Jenny Knight is a member of the Freedom Fighters known as Phantom Lady.


Early life

At some point, Jenny joined the Freedom Fighters to fight the Nazi regime of the New Reich.[1]

Fighting the Nazis

The Freedom Fighters.

Freedom Fighters went to Tulsa to protect the people fleeing the city from the Nazis. The Ray was the first to fly over the city to scout from the sky, noticing tanks circling the escapees. He reacted quickly, destroying the military equipment and allowing people to escape. Immediately after that, he met with the other heroes, whom he informed about the purpose of the mission - to help wanderers escape safely through a specific path. They soared and began attacking enemy forces whenever they threatened the defenseless. Phantom Lady along with Dollman took care of the bridge protection, and when it seemed that the heroes had a moment to rest, a strong laser beam destroyed the bridge. Overgirl, with Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg, decided to stop the members of the Freedom Fighters once and for all. The main target of the warriors turned out to be Red Tornado, which Overgirl took care of, hitting the ground with it.[1] Phantom Lady, seeing Red's defeat, decided to jump into the water and help him, and Black Condor and Dollman followed her. The Ray took care of pulling the android from the bottom, which, dying, told his friend to make sure that his data did not end up in the hands of the enemy, and then gave his cerebral cortex to the hero, turning off. As if that was not enough, the opponents started attacking again, so Vibe appeared to the rescue. The protagonist was supposed to take his allies to safety through the breach, when Overgirl unexpectedly hit Dollman's laser beam, killing him immediately. Seeing the losses suffered, the Black Condor decided to hold the enemies until the allies could withdraw. After a while, Phantom Lady joined him, and the wounded Terrill himself was sent with the Tornado database to Earth-1.[2]

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Anti-Monitor Crisis

Jenny and Freedom Fighters during Crisis.

In 2019, during the crisis, Jenny with Red Tornado and the Ray were fighting the remaining Nazi forces but during the battle, they were erased by a wave of antimatter.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Jenny's DNA and cells were altered, enabling him to access her new-found powers.[1]
    • Superhuman strength: Thanks to the extraordinary meta-genes, Jenny has increased strength, much greater than the strength of the average person.[1]
    • Superhuman durability: The meta-genes also made Jenny's body immune to most attacks from which he could come out without the slightest injury.[1]
    • Umbrakinesis:

      Jenny using her powers.

      Jenny can manipulate and control a specific type of shadow in an undefined manner, throw it and create bubbles from the shadow. It can also generate just the right amount of shadow to shade the entire area, making it the only one who can move without any problems.[1]
    • Teleportation: Jenny can also turn into nearly invisible shadow particles and move short distances, dematerializing and re-materializing.[1]


  • Peak human condition: Jenny, as a rebel, regularly engages in vigorous exercise, thanks to which she has an amazing physical condition.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand combatant: Jenny is a proficient hand-to-hand fighter, good enough to survive fighting multiple enemies at once.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Phantom Lady is a superhero who is usually a member of the Freedom Fighters. She fights crime using martial arts and a variety of high-tech gadgets that give her control over the light spectrum.


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