Jesse Wells lead a vigilante team on Earth-2.


Jesse Wells founded the team sometime after she left Team Flash and Jay Garrick returned to Earth-3. Her father, Harry Wells, was on command there. However, Harry was so demanding and annoying that eventually, Jesse dismissed him from the team and the other members agreed with her.[1][2]

Since an antimatter wave cut a swath through Earth-2, the team's current status is unknown.[3]


The team presumably operates in a similar way to Team Flash; monitoring Central City and helping the police deal with various threats, be it meta-human or non-meta-human.

Known members

Former members

  • Harrison Wells (second-in-command, physicist, and occasional field agent; kicked off due to being incredibly demanding; later deceased)
  • Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick (founder, leader, physicist, and field agent; deceased)

Known allies

Current allies


The Flash

Season 4


  • Cisco Ramon suggested various names for the team: Team Quick, Team Jesse, and Jesse & the Quicksters.[1]


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