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"I play cards. Mostly."
—Jeremy Tell to Damien Darhk[src]

Jeremy Tell, nicknamed Double Down by Cisco Ramon, is a meta-human who was affected by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. He became an associate of H.I.V.E. and enemy of Team Arrow.


On the night that the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator turned on, Jeremy Tell was getting playing cards tattooed on his body. Jeremy was hit with dark matter, giving him the ability to "peel" off his tattoos and use them as weapons.[1]

Stint with H.I.V.E.[]

"The game's not over yet."
—Jeremy Tell to Green Arrow[src]

Jeremy was hired by Mina Fayad to help H.I.V.E. deal with the vigilante situation in Star City. When Mina presented Jeremy to Damien Darhk, the latter was skeptical of him. Jeremy proved himself by killing a Ghost with his card tattoos, stating that killing the "Ghost" was free but, killing the Green Arrow would come with a price.

Jeremy faked a robbery situation to lure out Green Arrow, whom he caught off-guard by peeling cards from his skin and hurling them toward the vigilante. The two engaged in a brief battle where Jeremy managed to hit Green Arrow in his arm, but the vigilante escaped.

After failing to kill Green Arrow, Jeremy was threatened by Darhk. Darhk requested Jeremy to try and kill him, shocking the latter by revealing powers of his own. After Darhk killed Mina with the card, he hurled the projectile toward Jeremy, stopping just before it pierced his throat. Darhk stated that demonstration was for him and warned Jeremy to complete his mission.

Jeremy tracked the card which hit Green Arrow to Palmer Technologies and broke inside, where he confronted Felicity Smoak and Curtis Holt. Jeremy demanded Green Arrow's location, promising to allow the first person who told him to live. The two fled into a secret elevator which Jeremy also tried to enter, but Felicity kicked him in the leg. Jeremy quickly found them in the Arrowcave beneath Palmer Tech. While he hurled cards around, Felicity began firing a machine gun at Jeremy and eventually shot him in the shoulder, forcing him to flee.

Afterwards, Jeremy decided to return to Central City, but his getaway car was intercepted by Spartan and Green Arrow. Jeremy hurled cards at the two but was quickly subdued by Spartan, who shot Jeremy with a bullet that ensnared him in cords. Spartan demanded that Jeremy tell him more about H.I.V.E. but Jeremy refused, claiming the former didn't scare him half as much as Darhk. Jeremy managed to hurl a card at Spartan while tied up, but Green Arrow took the hit. Spartan then punched Jeremy in the face multiple times, knocking him unconscious. Jeremy was arrested and taken to Iron Heights Prison, where he was locked in the meta-human wing.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


"Uh, except it's not a playing card at all. Now, in my experience, playing cards don't contain motor proteins, proprioreceptors, and a neural net."
Curtis Holt to Felicity Smoak[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: After Jeremy was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology into beyond peak human condition.
    • Substance creation: Jeremy is capable of creating playing cards from the tattoos on his skin, with another tattooed card appearing in its place as soon as he peels one from his skin. The cards have been shown to cut quite easily through skin and even steel. The cards contain motor proteins, proprioceptors, magnetite, and a neural net. Magnetite is also the key component in tattoo ink, as Jeremy was getting tattoos during the particle accelerator explosion. While it is also able to guide the internal compass of birds, specifically homing pigeons, it is therefore possible to use the magnetite in the card to locate Jeremy, though he could also track his cards much faster than anyone could track him with them.


"That's good."
Damien Darhk to Jeremy Tell[src]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: During his fight with Green Arrow, Jeremy was able to defend himself long enough to create distance and use his cards again.
    • Master card thrower: Jeremy is able to quickly throw his weaponized cards with exceptional precision over great distances. He quickly threw three cards into a Ghost's chest, killing him. During his first fight with the Green Arrow, he threw a card with enough force to break through a car's windows, and another to cause a canister to pop open. While on the ground on his back, he precisely threw two more at Green Arrow, further demonstrating his consistent aim. He continued to throw cards at the vigilante, causing him to step back and deflect until he accidentally fell into into a set of shelves. One of the cards he threw at him afterwards stuck itself in a piece of metal. He ultimately forced the Green Arrow to evade and escape the scene, but he managed to lodge one card in the vigilante's arm and lacerate his cheek and forehead, despite the latter's speed. He threw a card at Darhk per the latter's request, aiming for the kill, but it was suspended by telekinesis. When he attacked Felicity and Curtis, he flung cards to knock supplies off shelves, and threw one at Curtis, narrowly missing his head and embedding it into the wall of the elevator. When he followed them to the hidden floor, he threw a card to bust a fuse box and break computer screens and a coffee machine. He threw another card at a light to make it fall on Curtis and knock him out. When confronted by Green Arrow and Spartan, his arms were restrained, but he still managed to launch three cards into the former's chest.
  • Honed senses: Jeremy has quick reflexes. During his first fight with the Green Arrow, he dodged an arrow launched at him at close range. He also evaded gunfire from Felicity with her submachine gun.



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Double Down is an enemy of the Flash. Instead of being a mutated meta-human, his origin is that of a gambler and a conman who was affected with the mystical powers of his cursed deck of cards.