Jesse Wells lead a vigilante team on Earth-2. This team is inactive, as the Paragons were the only survivors of the Multiverse.


Jesse Wells founded the team sometime after she left Team Flash and Jay Garrick returned to Earth-3. Her father, Harry Wells was on command there. However, Harry was so demanding and annoying that eventually, Jesse dismissed him from the team and the other members agreed with her.[1][2]

Since the Antimatter wave cut a swath through Earth-2, it's status is unknown considering the wave destroyed the universe and killed all living creatures with in it.[3]


The team presumably operates in a similar way to Team Flash; monitoring Central City and helping the police deal with various threats, be it meta-human or non-meta-human.

Known members

Former members

  • Harrison Wells (second-in-command, physicist, and occasional field agent; kicked off due to being incredibly demanding; later deceased)
  • Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick (founder, leader, physicist, and field agent; deceased)

Known allies

Current allies


The Flash

Season 4


  • Cisco Ramon suggested various names for the team: Team Quick, Team Jesse, and Jesse & the Quicksters.[1]


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