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Jessica Danforth is the mother of Madison Danforth, an old friend of Moira Queen, and a former mayoral candidate of Star City. She is also a supporter of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.


Early life[]

Jessica Danforth was an old friend of the Queen family through Moira. Around 1995, she had a daughter, Madison.[1]

Running for Mayor[]

In October 2015, Jessica and Madison met with Oliver and Thea Queen for brunch after years of not seeing them. Inspired by Green Arrow's announcement, Jessica revealed that she planned to be a symbol of hope for Star City by running for mayor. Madison, Oliver, and Thea were concerned due to the deaths of the last three mayors and recent murder of the city's leadership committee, but Jessica insisted on her candidacy and asked for their support.

At her mayoral announcement, Jessica was almost attacked by Lonnie Machin posing as a member of her security detail on H.I.V.E.'s behalf; Oliver saved her. She was subsequently placed in police custody at the SCPD to keep her safe.

Oliver visited Jessica in protective custody, where he expressed worry about her safety. Jessica still refused to back down, pointing out that the people of the city don't just need someone to protect them like Green Arrow, but someone who could inspire them and make Star City a better place. Soon after, Jessica learned Madison had been kidnapped. She made a public announcement at the precinct, tearfully begging for her daughter to be released.

After Team Arrow rescued Madison, Jessica reunited with her daughter at the police precinct. Still troubled over her family's safety, Jessica announced she was withdrawing her candidacy from the mayoral race.

Jessica's intentions to help the city inspired Oliver to run for mayor and be a hero in the light.[1]



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