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Jared Morillo, nicknamed Plunder by H.R. Wells, is a jewel thief who uses futuristic technology to combat the powers of speedsters such as the Flash and Kid Flash. He is also the first villain whom Kid Flash defeated, which led to the public officially embracing the latter as a hero.


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In early 2017, Jared Morillo was robbing the Central City Museum until he was caught by the Flash and Kid Flash. Later in the year Jared was found guilty of grand theft and aggravated assault.[1]


  • Expert motorcycle rider: Morillo is an exceptionally skilled driver, having driven a motorcycle even after crashing into a homeless man's shopping cart while also being chased by Flash and Kid Flash. He was also able to drive his motorcycle while simultaneously firing his rifle at speedsters.
  • Expert marksman: Morillo is exceptionally skilled with his rifle, able to use it to hit speedsters pursuing him.


  • Plunder suit: Morillo wears a suit as his villain alter-ego, Plunder.
  • Rifle: A futuristic rifle able to shoot out an assortment of ammunition.
  • Motorcycle: Morillo used a motorcycle to travel between heists.


The Flash

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Plunder is the Mirrorverse doppelgänger of Officer Jared Morillo, a police officer at Keystone City Police Department. As a member of the Department of Metahuman Hostility, Morillo helped The Flash battle the Rogues. He had also obtained healing powers from an incident with Cicada’s dagger. Meanwhile, Mirror Master recruited Plunder from the Mirrorverse to join the ranks of Rogues. Plunder was ultimately shredded at superspeed during a conflict with the deranged Hunter Zolomon.