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"Quick to learn."
—Jesse Wells[src]

Jesse Chambers Wells,[1] also known as Jesse Quick, was the daughter of the late Harrison Wells and a late unnamed woman of Earth-2. A college student on her Earth, Jesse was abducted by Zoom in a plot to turn her father against Team Flash; until being rescued and forced to temporarily relocate to Earth-1. After being hit by a dark matter wave from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, Jesse gradually managed to unlock her Speed Force connection, becoming a meta-human speedster and superhero. After helping Team Flash defeat Grodd and his gorilla army, she decided to move to Earth-1 with Wally West, whom she was dating until they broke up. After learning Savitar had plans for her, Jesse left Earth-1 to take over for Jay Garrick as The Flash of Earth-3 until Jay returned from the Speed Force. Jesse then returned to Earth-2 to continue her heroics and lead her own team.

In 2019, after Earth-2's destruction in a wave of antimatter,[2] Jesse was killed, along with the rest of the population. After Oliver Queen's sacrifice to create the new multiverse, it is unlikely that she was resurrected.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Jesse Wells was born to scientist Harrison Wells and an unnamed woman. At an early age, Jesse's father gave her the nickname "Jesse Quick" due to her sharp intellect and quick-thinking nature.[3]

When Jesse was four years old, she and her father went out for the first time together to a planetarium. There, Jesse got lost in the Mars exhibit and Harry shut the entire facility down to look for her.[4] When she was six, Harry gifted her a Mr. Jiggle Wiggle teddy bear.[5] Growing up, Jesse and her mother would often visit Harry at S.T.A.R. Labs, where they got scared by his "work voice."[6]

At some point in her childhood, Jesse's mother died.

Jesse graduated from high school at the age of 15.[6] She enrolled at Central City College, where she had five majors, one of them being biochemistry.[7]

Jesse talking to Harry on Earth-2 before kidnapped by Zoom

Jesse talking to her father on Earth-2.

In March 2015, Jesse supported her father as he unveiled his new line of meta-human awareness apps. She was awed when "Jay Garrick/The Flash" showed up, only to watch in concern as he criticized Harry for the initial meta-human infestation through his particle accelerator.[8]

Captured by Zoom[]

After the presentation, Jesse asked her father if The Flash's allegations were true. Harry simply said he did what was necessary to open the door to a new era of science. Upset by his apathy, Jesse returned to college. Later on, Zoom attacked the college and took Jesse captive.[6]

Zoom interrogating Jesse at his lair

Zoom interrogating Jesse at his lair.

Eight months later, Jesse was being held prisoner by Zoom, who had still not decided what to do with her or her father.[8] In another encounter, he caused harm to her.[6]

In December 2015, Jesse was briefly brought to Earth-1 as proof she was still alive. Jesse begged her father to help her but was quickly taken back to Earth-2 by Zoom.[5]

Zoom with Jesse

Zoom with Jesse.

When Earth-1's Flash was taken prisoner by Zoom in early 2016, the hero told Jesse that he was going to break her out. Zoom approached the Flash and told him not to make promises he couldn't keep as Jesse watched on in terror.[9]

When Barry made an escape attempt, Jesse told Barry there was no way out as she had tried herself. After Zoom's masked prisoner tapped on his cell, Jesse pleaded the man to stop. When Barry assured her that her father was coming to help, Jesse noted that he only cared for himself but Barry reassured her that everything Harry had done since he met him was to save Jesse. Soon after, Zoom arrived and warned Jesse she's only alive so he could kill her in front of her father.

After discovering the man in the iron mask was trying to communicate using a 5x5 tap code, Jesse and Barry teamed up to figure out what he was trying to say. Eventually, the two spelled out the word "Jay". When Barry asked if he meant Jay Garrick, the man was troubled and Jesse asked him to keep tapping as they couldn't understand his message. Just then, Zoom arrived and attacked Barry in his cage. After Zoom left, Jesse asked if Barry was alright and Barry told her he believed he had figured out how to escape. After failed attempts to phase through the cell, Jesse warned Barry if Zoom caught him, he would be hurt again. When Barry questioned why he couldn't escape, Jesse deduced it was due to him vibrating at a different frequency.

