Janet Petty (died early 2018), also known as Null, designated as Subject Eleven by Clifford and Marlize DeVoe, was one of the bus meta-humans. She was a criminal who used her gravity-manipulating abilities for robbery before she was incarcerated at S.T.A.R. Labs.


Early life

Throughout her life, Janet has become a criminal known for committing multiple crimes under which, breaking and entering, trespassing and burglary. Janet was also registered under an unknown amount of aliases like Jeannie Williams, Jesse Rivers, Judy Newton, Jackie Plummer, Jordan Smith and Jane Linska. She also posted pictures of herself online under the online handle Null.

Transformation to meta-human

On October 10, 2017, Janet was on the bus that was exposed to dark matter particles resulting from Barry Allen's return from the Speed Force. She then went on and used her powers for stealing more stuff. In the next year, she stole the Kahdaq Dynasty family crown when it was being shipped to Central City Museum and the security guards Bob and Jay were away looking for the dolly to lift the crate. She used her powers to make the crate float and when it fell back down and broke she just took the crown.

The next day she did some business with Earl Cox to sell him gems but when Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny disguised as detective Joe West arrived on the scene she made herself hang on to the wall so that they couldn't see her. When they found the gems and looked up they saw her, leaving her with no other choice but to come down and use her powers to make Barry float leaving Ralph behind so he could help him. Later that day she robbed Central City Jewelry. While she was on the run she was apprehended by The Flash who cuffed her. She then revealed her escape plan which she called her getaway car, a car with a civilian in it that she made float before The Flash arrived. The reason she called it this way was because either the person in the car dies from falling down or she gets away and while The Flash was saving the man; she got away by using her hairpin clip to free herself from her power-dampening cuffs.

Imprisonment in the pipeline

Later in the evening of the Central City Jewelry robbing, she attacked a fundraiser for Central City Museum where she flew in and then told everyone to put everything that shines, shimmers or sparkles in her bag. She then saw a woman with a sapphire necklace and told her that she loves herself some sapphires. The woman responded that she wasn't going to give it to her but Janet told her that there was no need for the woman to give it to her and that she'll just take it. Janet then made the woman float and took the necklace of her neck just before The Flash could run in to save the woman and the Elongated Man appeared. He pointed out the fact that there were no getaway cars this time. Janet told him that he was right but then she also said that there were a lot of passengers and touched the ground to try and make all the people there float but they got saved in time by The Flash. Janet then snuck up on The Flash by flying behind him, and made him float away and then went on with stealing jewels but got then quickly got cuffed by the Elongated Man who then saved The Flash. For her own protection from DeVoe, rather than being sent to Iron Heights, Janet was then incarcerated in the pipeline.[1]

After DeVoe broke into S.T.A.R. Labs he took Janet's powers, killing the latter by doing so.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Janet was struck by the dark matter energy after the Flash was released from the Speed Force, her DNA was altered, enabling her to access her newfound powers.[1]
    • Gravity manipulation: Janet has the ability to manipulate gravity through physical contact.
      • Flight manipulation: Janet can make other people and objects float uncontrollably just by touching them or the ground, and is also able to fly herself. 
      • Wallcrawling: Janet can use her powers to adhere to walls. 


  • Expert thief: Due to years of experience, Janet is an expert thief even before she gained her powers.
  • Expert escape artist: After distracting The Flash, Janet managed to free herself from the power-dampening cuffs using her hairpin clip when The Flash put them on her the first time.


  • Power-dampening tech: If Janet is wearing power-dampening cuffs, she can't use her powers.


The Flash

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Null is a metahuman enemy of Hawkman who can manipulate gravity and is male.
  • Janet Petty is the fifth case of a gender-bent antagonist from the comics on The Flash. The other four are Bug-Eyed Bandit, Top, Black Bison, and the Fiddler, all of whom are males in the comics.


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