"I'm the one who's crazy. Running after a ghost with a gun. Won't make that mistake again."
—Jim Corrigan[src]

Jim Corrigan is a homicide detective for the New Orleans Police Department. He was introduced to the supernatural by John Constantine, and helped the latter solve a case involving ghosts.


Early life

Momma Corrigan taught Jim how to shoot a gun to protect himself from a drunk, possibly a drunken father.[1]

Meeting John Constantine

Zed sees Jim's future

Zed sees Jim's future.

Jim Corrigan watched as Misaki Ross murdered a woman in the alley and shot at the former several times, though she got away unharmed. At the crime scene, John Constantine, Chas and Zed arrived offering help. The following day, Jim arrested John, believing he was a suspect for calling in a crime before it occurred. Jim later identified the woman in the alley and freed John. Later, Jim and Zed drove around the outskirts of New Orleans to pick up Philip Carlberg themselves. They drove around until morning, when they eventually found Phillip and drove him to town. Phillip vanished from the car but appeared in front of them; knowing he was only a ghost, they drove right through him. Corrigan was called by Constantine and the former brought Tammy Fraser, Bridget Carlberg and Madeline Devereaux to John and with the three forgiving their ghost, Papa Midnite was able to kill the ghosts for good.[1]

Jim later stopped by and told Zed that he knew she was a runaway. Zed then saw Jim Corrigan's future with multiple gun wounds and a green mist surrounding him, resembling a cloak. His skull was also partially visible.[1]


Jim wasn't quick to trust anyone, but once he's seen evidence that John and Zed were telling the truth, he assisted them even with the mystical aspects of the case. Feeling indebted to the pair, he deleted materials regarding Zed's runaway status and kissed her hand goodbye.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Expert detective: As a police detective, Jim is proven to be a highly skilled detective.[1]
  • Expert marksman: Jim is highly skilled in the use of firearms.[1]



The Flash

Season 6


  • Some of Zed's visions about him seem to indicate that he was raised by an abusive father.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Jim Corrigan is a host of the Spectre, one of the most powerful entities in the DC Universe.
    • At the end of "Danse Vaudou", Zed has a vision of Jim dying while being possessed by a green light entering his body. This a likely a flashforward about his future as the Spectre.
  • Although the first comics character to become the Spectre, he is the second Spectre-host to be depicted in live-action. Crispus Allen was depicted on September 22, 2014 in the debut of Gotham, a couple months prior to "Danse Vaudou" on November 22, 2014.


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