Eventually, Jesse was rescued by her father, Killer Frost, Barry Allen and Iris West of Earth-2 and Cisco Ramon. As they were leaving, they were greeted by Zoom, who revealed Killer Frost to lead him to them. Zoom approached Jesse, intending to kill her first, but she was saved by Killer Frost, who attacked Zoom long enough for everyone to escape. When her father told her they had to leave their Earth, Jesse argued she couldn't leave her life behind. As the meta-human proximity alarm went off, Barry brought Jesse to his Earth along with her father. As the breach was closed, Jesse and the others watched in horror as Jay was suddenly killed by Zoom and pulled back to Earth-2.[10] When her father said the breaches were closed for good, Jesse realized they were now trapped on Earth-1.[11]

Life on Earth-1[]

For the next few weeks, Jesse adjusted to her new life on Earth-1. When her father was figuring out how to track King Shark down, Jesse gave Harry some assistance. Unfortunately for the two, they didn't have enough information to create an accurate location algorithm. Later, Jesse and her father reprogrammed the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite so they could generate a specific electric field and measure any electrical distortions in order to track down King Shark. After they couldn't find King Shark for hours, Jesse asked Cisco if he set the right distortion scope. After Barry took down King Shark, Barry promised the team that they weren't done with Zoom and that he would find a way back to Earth-2, leaving Jesse and her father hopeful they could return home.[11]

While Barry was out training, Jesse watched a video on Beyoncé, leaving her confused on how Senator Beyoncé Knowles was a famous pop singer. When the team returned, Cisco stated they needed a break and spend some time at a club, which Jesse was eager for. Her father however, told her she couldn't go. Jesse argued and eventually convinced her father. For protection, Wells gave her his next gen watch to detect if any meta-humans were near. At the club, before she could take a shot of a Kamikaze, Barry stopped her, stating they don't plan on getting killed by her father. After the watch went off multiple times, Jesse went to a restroom in attempts to tamper with it so it would stop going off. While doing so, a recording her father made earlier that year played and Jesse learned her father had went as far as killing Russell Glosson. The following day, Jesse confronted her father about this, angrily stating that she used to view him as a hero but now no longer recognizes who he is.

When Trajectory broke into S.T.A.R. Labs, Jesse was held hostage at gunpoint as Trajectory coerced them to create more Velocity 9. When Harry completed the serums, Trajectory tested some Velocity 9 on Jesse to check if they laced any with a sedative, before speeding off. The Velocity 9 was too pure for Jesse's system, causing her to go into shock and begin seizing. Fortunately, Caitlin performed a blood transfusion on Jessie with Harry's blood, saving her life. When she woke up, her father promised her he would make it up to her for disappointing her by killing a man. Jesse however, was disappointed that he gave Trajectory more Velocity 9 to protect her and putting others in danger. Later, Jesse decided to see what Earth-1 could offer by leaving Central City and living a life in Opal City.[12]

Jesse roomed with Johanna in Opal City. When a breach was opened, leaving her vulnerable, Harry tracked Jesse down. He tried to get her to leave with him but she refused, unable to forgive him for killing a man. Her father warned her she was in danger but Jesse stated she is more afraid of him than Zoom and tells him to leave.

After her father was kidnapped by Griffin Grey, Jesse returned to Central City. In Caitlin's absence, Jesse helped the team by analyzing Griffin's cells on a molecular level, revealing that biochemistry was one of her majors. When Barry tracked down Griffin, Jesse asked if she could follow, though Barry told her to stay behind and continue to run tests on the blood sample. After analyzing the blood sample, Jesse learned the functional myostatin in Griffin's cells were gone, which gave him super strength. However, Griffin was suffering from oxidated stress, causing him to age the more he exerted himself. Jesse and Cisco upgraded the lining of Barry's suit with a dwarf star alloy, though only enough for Barry to take one punch. Jesse followed the team as Barry faced Griffin. After Griffin aged and passed, Jesse reunited with her father.

