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"Peter Declan is worth more alive. 'Husband kills wife' is a much better headline than 'whistle-blower uncovers toxic dumping,' don't you think? Either way, 48 hours, all this'll be over."
—Jason Brodeur to Ankov[src]

Jason Brodeur is a former corrupt businessman and CEO of Brodeur Chemical. His name is on "The List".


Jason Brodeur was the CEO of Brodeur Chemical. At some point, he authorized the company to illegally dump toxic waste into The Glades instead of proper disposal to save money. Presumably due to this, Brodeur's name ended up on The List.

In 2007, an employee named Camille Declan discovered Brodeur's operations. To prevent her from going public with the truth, Brodeur arranged for his bodyguard, Ankov, to murder Camille and frame her husband, Peter, for the crime. He also paid off Camille's supervisor, Matt Istook, to falsely testify against Peter.

Five years later in late 2012, legal aid attorney Laurel Lance, who was representing Peter, obtained Camille's file on Brodeur Chemical from Istook and brought it to the Starling City Superior Court, hoping to pass habeas corpus. However, Brodeur and his attorney, Jared Swanstrom, intervened to claim slander and Laurel was denied. Undeterred, Laurel warned Brodeur she had "the loose end" and would "pull on it until [his] whole world unravels". Following this, Brodeur grew frightened at how close he is to being arrested. However, Ankov assured him that they had people within Iron Heights Prison who could help permanently silence Peter and Laurel.

That night, Brodeur was visited by The Hood, who demanded that he confess to having Camille murdered. Brodeur initially refused, arrogantly pointing out The Hood couldn't kill him if the vigilante wanted to free Peter. In response, The Hood shot an arrow through Brodeur's hand, pinning it to the wall, to make him comply. Just then, Brodeur received a phone call from Ankov, confirming the Iron Heights prison riot would occur within the hour. Brodeur smugly revealed to The Hood that Peter's execution "is getting moved up". Angered, the vigilante knocked him out with an uppercut.

After the prison riot failed, Ankov flipped Brodeur and the latter was sent to jail for all his crimes, while Peter was exonerated.[1] It is unknown what happened to him after the destruction and recreation of the multiverse.



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  • Jason Brodeur's name is probably a reference to Josée Brodeur, a recurring production accountant on Arrow.