cat wouldn't recognize her if she did the interview, giving her a pep talk when she contemplated whether she had become a hero too soon, telling her that if anyone could fill Superman's boots, it was her. The next day, James encountered Winn Schott in the alleyway outside of CatCo. After the two made several attempts to get each other to leave, they were soon surprised to learn that one another were both confidants of Kara, after she landed in front of them. She then told both James and Winn that needed to practice if she was going to be a hero, and that she needed their help, with James agreeing to do so.

Using Kara's apartment as a base of operations, James and Winn alerted her to several emergencies occurring in National City, also simultaneously advising her how to handle the situations as well. Later at Kara's apartment, James and Winn were both thanked by Kara for their assistance as people were finally starting to believe in Supergirl. The following day at CatCo, James was given the dilemma of getting Cat an interview with Supergirl within 24 hours or being fired. Outside of CatCo, Kara offered to do the interview so James wouldn't be fired, with James telling her that he thought to move to National City he could be his own man, and escape the fame of being friends with Superman. James was then told by Kara that on Krypton no one was their own man and that apart from being his own man meant knowing when to accept help from others. James was later called by Cat about the interview with Supergirl, with him telling her to look out of her car window as the interview had already started, with Supergirl carrying her car into the air.[4]

Rekindling with Lucy[]

James Olsen and Lucy Lane

Lucy visits James

James and Winn helped Kara to track down Reactron and rescue Maxwell Lord, however, James calls Superman to help her because he fear for the girl's life, which enrages Kara since she wants to be defined not as Superman's cousin, but by her victories and losses. The pair patch things up shortly after and Kara decides to asks him out, but before she can do it Lucy Lane, James' ex-girlfriend, arrived in his office with the intention to get back with him.[10] Despite at first James treated her coldly since she was the one who break-up their relationship, after Lucy explained her reasons the two rekindle their relationship[11] and even spent Thanksgiving week together in Ojai.[12]

After the holidays, Lucy told James that her father, General Sam Lane, was coming to town and wanted to have dinner with them. After he agreed, Lucy left, passing by Kara on her way out and thanking her for the "invite". Kara then went over to James, making sure everything was okay. James explained that he and Lucy's father didn't get along because he "consorted with aliens" and the general was against them. During their conversation, James explained that he invited Lucy to their regular game night, with Kara reassuring James before leaving that she was fine with it, despite actually she feels demoralized to see their chemistry as a couple. At dinner with General Lane, things got tense between James and the general who finally told him that he wasn't good enough for Lucy—that he surrounds himself with special people because he's not good enough himself. Later, when they're attacked by Red Tornado, James managed to call Supergirl thanks to his signal watch.[13]

The following day, though General Lane disapproved, Lucy decides to resign from the military and staying in National City with James.[13]

Growing closer to Kara[]

When Kara is reduced to a normal human since her powers have been drained after her battle with Red Tornado, James reassures her that her abilities should return in a few days. He helps her to realize she could be a hero even without her powers while dealing with the consequences of an earthquake in National City. To encourage her, James tells Kara the story of his father's camera, realizing for the first time he has feelings for her.[3] However James tried to keep those feelings for himself due to his relationship with Lucy.

When Dirk Armstrong tried to use Cat's hacked emails to force her to leave her position as CEO of CatCo, James, Winn, and Kara work together with Lucy to expose him and get him arrested. After spending time together with both of them, James recognizes Winn's feelings for Kara and tells him to take a risk and tell her how he feels.[14]

Later James tried to investigate Lord Technologies suspecting of Maxwell Lord's activities. Winn agrees to help James bypass the security system in the Lord Technologies, James enters the building, but he stops at Room 52's biometric lock, then Maxwell Lord knocks him and beat him up, telling him to no longer meddle in it, then he lets him go.[15]

A few days later, as his feelings for Kara continues to grow and slowly begins to deteriorate his relationship with Lucy, James shares a drink with Winn over their romantic troubles. Winn told James that he would always have a chance with Kara, but James reminds him of Lucy, prompting Winn to reply that nobody wants a relationship with someone who wants to be with someone else.[16]

James, along with Winn and Alex discovered Kara on the floor of her apartment with a creature attached to her. James and Winn were later ordered out of the D.E.O. by Hank Henshaw. After being informed of Kara's situation due to the creature, they were both concerned about what would happen to Kara after they pulled her out of her perfect fantasy. They were then taken back to the D.E.O. by Alex, and later calmed Alex down when she thought she had been pulled out when she went into the hallucination to save Kara.[17]

James and Kara arrive at fortress

James and Kara arrive at the Fortress of Solitude.