When they returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, Jesse apologized for leaving and explained that her father killing a man to save her was too much of a burden. Jesse told Harry he shouldn't always hurt someone just to save her and promised she wouldn't run away again if he became a father she could be proud of. He agreed and the two made amends.[7]

Jesse was placed in the Time Vault with Wally West for protection from Zoom. After Wally made an attempt to leave the Time Vault, Jesse told him the door wouldn't open for him. When Wally told her they shouldn't be in there, Jesse sarcastically asked if it's so Zoom could kidnap them again. Wally told her it was so they could help stop him. Wally noted he's aware that she was quick for solving unsolvable problems and Jesse told him she would see what she could do. Jesse figured that in order to open the door, they just needed to think of it like hot wiring a car by providing electricity. Using the tablet to provide electricity, Jesse managed to open the doors. As they left the Time Vault, the two felt tremors from the particle accelerator. As Jesse and Wally went to investigate the cause of the tremors, the two were knocked unconscious by a wave of energy.[13]

Team Flash Year Two

Jesse with Team Flash.

Gaining superhuman speed[]

During an attempt at recreating the Barry's original accident to restore his powers, Jesse and Wally are affected by dark matter and Jesse falls into a coma.[14] After Barry returned from the Speed Force, he is able to use the Speed Force to bring Jesse out of her coma.[15] After Zoom is defeated, Jesse returns to Earth-2 alongside her father.[16]

After walking home from a friend's house, Jesse was nearly struck by a car. However, before she was hit, everything around her froze and Jesse felt electricity running inside her. Jesse then ran out of the way.

Jesse Quick as Harry explains how she has speed

Jesse returns to Earth-1.

Later, Jesse and her father made their return to Earth-1, as the latter wanted to run "tests" on her. When they arrived, they were directed to the Speed lab, where she, her father, and Barry were surprised to learn about. Jesse quickly decided to test the lab and began running around. Later, Caitlin was sent to talk Jesse out of being a hero. When Jesse was told to take it slow, she assumed it was because she is a girl, noting that Barry didn't have to take it slow. Jesse quickly deduced that Caitlin was sent by her father. Jesse confronted her father and told him she realized he brought them to Earth-1 to get everyone to talk her out of using her powers. Upset, Jesse ran off.

Jesse Quick running while wearing STAR Labs shirt

Jesse Quick running while wearing STAR Labs shirt.

Jesse was joined by Wally, who confirmed he wasn't sent by her father. Jesse told Wally that she wanted to call him as soon as she learned about her powers, hoping he gained powers also. Jesse told Wally how she got his powers, which influenced Wally to run in front of a truck. Jesse took Wally to safety and scolded him for nearly killing himself.

After Magenta tried to kill her father with a tanker, Barry went to stop the tanker by running in circles to create a supersonic resistance. Jesse was reluctantly told by Harry to help Barry. Jesse soon joined Barry and told him she could handle the tanker as Barry should take care of Magenta.

Jesse Wells arguing with Harry 1

Jesse arguing with Harry.

Jesse was complemented by her father for her first victory as a superhero. Jesse told her father that she was able to do it as he believed in her. Wells then admitted that he should've been a long time ago and that she would one day understand why he's so protective. Jesse was then told they should stay a couple more days to run more tests and to see if Trajectory's suit would fit her.[17]

Moving to Earth-1[]

Soon after, Jesse trained with Barry at S.T.A.R Labs before taking Wally out. She kissed him but he pushed back, initially rejecting the chance of a relationship because Jesse lives on Earth-2 and eventually she will go back to her home.

Later, Jesse went with Barry to stop Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon from robbing a bank. After a high speed chase, Jesse faced off against Top but was quickly defeated after Top used her vertigo-inducing powers to make Jesse Quick fall off the building, but Jesse was caught by Barry. Dazed after Top used her power against her, she could not get up, and was helpless to stop Mirror Master trapping Barry in a mirror, and left with Top.

While everyone was debating on how to get Barry out, Jesse left but Wally followed and comforted her after she blamed herself for Barry getting stuck in the mirror in the first place, and then the two shared a kiss.

