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Jean Loring is an attorney in Star City and an old friend of Moira Queen. She represented Moira and Oliver Queen in their respective trials.


Moira Queen's trial[]

Jean Loring was to represent her old friend Moira Queen at her trial after Moira publicly revealed her involvement in the Undertaking. At Moira's pre-trial hearing, Jean inquired the judge about bail, which was denied. Jean and the prosecutor ADA Adam Donner got into an argument about his pursuit of the death penalty for Moira. Afterwards, in Iron Heights Prison, Jean and Moira discussed the case, with Moira confiding that she wasn't afraid of death and only wished to maintain her relationships with her children, Oliver and Thea. Moira also implied to Jean that she had more secrets out there which must never be discovered.[1]

Adam offered Moira a plea bargain which Jean advised against. Jean assured Moira that the former could successfully plead her case of acting under duress by Malcolm Merlyn, but Moira wanted to take the deal. However, Oliver and Thea convinced Moira that whatever information was out there would not compromise their relationship, prompting Moira to have Jean reject the plea deal.[2]

After Roy Harper was arrested and later released by SCPD, Jean went to Verdant and advised Thea to break up with him, believing her relationship with Roy, a former criminal, to be a liability to Moira's case. However, Moira later encouraged Thea to stay with Roy after talking to Jean.[3]

During the trial, Jean conducted her defense of Moira, arguing that she was complicit in the Undertaking only because her family was in danger from Malcolm. After Adam grilled Thea on the witness stand, Jean told Moira that due to the setback, Moira now had to testify even though the latter was against it due to the harm it would cause her family. Jean was present when Moira revealed to Oliver and Thea her affair with Malcolm. While waiting outside the courtroom, Jean signaled that the jury might have a verdict and warned Oliver and Thea to prepare for the worst due to its quick nature. However, the jury found Moira not guilty on all charges, stunning everyone in the courtroom.[4]

Oliver Queen's trial[]

Jean is seen in the courtroom with Oliver when the judge orders him to stay in town, despite never asking previous clients if they were guilty of their crimes she had to ask Oliver if he's indeed the Green Arrow which he answers truthfully to, Jean then proposes a new strategy to use in court which Oliver declined due to worry about his loved ones' safety and the fact that he would have a target on his back due to no longer having a secret identity. However, Oliver's identity would be revealed as part of his deal with the FBI later on resulting in him going to jail.


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  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer: Jean is very intelligent, being a prominent attorney in Star City. She is an excellent lawyer, performing superbly in her cases.



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