When the city was attacked by Indigo, James offered Kara to search for information about her in the Fortress of Solitude, due to this trip, however, James completely forget about a date he had with Lucy and when he tells her that he had to help Supergirl against the evil alien supercomputer, Lucy takes offense as she felt James is sidelining her in favor of Supergirl as he did before with Superman.[18]

To prove her wrong, James asks Kara's permission to tell Lucy the truth about her identity. Kara gives him her blessing but, as James comes to Lucy she broke-up with him before he can say anything because she found out he had talked about his father with Kara, something that he never did with her, and that means he is in love with Kara, not her.[18]


James and Kara kiss

James and Kara kiss.

When the Flash appeared in National City, Kara spent much time with him and, seeing this, James becomes visibly jealous, to the point that even Winn and Lucy noticed it, and the latter told him that he was looking at Kara and Barry with the same eyes she looked at him and Kara. Later that night Kara invited James to her home, where they confessed their feelings and share a kiss after whom James left in a blank stare, because, along with the rest of National City, he was put under the control of Myriad.[19] Under the orders of Non, he, Winn and Kelly jump all from CatCo, with Supergirl rescuing him and Winn though failing to save Kelly. The two then tell Kara to accept defeat or die.[20] James is later snapped out of the mind control by Supergirl's speech to National City, with several flashbacks of Supergirl coming back to him.

The next day, both him and Winn apologized for their actions, then James and Kara tried to discuss their kiss, but they are interrupted by Cat. Before the final battle with Non, Kara says goodbye to her friends and commented with James how they are "eternal interrupted", and perhaps simply not destined to be together. James was later present at Kara's apartment during the celebratory dinner they were having, where he called Kara away for a minute to present her with a present, a picture of herself that he had taken. He and Kara share a kiss, becoming a couple, just before being once again interrupted by Alex to call Kara to do her trick with the champagne bottle. The entire group then toasted to family. Suddenly, a pod falls from the sky, causing Kara and J'onn to leave to check it out.[21]

Acting CEO of CatCo[]

James and Kara's first date as a couple is interrupted almost immediately since Supergirl went to save the suborbital spacecraft Venture alongside Superman, who later visits National City, after such a long time James could then see Clark again, which makes both of them very happy. Later, he and Kara tried to appoint a new date but, after even this one did not happen because Kara was busy saving Lena Luthor, they decide it is better to be friends.[22]

After a couple of days, Cat Grant decided to take a leave of absence from CatCo to find bigger and better things to do, leaving James as the acting director of the company.[23] and, despite some initial clash with Snapper Carr, he proves immediately to be very suited for the position.[24]

Becoming Guardian[]

Guardian as he battles Rudy Jones

Guardian fights Parasite

After his father's camera is destroyed during an attempt to stop some criminals armed with alien technology from robbing West National City Bank, James decides to become a vigilante and asks Winn to make him a suit, as Winn had made Kara's Supergirl suit.[25] Although he originally declined, Winn later was forced to agree and help. He then made the suit to specifically protect James. James appeared in the suit, presenting himself as "Guardian", to fight the alien parasite infected Rudy Jones, along with Mon-El. Supergirl would eventually beat Parasite by using plutonium from a nuclear power plant, completely obliterating him. As Guardian left Supergirl tried to use x-ray vision to identify him, but since Guardian's helmet was lined with the lead she was unable to, and she allowed him to drive away on his bike. After James' antics as Guardian made the newspapers he and Winn decided to keep going with their new vigilante activities. However to avoid Kara's over protectiveness James and Winn agreed not to share their new activity with her.[26]

Identity revealed[]