Jesse Quick attacked by Top

Jesse Quick while fighting Top.

After Barry had been released from the mirror, he and Jesse went to face Scudder and Dillon once more. After using a holographic projection of Leonard Snart, to lure Scudder and Rosa, Barry faced Scudder while Jesse faced Dillon. Top had used her powers on Jesse again but this time Jesse resisted and knocked Dillon out in one punch.

After the team's victory, Jesse and Harry left Earth-1 to return to Earth-2.[18]

Return to Earth-1 and move to Earth-3[]

Later Jesse returns to Earth-1 and tells the team that her father had been kidnapped in Gorilla City.[19] She stayed on Earth-1 to protect Central City with Wally while Barry, Julian, Caitlin, and Cisco went to Gorilla City to get Harry back. While there she mistook H.R. Wells for her father. Initially, she was pushing Wally back due to her worrying about the safety of her dad and due to the fact about how she and Wally were gonna be together, despite living on different earths. When Harry returned Jesse was overjoyed. Wally then asks her to stay in Earth-1 with him and she agrees.[20]

Later, Jesse helped Team Flash defeat the Gorilla Grodd's army attack on Central City.

After learning that her father was "dying of illness", Jesse revealed her father's lie and confronted him. Soon after, Jesse forgave her father and decided to stay on Earth-1 with Wally, while Harry went back to Earth-2.[21]

Barry, Jesse, and Wally were training to improve Wally's speed so that he could be fast enough to stop Savitar from killing Iris. She and Wally were at his house when Wally was apparently seeing his mother when in reality it was Savitar trying to trick Wally. After Wally raced off to stop Savitar, Jesse told the team and watched on in horror seeing Wally getting sucked into the Speed Force after throwing a fragment of the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force.[22]

Savitar choking Jesse Quick 2

Savitar choking Jesse.

After Barry went into the Speed Force to rescue Wally, Jesse impatiently waited. Berating everyone for not trying to track down Savitar after getting part of his armor, H.R had said to wait until the "real" Flash came, angering Jesse and prompting her to say that he is not her father and to stop trying to be him. Suiting up and taking the fragment of Savitar's armor to face him, H.R stood in her way and told her that facing Savitar will not bring Wally back and will only result in her getting killed. Jesse then preceded to knock out H.R and left. She then encountered Savitar who told her she should fear him. She threw lightning at him but Savitar had redirected it and she was hit by it. Savitar then held Jesse by the neck, holding her before him, and told her he has "plans for her in the future". However, Jesse told him she had plans for him too and stabbed Savitar with his own piece of armor in a gap after H.R had instructed her to, but Savitar escapes.

After Wally returned, Jesse revealed she was going to Earth-3 to protect it after Jay Garrick had sacrificed himself in the Speed Force to save Wally, as well as getting away from Savitar after he told her about his plans for her.[23]

Wally later visited Jesse on Earth-3 for a while.[24]

Return to Earth-2[]

Jesse returned to Earth-2 after Jay was freed from the Speed Force following Savitar's defeat and resumed protecting Earth-3. She and Harry formed a team at S.T.A.R. Labs to help Jessie with fighting crime in the city. However, Jesse and the rest of her team eventually kicked Harry off due to his incredibly demanding attitude.[25] Jesse also began asking her father to talk about her mother and her death, which he refused to do, further estranging them.[26]

When Harry decided to travel to Earth-1 for a while, Jesse asked her father to send a break-up cube to Wally on her behalf. Later, Jesse was visited by Wally when the cube malfunctioned. They mutually agreed to end their relationship due to them wanting to focus on finding their own goals in life.[25]

Reconciling with her father[]

Jesse arrived on Earth-1 after her father sent her an Apology Cube with no message in it. Away from the rest of Team Flash's presence, Jesse briefly caught up with her father's work. They soon had an argument, with Jesse confronting her father about his bitterness ever since her mother died, which is why he's not on Earth-2 helping her team. Just then, an A.R.G.U.S. vehicle with a nuclear bomb was assaulted and Jesse assisted the team in stopping it. Jesse soon followed Barry into "Flashtime" when the bomb detonated. She suggested moving the bomb to the Badlands but Barry pointed out that the friction from their running will speed up the nuclear reaction. Jessie knew the two of them wouldn't be enough and was sent to get Jay from Earth-3.

