Jarhanpurians are a powerful extraterrestrial species, originated from the destroyed planet Jarhanpur. Most of those that remained have come to settle on Earth.


After the destruction of their home world, a convoy of Jarhanpurians came to Earth. Their leader, called the Elder, gave Rama Khan the title of "Guardian of the Earth". As such, Rama Khan used his powers to advance Humans through tragedy.

Eventually, the organization dubbed Leviathan was created.

Rama Khan was stripped of his leadership by the Elder.[1]

At least five members of the long-lived species arrived to Earth. Their spacecraft was made to appear as a casino and it emits a form of radiation that is lethal to all organisms except for other Jarhanpurians. [2]

The covert organization Leviathan became linked to the Jarhanpurians and Rama Khan in particular; all literature about the organization pictured him in relation to it.[3]

Rama Khan lost three rings,[2] that found their way to the Fortress of Solitude.[3]

Gamemnae, posing as "Gemma Cooper", became the visible leader while the Elder converses with her behind-the-scenes.

Three Jarhanpurians, Rama Khan, Tezumak, and Sela, worked together in an attempt to kill Supergirl and her Superfriends, but they were captured by Querl Dox and eventually given to Lillian Luthor.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Regeneration: Jarhanpurians possess an extremely potent healing factor, able to quickly recover from virtually any wound. Their healing factor renders them practically immortal.
    • Reconstitution: The Jarhanpurian regenerative ability is such potent, they can even reconstitute their entire body after it was destroyed. After Rama Khan, Tezumak and Sela were destroyed by Supergirl, the ashes that remained of the Jarhanpurians reformed into the original individuals.[2]
  • Extended longevity: Jarhanpurians are extremely long-lived. In fact, they are nearly immortal; the first generation of Jarhanpurians that immigrated to Earth are still alive in the modern era, even though they came to Earth several million years ago.
  • Unique physiology: It appears that each Jarhanpurian has an additional unique power(s), which, in certain cases, can fundamentally affect their physiology. Rama Khan is geokinetic,[4] Gamemnae is technokinetic, Tezumak is pyrokinetic and Sela is electrokinetic.[5]


  • Technology: With the exception of Gamemnae (due to her technokinetic power, but still only to a limited degree), Jarhanprurians are susceptible to their own technology and that of Coluans.[2]

Known Jarhanpurians



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