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Jenny Knight is a former employee of Tulsa Fair Housing and a friend/former coworker of Ray Terrill and John Trujillo.


At some point, Jenny started working at Tulsa Fair Housing, where she met Ray Terrill and John Trujillo.

Jenny worked in the company, watching Ray accept the client. During the break Terrill was preparing a speech for a conference in front of a friend, where after a while Jenny entered the room and told her friends to get ready. Before Terrill began to speak, one of the entrepreneurs interrupted him and revealed that the company would soon be closed, forbidding Jenny, John, and Ray. The reason was property damage, which could lead to serious tax cuts. It was only profitable to suspend operations.[1]


Freedom Fighters: The Ray

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jennifer Knight is the Phantom Lady, a superhero who fights the Metropolis underground with her Black Light Bands.