Jesse returned with Jay just in time to see Barry considering Harry's suggestion of putting the bomb into the Speed Force, which Jay discouraged since they would all lose their speed instantly. The three then returned to the bomb's location. With Killer Frost's help, the speedster team attempted to cool down the bomb. However, Killer Frost's temperature became hotter during her attempt, reducing the effectiveness of her abilities. On Jesse's suggestion, the speedster team then attempted to throw three lightning bolts at the bomb, thus producing nuclear fusion to offset the explosion. However, Jay was unable to throw enough lightning due to his age. He apologized for not being able to help Barry and Jesse much further and was forced to exit "Flashtime".

Killer Frost enters Flashtime

Jesse in Flashtime.

Jesse agreed not to put the bomb into the Speed Force due to the unforeseen consequences Jay warned them about and suggested she and Barry could travel back in time to stop the explosion. However, Barry shot down the idea after what happened with Flashpoint. Jesse couldn't stay in "Flashtime" much longer so Barry urged her to return home. However, Jesse ran back to Harry's side and exited "Flashtime" once she reached him, not wanting to leave her father behind. Ultimately, Barry was able to stop the bomb from detonating by using the lightning from his former Speed Force prison to stabilize it. When time returned to normal, Jesse and Harry embraced each other.

Afterwards, Jesse apologized to her father for trying to make him face his feelings about her mother's death before he was ready. Harry then had Jesse use a modified version of the mental activity dampener he made for Cecile Horton, which would allow her to hear his thoughts on her mother. Jesse heard her mother's voice, bringing her to tears. With this, Jesse and her father began to reconcile before she returned to Earth-2.[26]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Jesse (and her father Harry), alongside every other citizen of Earth-2 with the exception of Laurel Lance, died after a wave of antimatter (from the Anti-Monitor testing the antimatter cannon) engulfed and destroyed the universe.[2] This was noted by the crew of Waverider when they learned of Earth-2's destruction during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, as with the other universes.[27]

New multiverse[]

When Cisco returned from his fact-finding mission on Earth-Prime, he stated that every survivor [28] from the old multiverse was on the planet, even though they were supposed to have been vaporized by antimatter. Due to this, as Jesse and Harry died first, they are unlikely to have been resurrected, as Earth-2 was initially destroyed by antimatter as a test run.[29] Wally was heartbroken by Jesse's demise.[30]

A replica of Jesse's suit was placed in a S.T.A.R. Labs room, along with equipment from other fallen heroes, in homage to her.[31]

In 2024, Wally was informed by Bloodwork during his own Bloodwork Crisis that a new multiverse now existed and that there was perhaps a new version of Jesse out there. Though he was trying to manipulate Wally, given that certain people and various doppelgängers of them have been confirmed to exist on many of the new Earths, Bloodwork's claim indicates that although Earth-2's Jesse was killed during the crisis, there are still potentially other alternate versions of her out there.[30]

Possible future[]

Eobard Thawne had either met or gained knowledge about Jesse, as she was one of the people he mistook Nora West-Allen for when meeting the latter in 2015.[32]

By 2049 on Earth-Prime, Jesse's suit (or a replica) had been put on display in the Flash museum.[33]

Erased timeline[]

In an erased future that Nora West-Allen hails from, Jesse is a well-known figure in 2049, as Lia Nelson mentioned to Nora that Jesse Quick is among the heroic speedsters she would like to meet.[34]


