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"Jim Corrigan. But I'm also someone else. I'm something else—a spectre."
—Jim Corrigan[src]

Jim Corrigan was a decorated police officer. He was eventually called to a higher purpose and became a powerful entity known as the Spectre, a role he would briefly pass on to Oliver Queen so the latter could save his friends and the multiverse and combat the Anti-Monitor during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.


Earlier life

"In another life, I was a decorated police officer, a hero in my own right, but then I was called to a higher purpose."
—Jim Corrigan[src]

At one point, Jim Corrigan was a highly decorated police officer. Eventually, he was called to a new purpose and became something else, a "spectre".[1]

Passing on the mantle of Spectre

After Oliver Queen was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, Corrigan arrived in Purgatory and told him it was his turn to carry the spectre to save the multiverse.[1]

For weeks, Jim prepared Oliver for the battle that was to come, making him relive every punch thrown, every kick landed, and every arrow shot throughout his life. When Oliver was finally ready to take on the Anti-Monitor and restore the multiverse, Jim sent him to meet up with the Paragons at the Vanishing Point.[2]

Powers and abilities


Corrigan activating his Spectre powers


The Flash

Season 6


Season 8


  • Upon meeting Jim Corrigan, John Constantine remarks he is not the one he knows, a reference to the Jim Corrigan of Earth-1.
  • Jim is Oliver's tenth and final mentor, after Ra's al Ghul and Esrin Fortuna.
    • He is also the second of Oliver's mentors to train him in the use of mystical powers.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jim Corrigan is a host of the Spectre, one of the most powerful entities in the DC Universe. Unlike the Jim Corrigan of Earth-1, this version does indeed become the Spectre.