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Jeff Deveau is a former member of The Hoods, who joined their cause after his wife died in the Glades Earthquake. He was taken down along with the rest of the Hoods by the Arrow and arrested.


After the death of his wife in the Undertaking, during which he also lost his hand, Jeff joined the vigilante group known as The Hoods in an attempt to seek vengeance for her death and the earthquake. The group copied the Arrow's vigilante tactics and combined them with their military knowledge, using their skill to target and threaten one-percenters. However, their lack of restraint caused their violence to escalate, eventually resulting in the death of Mayor Altman.

When the Arrow returned, he confronted The Hoods and quickly defeated them, but not before showing Jeff and the others the merciful hero that he had become.[1]


  • The Hoods suit: Deveau wears a protective suit, used by the members of The Hoods, to hide his identity from his victims. It is unknown what materials it is made out of.
  • Assault rifle: Deveau used this weapon to attack both Mayor Altman and Oliver Queen.



Season 2[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Jeff was credited as "Deveau".