For the Earth-38 resident of National City, see Jen.

Jenn is a resident of Star City.

Dinah Lance briefly mistook Jenn for Sara Lance when she found a photo of Jenn wearing a Starling City Rockets baseball cap, which Sara also owned, on one of the islands surrounding Lian Yu. Jenn was soon called in to clear any doubts, leaving the Lance family to try and move on.


When Dinah and Quentin Lance started to believe Sara Lance may still be alive due to a photo the former uncovered of a woman who resembled their daughter, Laurel Lance used a contact at the Chinese Embassy to track down Jenn, the girl in the picture.

Jenn met Laurel at CNRI, where she was told that her photo turned up in a case. Laurel later introduced Jenn to her parents when they arrived. Jenn confirmed she was the girl in the photo, explaining that she spent six months on an island off the coast of China. The picture of her was taken in a fishing village called Zhengjiu, which is Mandarin for "Salvation". Dinah rushed out in tears upon realizing this, much to Jenn's concern and confusion.[1]



Season 1


  • Interestingly, when Sara secretly checks up on Sin Simone after the latter was injured by Xavier Reed, she is wearing the same Starling Rockets cap,[2] implying that the woman in the photo was in fact Sara all along. Thus, it's possible Jenn was sent to take responsibility so Sara's family would stop looking for her.


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