For the Earth-1 resident of Star City briefly mistaken for Sara Lance, see Jenn.

Jen is a resident of National City and the mother of an unnamed boy. She was arrested for attempted murder on Lena Luthor.


Jen's son fell ill with lead poisoning and his condition soon took a turn for the worse at the Luthor Family Children Hospital.

Later, an angry and heartbroken Jen attended a press conference held by Lena Luthor, who was accused of being responsible for multiple children contracting lead poisoning due to her lead bomb. As Lena addressed the crowd's anger, Jen pulled out a gun and fired at Lena multiple times, causing panic within the crowd. However, Jen missed her intended target, instead shooting James Olsen and (unknowingly) Samantha Arias. She was swiftly tackled by a security guard and subsequently broke down in tears. 

Afterwards, Jen was taken into custody and presumably arrested.[1]

Jen would realize she targeted the wrong person when Morgan Edge was revealed to have poisoned the children.


Former equipment

  • Gun: Jen used a gun to try and kill Lena Luthor. The weapon was confiscated from her possession when she was arrested.



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • Jen's name was never revealed on-screen, only in the credits.


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