In the following days, Guardian foiled a bank robbery and made the news again. James and Winn later had drinks with Kara and Alex at the alien bar where the girls voiced their skepticism over Guardian's activities, though James and Winn defended "his" actions. Later Guardian took down another criminal robbing a convenience store then Winn told him of a hostage situation, so he left to foil it. The next day James was horrified to learn from Snapper that the mugger he'd taken down was murdered by another masked man moments after he'd left and Guardian had been blamed for it. Winn then confronted James about the murder but he stressed that he didn't kill the mugger, as Winn started panicking about getting caught and insisted they stop, James refused and promised they'd find the impostor. Guardian then attacked a gang during a drug shipment at the docks and as hoped, the impostor showed up, claiming he was doing what needs to be done and hoped they could be allies. Instead, a fight occurred which was interrupted by police unit led by Detective Maggie Sawyer who forced the Guardian to flee.

The next day Winn went to Alex to ask her to talk to Maggie about laying off Guardian though she was able to tell that Winn was hiding something. When she started to intimidate him, Winn immediately told her that James was Guardian. James and Winn discovered the impostor was targeting criminals who cheated the system, as both victims had convictions that were passed over because of technicalities. He also told him of another man who'd killed a woman named Julie Karnowsky, only to be let go because of insufficient evidence, whose husband Phillip was a former Navy SEAL who'd gone missing months ago; after deducing Phillip was the impostor Guardian found him as he tried to kill his next target and a fight ensued between them.

Guardian vs Karnowsky

Guardian fights Karnowsky

Guardian tried in vain to reason with Phillip and defeated him just as Maggie and Alex arrived; seeing Guardian and Phillip both finally convinced Maggie Guardian wasn't a threat and let him go. Later; James, Winn, and Alex celebrated Kara and Mon-El's escape from Cadmus, where Mon-El inquired to them on the specifics of human relationships.[27]

During the Thanksgiving dinner at Kara's apartment, James and Winn planned to tell her about their activities but are stopped first by Alex's vain attempt to come out to her mother and then by the opening of a breach.[28]

When James was out trying to stop some more criminals, he had arrived just in time before one of them could shoot Winn, an accident that leaves the latter so shaken and afraid of dying that, despite James tried to cheer him up, Winn claimed that he is unsure about continuing their vigilante activities. However, the next day, after he was on the planet Maaldoria to rescue Kara, Winn told enthusiastically James about his adventure and that he is ready to get back to work as the "Man in the Van".[29]

After one of their usual night patrol, Winn noticed that James was hurt as the suit hadn't protected him fully which made Winn a little hysterical as he had to fix it on top of making Mon-El a suit. James was surprised that Mon-El actually wanted to be a superhero but Winn told him that he had enough with the secrets and that they should tell Kara but James was adamantly against it. However, seeing Winn becoming so shaken up after their close calls, he thought that it might be time to tell Kara the truth. He called her to talk but Kara was a little hysterical herself with the apparent jailbreak of Livewire. He tried to calm her by reminding her that she wasn't the only hero in National City anymore, which did calm her, though she said that he was right as she now had Mon-El which made him a little angry. When they saw that Livewire was attacking some officers, they both took off independently to stop her. As Guardian, he arrived when Kara was fighting apparently two Livewire like metahumans and Mon-El were trying to shield the police.

However, Mon-El saw Kara was having trouble and abandoned them to try and help Kara leaving James to try and defend them when he and an officer got struck by some of the lightning. When they retreated, Kara and Mon-El went to Guardian and took off his helmet to reveal that it was James.

Mon-El, Supergirl and Guardian

Guardian, Supergirl and Mon-El fight together.

After this, Kara has a massive fight with him as she disapproves the risk he is taking, however, James reminded her she is not the one who decides who can be a hero and angrily leaves. Later, it was revealed that Livewire had been kidnapped by a scientist to make Livewire soldiers and, despite founding where he is hiding, he kept the information for himself later giving it to James (although being overheard by Mon-El). As Guardian and Mon-El showed up to rescue Livewire, they were subdued by Dr. Hampton who had taken some of Livewire's powers for himself. However, Supergirl arrived to help free them and Livewire and together the four stopped the scientist and his soldiers. That evening, Kara told both James and Winn that she had always seen them as heroes even before they became vigilantes and that if they intended to continue she will neither stop nor support them, however, they claimed they will not stop.[30]

Daxamite invasion[]

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During the Daxamite invasion, James fought alongside the Superfriends and the White Martians against the Daxamite soldiers.[31][32]

The Worldkillers[]

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At some point, James and Lena Luthor begin a relationship.

