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Jesse Chambers Wells[1] is the daughter of Harrison Wells.


Jesse graduated from high-school at the age of 15.[2]

Jesse supported her father, Harrison Wells, as he unveiled his new line of meta-human awareness apps and also watched on as The Flash criticised Wells for the initial meta-human infestation.[3]

After talking with her father about The Flash's allegations, Jesse returned to her college. Later on, Zoom attacked the college and took Jesse captive.[2]

Eight months later, she was being held prisoner by Zoom, who had not decided what to do with her or her father.[3] In another encounter, he caused harm to her.[2]


The Flash

Season 2


  • In the DC comics, Jesse Belle Chambers is the superhero known as Jesse Quick. She possesses superhuman speed and strength and it has been shown that she can fly and use supersonic bursts. She is the daughter of speedster Johnny Quick. She debuted in Justice Society of America (vol. 2) #1 in August 1992.


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