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"Maxwell Lord made her to be just like me. And she was."
Kara Danvers on Bizarro[src]

An unnamed woman, known only as "Jane Doe" and dubbed "Bizarro" by Cat Grant, is a brain trauma patient who was transformed by Lord Technologies into a clone, of sorts, of Supergirl, courtesy of Maxwell Lord.


Bizarro answers to Lord

Bizarro answers to Lord.

The woman was a brain trauma victim who was comatose for two years following a car accident, with no family to visit her. At some point, the woman was acquired from the hospital and kept in a locked room at Lord Technologies, where she was kept on a drip (containing black liquid) under Maxwell Lord's orders.

Bizarro brainwashed

Bizarro brainwashed.

Eventually, J'onn J'onzz snuck into Jane's room to photograph her on behalf of Alex and Kara Danvers and later deduced her as being injected with hydrochloric acid, showing she was being preserved and altered somehow by Maxwell.[1] Finally, it is revealed that this girl was transformed into duplicate of Supergirl, with disappearing black eyes, all the while conditioned to hate Supergirl, and, if all went according to plan, kill the Girl of Steel.

Flame breath vs freeze breath

Flame breath vs freeze breath.

However, her form became unstable after being exposed to green Kryptonite, and she wound up gaining a degenerated physical and mental constitution.

After kidnapping James Olsen due to sharing the affections of her progenitor, Kara stops Bizarro using a blue version of Kryptonite.

Kara comforts Bizarro

Kara comforts Bizarro.

In the compound, Kara assures Jane that she and the D.E.O. will take care of her, and the woman known only as Jane Doe was put in a preserved state, so she wouldn't cause harm to others or herself.[2] It was soon found that the D.E.O. couldn't undo Jane's condition, as the damage was too severe, but they still worked to find a way to allow her to live her life again.[3]

Three years later, after an individual who looked like Supergirl attacked the White House, Bizarro was among those Alex Danvers suspected to be responsible for the attack. However, Alex later discovered that Bizarro was innocent.[4]

Powers and abilities[]


"She's as strong as me. She flies like me, she fights like me. Except for the fact that she talks like Cookie Monster, she is exactly like me."
Kara Danvers on the similarities between her and Bizarro[src]
  • Reverse Kryptonian physiology: While retaining most of a Kryptonian's natural abilities, the attributes that give Jane Doe certain abilities such as super breath and heat vision are somewhat reversed in the sense that she creates the opposite of the two each time she accesses her powers; instead of shooting beams of heat, Jane shoots beams of pure cold and instead of freezing breath, she breathes fire. Jane Doe also appeared to have a degenerated form, though whether the damage was only surface level is unknown. It can be noted that this transformation could've solely been because of her reactions to the effects of Green Kryptonite, and might have kept her original abilities and intelligence if she was never exposed.[2]
    • Superhuman strength:
      Flame breath

      Bizarro using fire breath.

      Bizarro possesses tremendous physical strength that is equal to Supergirl, allowing her to fight on par with the latter in combat.[2]
    • Superhuman speed: Bizarro is able to move and react at immense speeds.[2]
    • Flight: Similar to a Kryptonian, Bizarro can defy gravity and fly and or levitate.[2]
    • Invulnerability: Bizarro possesses extraordinary durability that renders her indestructible to most conventional forms of damage.[2]
    • Fire breath: Bizarro is able to exhale fiery blasts from her mouth.[2]
    • Freeze vision:
      Freeze vision

      Bizarro using freeze vision.

      Bizarro is able to shoot purple bluish freezing beams from her eyes.[2]
    • Kryptonite Empowerment: Exposure to Green Kryptonite makes Jane stronger, although it causes her momentary pain. According to J'onn J'onzz, the Green Kryptonite's properties strengthen, but also horribly disfigure Jane Doe, rendering her skin composition chalky and flaky.[2]


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Bizarro was proficient in close quarters combat, utilizing both kicks and punches and being able to block punches in her battles with Supergirl.[2]


  • Blue Kryptonite:
    Bizarro-Supergirl reacts to green kryptonite

    Bizarro reacts to green Kryptonite.

    A blue version of Kryptonite, a compound with the exact opposite molecular structure as Green Kryptonite, is able to harm and subdue Jane Doe. It also helped calm her down, allowing Jane Doe to regain her sense of reason and understanding.[2]
  • Diminished intellect: Having been brain dead for several months, genetically transformed into a clone of Supergirl, and then mutated by Green Kryptonite, Jane Doe has a very warped view on the world in her Bizarro form. She spoke in a very basic manner "like Cookie Monster" and with a complacent mental state, needing to be coached into answering when prompted. Ironically, it was only after Jane Doe was struck by Blue Kryptonite that she was able to think rationally.[2]
  • Stunted development: Further studies on Jane Doe after her encounter with Green Kryptonite revealed her physiology wasn't changing any further, possibly as a result of her artificial transformation. Thus, she would no longer respond to Green Kryptonite or any other stimuli affecting Kryptonians.[3]


  • Supergirl suit: While posing as Supergirl, Bizarro wore a suit identical the former's. For some reason, the "S" on the suit became backwards following her exposure to Green Kryptonite.[2]



Season 1[]

Season 4[]


  • Bizarro is the first copy/duplicate of Kara Danvers, the second being Red Daughter, who was accidentally created by the Harun-El.
    • Similar to Red Daughter, Jane was manipulated by a brilliant and wealthy enemy of Supergirl, in this case Maxwell Lord.
  • Jane Doe's fate on Earth-Prime is unknown, but it's presumed she is under care at Luthor Corp (which is now in charge of the D.E.O.).

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the comics, "Bizarro" is the name a Superman villain, an imperfect duplicate of the Man of Steel. There is also a Supergirl analogue of the character, referred to as "Bizarro Supergirl" or "Bizarro-Girl", which the show's version is based on. The character was created by Otto Binder and Wayne Boring, making her debut in Superman #140 (October, 1960).
    • In the Arrowverse, Bizarro's origin is also similar to Galatea from the DCAU continuity in Justice League Unlimited, being a clone of Supergirl who shares her memories.
    • Oddly enough, Bizzaro's origin is also akin to the first Bizarro created by Lex Luthor in Action Comics #6 (1986), being a clone of a Kryptonian superhero created by a rich scientist supervillain for his own agenda. The first Bizarro was created at a time when Superman was believed to be a mutated human and Jane Doe is a clone of Supergirl using a human woman as a genetic base.
  • The character has been mostly referred to on the show as "Jane Doe", a terminology used in morgues and hospitals for unidentified female bodies and patients, the feminine counterpart to "John Doe." Not to be confused with the comic book character of the same name, Jane Doe, who is an enemy of Batman. Both characters are referencing this terminology.