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Jimmy Cutter is a student of Metropolis High School and the boyfriend of Eliza.


Early life

Cutter is a member of the Metropolis High School football team. He played with Jonathan Kent and bullied his brother Jordan. After the Kents moved to Smallville, Cutter started dating Eliza.[1]

The return of the Kents

In a 2021 football game, Jon and Jordan returned as Smallville Crows players, and Cutter began to annoy them during the game. At night, Cutter and a few other Metropolis players approached them and began harassing Jordan, with Cutter trying to goad him into a fight. Jonathan tried to calm him down but Jordan tried to punch Cutter anyway, so Jon caught Jordan's fist in midair, which broke the bones in his hand and wrist.[1]


Superman & Lois

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