An unidentified woman, known only as "Jane Doe" and dubbed "Bizarro" by Cat Grant, is a brain trauma patient that was transformed by Lord Technologies into a clone, of sorts, of Supergirl.


The woman was kept in a locked room at Lord Technologies, where she was kept on a drip (containing black liquid) following brain trauma and significant arm injury. Maxwell Lord approached her comatose body, promising to help her, and she awoke from her coma with solid black eyes. It is later shown that this girl is shapeshifted into Supergirl's form and have matching powers. Lord is able to control this false Supergirl and commands her to kill the real one. [1]


Season 1


  • There is a misconception that this character is related to the DC Comics character Jane Doe, an enemy to Batman. "Jane Doe" is actually a name used for unidentified female bodies in the morgue, the feminine counterpart to "John Doe." Both characters are referencing this morgue terminology.


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