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"Who do you think you are? Do you know what I went through over there? Do you know the sacrifices I made for you? I come back after years of fighting for this country and this is my welcome home?"
—James Zolomon while assaulting Ashley Zolomon[src]

James Zolomon was a veteran soldier of the War of the Americas and the father of the late Hunter Zolomon. He was convicted for the murder of his late wife Ashley Zolomon.


James fought in the War of the Americas for many years, wearing a silver kettle helmet.[1]

When he returned home from service, James found that his wife, Ashley, was attempting to leave him for unknown reasons. James became angry and shouted about how he was hero for the sacrifices he had done for her and his country. Ashley, in response, called him a monster instead and James began assaulting her as a result. Their 11-year-old son, Hunter, walked in on them. James, angry with his wife, gave Hunter his kettle helmet, and reassured the boy it would be fine, wanting Hunter to see what was to happen, and forced the boy to watch as he murdered Ashley with a shotgun. Following the ordeal, James was convicted and sent to prison, while his son was sent to live at the Central City Orphanage.[2]

Assuming he didn't die while imprisoned, it can be assumed James died when an antimatter wave destroyed Earth-2 in 2019.[3] However, since in the new Multiverse, Zoom appears to have originated from Earth-Prime, there is a possibility that James was restored to the new universe.[4]


James may have been mentally unstable, the cause of which may have been brought on by the trauma he faced in the War of the Americas in which he served in, possibly shell-shock, or a head injury/trauma which caused damage to his brain. While he believed he was a hero for serving in the war, his wife, Ashley, considered him to be the exact opposite instead: a monster, perhaps due to his abusive and violent behavior, or he was already like this. Having returned home from the war only to discover his wife's intent to leave him and her declaration of what she felt about him caused James to become ruthless and cruel, and ended up killing her in front of his son, Hunter, in a show of power. His cruel act lead to Hunter being even more deranged than his father.[2]


Former equipment[]

  • Helmet: James had a silver metallic helmet which was part of his military equipment decorated with a pair of metal wings. He later gave it to his son Hunter.


The Flash[]

Season 2[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the comics, the name of Hunter Zolomon's father is unknown. His backstory was a serial killer who had killed six young girls. He murdered his wife for having told the police on the day their son was to leave for college, and he was subsequently killed by the police after refusing to give himself up.