"There are more like me. And one day, they will free this world."
—The man's last words to Dark Arrow[src]

An unnamed man was a vigilante on Earth-X and a member of the Freedom Fighters.


The individual, having taken up a life of vigilantism as part of the Freedom Fighters, tried to stop the Dark Arrow's plans, only to be defeated and killed by him. With his dying breath, the man swore that the Earth would one day be free.[1]


The man's death was avenged when Dark Arrow and the other members of the New Reich were defeated by the Freedom Fighters with the help from the heroes of other Earths,[2] eventually toppling the Nazi government and freeing Earth-X. This also made his words to Dark Arrow prophetic and he didn't die in vain.[3]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: The man was an expert hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, though he also used a shield for protection and as a secondary weapon. Despite his skill and equipment, he was unable to defeat Dark Arrow.[1]


  • Protective armor: The man used a suit of armor, protecting his body from harm and his identity from being discovered.[1]
    • Shield: The man used a specialized shield decorated with the flag of the United States that he used for protection and as a secondary weapon.[1]



Season 3

The Flash

Season 4


Concept artwork

Behind the scenes

  • While the freedom fighter is never named (on-screen) his suit and physical likeness suggest that, like his Earth-38 counterpart James Olsen, the man took on the superhero mantle of Guardian. This version has a golden helmet and shield, like the original comic book Guardian.
    • Concept art suggests his name is indeed Guardian.

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