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"Dad would be so proud of you.
Dad would be so proud of you, too.
James and Kelly at her wedding.[src]

An unnamed man (died 1991) was the husband of an unnamed woman and the father of James and Kelly Olsen. He was a soldier who died serving the United States as part of Operation Desert Storm.


Original multiverse[]

The man was a soldier of the United States Army. At some point in his life he married an unnamed woman and fathered two children; James and Kelly. In 1991 he took part in Operation Desert Storm and, before being deployed to the Middle East, he gave James his first camera.[1] During the mission he died and a funeral was held in his honor; however, his son was not present due to a pair of bullies having locked him into a coffin.[2]

New multiverse[]

According to Kelly, when Jimmy was a kid, he would do all kinds of crazy things. One time, he took his father's car for a ride.[3]


Original multiverse[]

Since the man's death, his son James had kept his camera with him at all times. This and his death were what prompted James to become a photojournalist.[1] In 2016, James decided to carry on his father's legacy and honor him by fighting criminals as the superhero "Guardian".[4]

New multiverse[]

At Kelly's wedding, Jimmy told her that they father would be proud of her.[5]



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