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"See, I was struck down by the evil here in Freeland. And we have all in this church felt that evil. See, I praise God for sending us Black Lightning, an angel of justice to fight that evil. I praise god that he gave us Thunder to protect and inspire us. I'm telling you, be he man, a woman, or meta-human, we all have a part to play. So just as God's love sent us Black Lightning, and God's love sent us Thunder, it was God's love that allowed me to rise up off my deathbed. And I'm telling you right here in the church, and I'm telling all of y'all out there in the community, Freeland will rise again. All we have to do is hold on to faith and love in our hearts."
—Jeremiah Holt[src]

Jeremiah Holt was the reverend of Freeland United Methodist Church.


Holt appeared on WIXA 7 to discuss why Black Lightning had returned to Freeland.[1]

The reverend later presided over Lawanda White's funeral at Freeland United Methodist Church. During the service, he encouraged 100 people to join with him and march in protest against The 100. They later did, but were stopped by Black Lightning, much to their pleasure. Holt was suddenly shot from a distance by Tobias Whale's henchwoman, Syonide, before being rushed to the hospital. He was eventually stabilized.[1]

Three months after the attack on Garfield High School and the revelation that Green Light was responsible for creating Meta-humans, Reverend Holt held a sermon at Freeland United Methodist Church. He decried the killing of Issa Williams by the Freeland Police Department but reminded the congregation that police had been killing black men and women for years and Green Light was only the latest excuse they were using. At a later sermon, Holt told the congregation that they would need to raise $500,000 to help fund legal aid for the families of the Green Light children discovered in the stasis pods so they could sue the government for access to their family members. When a masked vigilante delivered the needed money, Holt was ecstatic and praised Jesus for their good fortune.[2]

Sometime later, Holt was in his office when he was again approached by the masked vigilante. Initially fearing a robbery, Holt was relieved to see it was the woman who had given them the money for the legal expenses. The vigilante urged Holt to use some of the money to save the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic, but Holt told her the money was already donated to the legal teams. When asked, Holt said they needed about $300,000 to save the clinic. The vigilante was determined to help, and Holt prayed for her to be safe When she returned with the money, Reverend Holt blessed her, whatever her name was.[3]

Reverend Holt accepted Anissa Pierce offer to work at the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic, noting that after the bomb scare, six of the staff resigned. He asked about Jefferson following his resignation as principal of Garfield High School, and told Anissa he was praying for him.[4]

Holt was approached by Councilman Kwame Parker about relocating the Free Clinic using an anonymous donation. Holt rejected the offer, knowing that the donation had come from Tobias Whale. He also told the Councilman that Tobias' presence in Freeland and his running of the criminal underworld was an open secret within the black community. Dissatisfied with Holt's answer, Tobias sent Khalil Payne to kill Holt. Khalil could not go through with it, and warned Holt to leave Freeland. Holt told Khalil that it was not too late for him to change his ways, but Khalil disagreed.[5]

Khalil again visited Holt to warn him to leave Freeland, telling him that Tobias Whale wanted him dead. Holt drew a gun on Khalil and warned him that he would not hesitate to shoot. Holt told Khalil he was not afraid of Tobias and that whatever happens would be in God's hands before instructing the boy to leave the church.[6]

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