Two days later following Supergirl and Reign's epic battle, James watches the televised news with Lena at his side at CatCo, showing how much the city's criminal element sky-rocketed in the wake of Supergirl's defeat; Lena expresses her concern, but James assures Lena that everything will be fine.[citation needed]

In spring 2018 after Lena and James spent the night together, he brought up the topic of Lena getting a more permanent home in the city. Suddenly, Reign broke into their penthouse and attacked the duo, demanding to know the location of Ruby Arias. So Lena fended her off with aerosolized Kryptonite. Supergirl and the D.E.O. later arrived to discuss the incident.[33]

After the battle to stop Reign and the Children of Juru from terraforming the planet, James willingly chose to reveal himself as Guardian to the public.[34]

The Children of Liberty[]

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After a deal Lena did with the district attorney Diaz, the decision was that James will not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice as long as he stops his vigilante activities as Guardian.[35] Later on, James returned as Guardian and the cops are not going to prosecute him or arrest him. Hence, he is safe to be Guardian.[36]

Kelly at her brother's bedside

James at the hospital.

After CatCo prints a story about the alien march, James was shot by Otis Graves.[37]

James fell into a coma and was taken to National City Hospital, where he was visited by his sister Kelly. After being injected with Lena's Harun-El serum, he improved. After James regained consciousness, Kelly greeted him cheerfully, before to pass him their mother on the phone so that he could reassure her himself.[2] Later, James begins to develop superhuman abilities.

The next day, after James got a clean bill of health by the doctors and was about to exit the hospital, he was approached by Kelly, who noticed he was still shaken (also due to the powers of enhanced hearing he gained from the drug) so she insisted that he should take some more rest, however James dismissed her offer stating that he was fine and must cover the story of the official repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act.

Kelly and James hugs

James and Kelly hugging.

Later, James insisted that he was fine, however, Kelly pointed out that he was keeping off all the monitors in his office, guessing it was out of fear for seeing Lex Luthor at the news, since he tried to kill him eight times.

James got angered and yelled at her, then he apologized telling him he was busy and overwhelmed and that she should return home. Later that evening, after the fake Supergirl's attack to the White House, James came back to Kelly's hotel room and asked her to stay in National City a little longer, admitting he needed her help to heal from his trauma.[38]

The next day, James was accompanied by Kelly to the clinic of her colleague Dr. Park, National City's best trauma therapist, in order to have the first session to treat his PTSD. James thanked her and entered the clinic as Kelly received a phone call from Alex. That night, James texted Kelly to meet with him at CatCo. He revealed that hours earlier he had an attack that he initially thought was related to PTSD until he started to somehow managed to see and heard a lot more clearly than possible, then he showed her the metal lamp he bent bare-handed suggesting they need to contact Lena since she could have known what was happening to him.[39]

During the last fight against Ben Lockwood/Agent Liberty at Shelley Island, they simultaneously stabbed each other with Lena's Harun-El extractors, removing each other's powers, but James lost an eye.[40]

Quitting CatCo and leaving the team[]

The Superfriends oppose Midnight

Guardian and the team face Midnight.

Andrea Rojas buys CatCo from Lena; during a celebration Kara has for winning a Pulitzer Prize, James is insulted by Andrea for how he is running the company. Guardian and the team confronted Midnight, a prisoner from the Phantom Zone, whom they managed to send back to that place. James decides to quit the newspaper, because he refuses to follow her stance that the newspaper should worry more about being profitable.[41]

Kara complains to James about things. James reveals to her that he has a proposal to work at the Smithsonian as individuals who need him to run for Senate. James and Kelly helped J'onn find out more about Malefic J'onzz.[42]

James and the team investigated at the DEO on the military Caroline O'Connor. When Supergirl was tied up by Caroline, Guardian went to save her before being attacked by tarantulas. Soon after, Guardian, Supergirl, and Alex confronted her again before she was killed by a mysterious shadow.[43]

The team farewell James before he leaves for Calvintown

James and the team have a goodbye party before leaving.