Jesse Wells is a very kind and loving person. She used to get along great and was proud of her father's success until she found out the truth about the meta-humans and her father's involvement with them (she forgave him). Jesse also has this adventurous side that just wants to have fun and let go of all the problems. She's also very brave as she went to fight Savitar all alone, but this also counts as recklessness which may lead to her opponents catching her off-guard as seen when she first confronted Top. She has often shown stubbornness, going so far as to knock out H.R. Wells when he repeatedly expressed concern for her going after Savitar.[35] Jesse does not like her father getting in the way of what she wants; she does not like when he interferes with her love life. Despite these traits, she still loves him.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Months after being hit by the second dark matter explosion which her father created, Jesse's DNA and physiology was altered, supercharging her cells and giving her access to the Speed Force. This augmentation enables her to properly use her powers.[17]
    • Electrokinesis: Jesse is able to generate yellow electricity from her body; when moving fast enough. Seemingly learned from Barry, Jesse is also able to channel that build-up of energy and hurl it as lightning bolts.[17]
    • Superhuman perception: While training with Barry, Jesse learned to take advantage of mental speed as much as her physical. Learning from experience that she was constantly read and adapt to the situation, Jesse is able to use her heightened thought processing to instantly react to incoming danger.[17]
    • Superhuman durability: While not invulnerable, Jesse's body has become highly resilient, allowing her to survive without injury when she tripped and tumbled uncontrollably across the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator during training. After being beaten down by super-strong gorillas from Gorilla City, she was quickly able to return to her feet.[17]
    • Superhuman speed: While only having her powers for a short time, Jesse is able to move well over Mach 2 in speed. With her constant motion, she is even able to run up and across vertical surfaces for long durations. Wally described her as being "almost as fast as Barry", who could move at over Mach 13 at that point.[17]
      • Aerokinesis: By continuously running in a figure-eight fashion, Jesse was able to create wind funnel able to cushion a tank from crushing Central City Hospital[17]
      • Interdimensional travel: By moving fast enough, Jesse can create a dimensional breach, enabling her to propel herself and others she brings with her through the anomaly to traverse to parallel dimensions. This notably allowed her to bring herself and her father to S.T.A.R. Labs speed cannon room on Earth-1 after only recently gaining her powers.[17]
    • Superhuman stamina: Jesse stamina is enhanced as much as her natural speed, allowing her to continue running for prolonged periods of time without fatigue. Her stamina is even greater than that of Jay Garrick's, possibly because of her youth. However, Jessie's speed is not as durable as Barry's, since he was able to stay in Flashtime longer than her.[26]
    • Bodily vibration: Eobard mistook Nora for Jesse when Barry and Nora phased into the Time Vault.[36]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert scientist: Jesse is constantly noted for her sharp mind. She was able to graduate high school three years early[6] and study five majors in college.[7] Jesse seemed to excel in all her courses at school, allowing the impression that she could miss several classes and still keep up.[6] Even before becoming a speedster, Jesse proved a vital part to Team Flash like her father; very insightful and intuitive, she has an instinctual knack for perceiving the nature of a situation and as quickly best how to handle it. For example, Jesse was able to discern the nature of Griffin Grey's powers.[7] Having learned from Barry Allen after becoming a speedster, Jesse can analyze every inch of an environment.
    • Computer specialist: As a former member of S.T.A.R. Labs, Jesse has some technological skills of note, albeit not her main area of expertise.[11]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: After being trained by Barry, Jesse gained some rudimentary combat skills. She was able to knock down Rosa Dillon[18] after catching the latter off-guard, and managed to defend herself against Savitar for some time.[23]


  • Hyper-metabolism: While having tremendous stamina, a trade-off for Jesse's enhanced speed is an equally accelerated metabolism. To which, Jesse is required to consume great amounts of nutrients between each super-speed session to keep up her strength and prevent her from passing out from low blood glucose.[17]


  • Jesse Quick suit: Jesse uses a modified version of the Trajectory suit her alter-ego as the speedster heroine, "Jesse Quick". The suit offers friction protection to the speedster and includes a domino mask to hide Jesse's identity.[17][18]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Jesse Belle Chambers is the superhero known as Jesse Quick. She possesses superhuman speed and strength and it has been shown that she can fly and use supersonic bursts. She is the daughter of speedster Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. She debuted in Justice Society of America (vol. 2) #1 in August 1992.
  • While the producers confirmed the character's full name as "Jesse Chambers Wells", she has never been referred to as such on-screen.[1]
  • Her official concept artwork misspells her first name as "Jeese" instead of "Jesse".