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Dr. Jeffrey Shore (died November 2015) was a biochemist in Central City before being mind-controlled and murdered by Grodd.


Jeffrey Shore worked with other scientists, seemingly a mentor to the others, within Vaughan Pharmaceuticals.

While talking with Brian about what to do with a test they were both working on, he was suddenly bombarded with thoughts of gorilla Grodd's past just like how Barry Allen and Wade Eiling were, while under the influence of Grodd, he walked towards a room with sealed away tanks, staring at the tanks momentarily, before smashing the glass door and stealing an Cortexin serum tank; which is treated for encephalopathy, or brain disease. When confronted by Brain as to what he was doing and that he should stop, Jeffrey attacked Brian with the tank hitting him in the face, knocking Brian to the ground out cold, Jeffrey then left the building with the tank, he then began to regain his own consciousness once he had left the building, he put the tank down beside him while doing so he noticed he had blood on his hand; presumably from smashing the glass earlier with his fist, Jeffrey then questioned what had happened to him, he then turned round slowly and then saw Grodd, he questioned what Grodd was, before suddenly being attacked by Grodd sending Jeffrey upwards into part of the building head first, then Grodd called Jeffrey foolish, telling him he was Grodd, due to his blunt trauma from the head Jeffrey soon died.[1]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • Jeffrey was credited as "Tech #1".