"Uh, Jo. Well, we can chat later, but right now I'm addressing the entity inside you."
John Constantine to Jo[src]

Jo was a worker at Hoffrichter Meats plant located within Great Wall Supermarket, who become possessed by Mnemoth.


At some point prior to 2014 Jo was employed at the Hoffrichter Meats plant in Great Wall Supermarket in Atlanta, working within a period of 126 days without a single accident.[1]

In 2014, after a customer, Leanne, became possessed with the demon Mnemoth, she pushed Jo's co-worker Dave hard to get to his meat. As Leanne died of starvation, Mnemoth exited her body and possessed Dave who proceed to wreak havoc in the plant, eventually dying himself and passing Mnemoth to Jo. For some time Jo was eating raw meat, until John Constantine entered the plant and addressed Mnemoth, trying to trap him in a bottle. Partially succeeding, John dropped the bottle, which shattered, and was forced to use a pig carcass as a shield from Mnemoth. Escaping the refrigerator room of the facility he left Mnemoth to re-enter Jo and escape, killing her in the process.[1]

Powers and abilities

Jo walking on all four limbs

Jo walking on all four limbs.


  • Mnemoth possession: Being possessed by a demon granted some powers to Jo.[1]
    • Flexibility: Jo was shown to be much more flexible then a usual human being while possessed by Menemoth, walking on all four limbs with her back to the floor.[1]
    • Increased strength: While possessed by Mnemoth, Jo was able to break the steel reinforced door of the refrigerated room in the meat plant.[1]




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