Jeanie Hill (died 1947) was the girlfriend of Benjamin Siegel.


At some point of her life, she went to Los Angeles with the ambition to become a star but was tricked to be the blackmailing assistant of her bandit boyfriend Benjamin Siegel. Later, she hired Webb to protect her from the criminal.[1]

In 1947, when Benjamin was resurrected by Astra Logue, she tricked the Legends on helping her escape from Benjamin by stealing her photos with the politicians. John Constantine later assisted her to find those photos in promise of the Hellfire Gun in return. However, she betrayed and held John at gun point. She gave him the gun to and was killed in a car explosion caused by the police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department.[1]


When John Constantine sent Benjamin Siegel back to Hell and killed him with the Hellfire Gun, Jeanie was avenged.[1]


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Behind the scenes

  • Virginia Hill (August 26, 1916 – March 24, 1966) was an American organized crime figure. Hill was famous for being the girlfriend of mobster Bugsy Siegel. She was the person who killed Bugsy on June 20, 1947.


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