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Janet Carroll is a resident of Star City and the CEO of AmerTek Industries. After the events of Genesis caused her company to face bankruptcy, she attempted to deal weapons to crime lord Tobias Church.


Janet Carrol was the CEO of AmerTek Industries. After the destruction of Havenrock on Genesis Day, it was made public that a subsidiary of AmerTek, Atomic Defensive Systems, manufactured the KN-08 missile which destroyed the town. As a result, AmerTek's stock prices plummeted and Janet grew desperate to save her company from going bankrupt.

In October 2016, Janet and the Vice President of AmerTek, Evan Wender, met with Mayor Oliver Queen to discuss helping the people of Star City. Janet and Evan agreed to have their company cover all the expenses for a free medical clinical event organized by Oliver, hoping that the positive PR would boost AmerTek's stock prices. Janet later witnessed a hostile attack by the mysterious vigilante Ragman, who had also attacked Evan, which was prevented by Green Arrow. Janet was initially hesitant to publicly cover the medical event after the attack, but Oliver offered her extra security.

Later, Janet attended the free medical event on behalf of her company, where Thea Queen thanked her for her help. Towards the end of the event, Janet was suddenly attacked by Ragman, who broke into the building, but Green Arrow interrupted and saved Janet. She was subsequently taken to the hospital but released shortly after.

Afterwards, Janet met with Tobias Church, to whom she planned to sell AmerTek's excess military equipment, enough for him to "take over a country". Unbeknownst to the two of them, Thea was secretly spying on them and reported the deal to Oliver.

That night, Janet went to meet Church in a secret location for the weapons deal. When he questioned why she was desperate for $100 million, Janet simply replied that it was her concern, though Church correctly figured out that the money was her "golden parachute". Suddenly, Ragman interrupted the deal and began attacking everyone. Janet tried to flee but was personally confronted by Ragman. He revealed himself to be the only survivor of Havenrock and accused her of destroying his home. Janet attempted to plead for her life, claiming Damien Darhk to be responsible as her company had built those missiles to protect people, but Ragman angrily pointed out that she had given Darhk the means to carry out Genesis. He then attempted to strangle Janet with his rags. When Green Arrow, incapacitated by Church, called for help, Ragman let her go to save him. Janet then escaped.[1]



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