To protect Kelly from Malefic, James decided to return to his hometown along with Kelly, but she did not want to abandon Alex. James and Kelly returned and helped J'onn send Malefic back to the Phantom Zone. James and the team threw a goodbye party before James left for The Calvintown Gazette.[44]

James left Kelly his shield from the Guardian suit.[45]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, James' sister Kelly Olsen used his shield for the evacuation of Earth-38. However, she and James as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[46] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[47]

New multiverse[]

After Anti-Monitor was defeated, James was restored on Earth-Prime.[48]

According to Kelly, when Jimmy was a kid, he would do all kinds of crazy things. One time, he took his father's car for a ride.[49]

In the rewritten history of Earth-Prime, James wore a mask and acted as a vigilante; a conversation about this time in James' life inspired Alex Danvers to have J'onn J'onzz make her a new protective suit.[50]

Final battle against Lex and Nyxly[]

Superfriends & The Legion

James and all the Superfriends defeat Lex and Nyxly.

James returned to National City to help the Superfriends fight against Lex Luthor and Nyxly. James saved Kelly from Metallo and together as Guardians they defeated him. After the battle was won, James attended William Dey's funeral and later Alex and Kelly's wedding, where he reminisched his time with Kara and Winn, and gave his adoptive niece, Esme, a camera.[51]


James Olsen

James in his civilian persona.

"One of the main reasons I moved to National City was because Clark wanted me to keep an eye on you. But you're the one who kept an eye on me. You never needed me. Not then, and certainly not now."
—James Olsen to Kara Danvers before his departure[src]
James is intelligent, kind, caring, selfless, brave and moral, with an urge to help people in any way possible. This was partly inspired by his many years of assisting Superman.

Guardian (James Olsen)

James as Guardian.

"But when I became Guardian, I put that mask on. It was strangely liberating. But it was the first time in my life that I had the opportunity to be judged on my actions and my heart, not how I look."
—James Olsen to Lena Luthor[src]
Despite being surrounded by superheroes, James has always felt somewhat helpless as he often called Superman for help when in trouble in the past, further magnified with watching Supergirl repeatedly save individuals' lives. This combined with his life-long desire to help individuals, in ways beyond what the "everyday man" was allowed to do so, eventually inspired him to take up his own vigilante persona as "Guardian", despite having no powers of his own.

Powers and abilities[]

Former powers[]

  • Harun-El mutation: While James was dying from a gunshot wound, Lena injected some Harun-El into his bloodstream, allowing him to access his new-found powers. After using Lena's extractor, James lost the powers.[40]
    • Superhuman hearing: James gained the power of superhuman hearing. However, loud bangs tend to frighten and unbalance him.[38]
    • Superhuman vision: James is able to "zoom in" on objects at great distance and notice the smallest parts of those from afar, more-so than the average human.[39]
    • Accelerated healing factor: With the use of Harun-El-based mutagen, James's body was able to regenerate from lethal wounds.[2] He later learned that the mutagen is still active in his body, and targeting anything that may poses a threat to his life.[6]
    • Superhuman durability: James is proven to be completely fireproof, and, apparently, wasn't hurt much after Nia hit him with a light-generating hammer in the Fortress of Solitude.
    • Superhuman strength: James is strong enough to effortlessly throw a small truck. His strength with kryptonians, as he was able to fight the empowered Ben Lockwood on even grounds.
    • Heat vision: James can emit blue energy beams of variable intensity and temperature from his eyes.[6]
    • Flight: James is able to manipulate his own gravitational field to generate thrust and propel himself through the air, often at hyper-sonic speeds, much faster than he can travel by foot.


