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"Bow your head when you approach me! I am Jemm, master of the Faceless Hunters! Conqueror of 12 worlds."

Jemm (died 2015) was a powerful alien convict from Saturn, formerly imprisoned on Fort Rozz.


Riot at the D.E.O[]

Jemm was arrested by the D.E.O. and attempted to use his telepathy powers to escape his cell, though he failed due to the cell's neural shielding. Later, an earthquake occurred and the D.E.O. headquarters locked up all the exits and went to emergency status. Jemm used the mess to try to escape. J'onn J'onzz (in the guise of Hank Henshaw), Reynolds and Tsung then began hunting Jemm in the base. Jemm then ambushed the group, killing both Reynolds and Tsung.[1]


He later ambushed Alex Danvers and Donovan while they were on their way to J'onzz. He entered Donovan's mind and Donovan told Alex to run. Jemm then took full control over Donovan and killed him. Alex then confronted him, shooting him with several different weapons to no avail, only damaging Jemm's head. When Jemm was about to kill Alex, J'onzz arrived and snapped Jemm's neck during a struggle.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Saturnian physiology: As a Saturnian, Jemm has special abilities.
    • Super strength: Jemm was capable of great feats of strength, as seen when he killed Reynolds and Tsung in an ambush and during his fight with Alex, when he easily knocked her off her feet.[1]
    • Super durability: Jemm possesses a level of durability greater than humans although his exact level is unknown.
    • Telepathy: Jemm was able to enter people's minds and find them quickly due to his powers of telepathy.[1]
    • Invulnerability: Jemm was bulletproof and resistant to forms of physical attacks or damage that would kill or severely injure a human.[1]
    • Energy blasts: Jemm was able to shoot energy blasts from the gem in his head, though only if it wasn't knocked off.[1]


  • Neural shielding: The neural shielding of the cell Jemm is contained in prevents him from using his telepathy or mind control powers on others.



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