Jeb Stillwater (died 1871) was the leader of the Stillwater Gang during the 19th century. He and his gang terrorized the town of Salvation until he was killed in a duel by Rip Hunter.


Stillwater was a cruel outlaw whose gang terrorized the town of Salvation, taking whatever they wanted and killing whoever got in their way. After months of terrorizing, one of his gang was killed and Stillwater and his men confronted the town, vowing they'd pay. They were confronted by the new sheriff Ray Palmer under the name "John Wayne", who told them to leave, but Stillwater ignored his threats. As he pulled a gun on Ray, it was shot out of his hand by one of his sharpshooters, Leonard Snart. Finally listening, Stillwater and his gang fled but made preparations for a counterattack out of vengeance. Before they could, the gang was attacked by Ray, Jonah Hex, Snart, Mick Rory and Jax, and Ray knocked Stillwater unconscious. As they tried to leave, Jax was captured by Stillwater's men, but the group fled with Stillwater to plan their next move. Being kept unconscious on board the Waverider, he was offered his freedom if he won in a quick draw, and if he died Jax would be released. Reluctant, Stillwater agreed and stood ready to confront his opponent Rip Hunter. After a prolonged and heated stand-off, both reached for their guns, but Rip was faster and shot Stillwater dead.[1]


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