Jennifer "Jenny" Johnson (died late 2017) was an undercover agent of the International Domain Name Directory (IDND) posing as a freelance IT specialist.


Jenny received a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Hudson University. As part of her cover, she became a freelance IT specialist.

As Jenny exited her yoga class, she was approached by Black Siren just before getting into her car. The villainess, introducing herself as "Dinah", gave Jenny back her keys which the latter had inadvertently dropped. The two women chatted amicably for a few minutes and "Dinah" complimented Jenny's shoes. She then killed Jenny and stole her fingerprints in order to enter the International Domain Name Directory vault.

Oddly enough, when Team Arrow arrived on the scene and found Jenny's body, Black Siren was still there. She confessed to Black Canary that Jenny was "so, so pretty" and Black Siren "really wanted to hold her hand until the end came", which made the former waste time rather than escape quickly.[1]



Season 6


  • Jenny is 5'7" and weighs 135 lbs.[1]
  • She does yoga.[1]
  • According to her status profile, Jenny loves dogs.[1]


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