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"No one could find trouble faster than your father. Literally."
John Constantine to Liv Aberdine.[src]

Jasper Winters (died 2013) was a sorcerer and a former member of the Newcastle Crew. Jasper was also the father of Liv Aberdine.


Early life[]

In Jasper's teenage years, he met a teenage girl at a concert and they had a one-night stand. When he discovered that he had accidentally got that girl pregnant with his child, he was forced to reluctantly keep his distance from his daughter, Liv Aberdine, in order to protect her from supernatural forces. Despite this, Jasper had secretly kept an eye on Liv, watching her grow up from a distance, even taking photos of his daughter without her knowing.[1]


At some point, Jasper met and became good friends with John Constantine, prior to his death, he made John promise that if Liv was ever attacked by supernatural forces, John would give her the keys to his house. A year before Liv was attacked by the demon Furcifer, Jasper was killed, presumably by a demon.[1]


At some point in 2014 while John was residing in Ravenscar Psychiatric Facility for the Mentally Deranged reminding him about Liv through possessed patient Emma. Constantine then proceeded to fulfill the promise and helped Liv who was at the time stalked by Furcifer. After Liv decided to move on, leaving a map for John and Chas Chandler to fight the Rising Darkness in Jasper's house. John, Chas and later Zed Martin proceeded to use the house as their base of operations.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Astral vision: Jasper was able to see the dead, this power was passed down to his daughter, Liv Aberdine.
  • Divination: Jasper was practicing seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.


  • Occult knowledge: Jasper possessed a great knowledge of the occult.
  • Cartography: Jasper taught himself cartography.


  • Crossbow: Jasper had a crossbow.
  • Artifacts: Jasper had stashed lots of artifacts in his house.
    • Skull-shaped box: Among the other artifacts there was a distinctive box in the shape of a skull.
    • Golden helmet: Among the other artifacts there was a distinctive golden helmet.



Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, a character named Baron Winters is also a mysterious occultist affiliated with John Constantine, whose house was a mysterious place full of magical artifacts. Jasper appears to be loosely based on Baron and also resembles him physically, although the look is modernized.