  • Peak of human physical condition: James is in remarkable top physical condition.
  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: James is sharp-witted, intuitive and a capable leader as Cat Grant chose him to be in charge of CatCo Worldwide Media in her absence and can run it well.
    • Expert driver: James is a highly trained driver, especially with motorcycles.
    • Skilled investigator: As a photojournalist, James is a capable investigator; he can effectively search for information and follow clues.[15][27]
    • Escape artist: James is able to escape places and hide effectively enough to evade the authorities.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: James has a black belt, although what level and in what style of martial arts was not revealed. He has demonstrated remarkable combat skills,[25] enough to match a former Navy SEAL in unarmed combat[27] and is also a skilled boxer.[13]
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: James is an accomplished acrobat, he was able to successfully escape and evade the shots of a number of banks robbers[25] and the attacks of the significantly larger Parasite,[26] as well as to scale vertical surfaces using a grappling hook.[27]


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder/PTSD: James suffers from PTSD episodes, triggered; when hearing gunshots, seeing Lex Luthor, witnessing black liquids akin to Harun-El.[38][39] But he later got some control over it. Currently, it is unclear what effect these episodes would have on him, as the Harun-El has been extracted from his system.


Original multiverse[]

  • Signal watch: James wears a special watch which Superman gave to him so that he would be able to contact him in case he ever got in trouble. Occasionally James has also used the watch to communicate with Kara.
  • Guardian suit: James wears a mechanized, armored suit as his heroic alter-ego, Guardian, to hide his identity from enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It was designed by Winn Schott, it is made of lead and other unknown materials. The suit enhances physical strength and resilience with bulletproof material to match that of opponents, such as Rudy Jones. The suit has a voice alterer so no one can recognize his voice and built-in shield that folds up into and out of the arm and it generates golden shock-waves to deflect and repel beings with super strength who strike it. The wrist also has a grappling hook/line that can lasso enemies and attach itself to a high structure at the same time to dangle people by their foot on command. James once used this to swing around an enemy. The suit is equipped with a lead aerosol spray which can be used to weaken Daxamites.
    • Retractable shield: A built-in shield that expands and retracts both automatically and on command. James often uses it to help him fight and it generates golden shock-waves to deflect and repel beings with super strength who strike it.
    • Connection to Winn Schott: The suit's helmet has a camera built in to allow Winn to see it from his Star Spangled Delivery Co. van. Whatever James sees is shown in a HUD display. This lets Winn help James in his superheroism. The shield made the Parasite monster hit rebound.
    • Smoke pellets: As Guardian, James carries smoke pellets that he can use to escape certain situations such as when he had to disappear from the National City Police Department when he lost his helmet and had to protect his identity.
  • Transmatter portal watch: When James took his sister Kelly to Calvintown to keep her safe from Malefic J'onzz, before James left with Kelly, Kara gave him one of Lex's transmatter portal watches to allow James to instantly get back to National City if he needed to.[43]

New multiverse[]

  • Guardian suit: James wears a mechanized, armored suit as his heroic alter-ego, Guardian; to hide his identity from enemies; when he goes out fighting crime.
    • Retractable shield: A built-in shield that; expands and retracts both automatically and on command.



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, James "Jimmy" Olsen is the best friend of Superman and a photographer for the Daily Planet.
    • Unlike the comics where Jimmy Olsen is Caucasian and has red hair, this version is African-American and bald.
  • Cat Grant mentioned that James is famously known as Superman's "pal".[4] This is a reference to the comic book series, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954-1974), starring Olsen.
  • James' superhero persona, Guardian, is a legacy superhero mantle that has been used by several characters in the DC canon. Though in the comics, it has never been used by Jimmy Olsen. The original Guardian was Jim Harper, a Golden Age superhero, operating in Metropolis. This mantle has also been notoriously associated with Project Cadmus, regarding cloning experiments.
    • Even though this is the first instance that the alias of Guardian is used by Olsen, the character, in his various adaptations, has used several other superhero aliases through the years including Elastic Lad, Turtle Boy, Mister Action, Flamebird, Accountable, and most recently, Doctor Impossible.
  • The show's creators claimed that Guardian and his team were supposed to have a bigger role in Season 3. However, James suited up sparingly while Lyra Strayd wasn't seen or even mentioned.[citation needed]