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Dr. Joan Williams is a neurological specialist and the wife of Jay Garrick. Following the destruction of the multiverse and recreation of the universe, she became a resident of Earth-Prime along with her husband.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

At some point, Joan undertook studies to became a neurological specialist.

Sometime following this, she met Jay Garrick, who needed her help with his research. While working together, they developed a relationship, and eventually got married.[1]

Meeting Barry Allen[]

Jay Garrick's extrapolator

Joan and Jay at Earth-1.

In late 2019, when Barry Allen of Earth-1 traveled to Earth-3 seeking the help of Jay, he and Joan met and were introduced.

While working with her husband to help Barry, the latter told her that she reminded him of someone special, but didn't disclose to her specifically who. Joan then assisted Jay in setting up the equipment to help Barry see what was to happen in the upcoming Crisis. When Barry fainted after seeing the coming events, Joan read him a poem to help wake him, but when he woke up he commented that she should have used a Lady Gaga song instead.

Once Barry had recovered from his fainting, Joan and Jay helped him back to Earth-1. While there, Iris West-Allen revealed to her that she was the doppelgänger of Barry's late mother.[1]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, a wave of antimatter caused the destruction of Earth-3.[2] However, Jay and Joan somehow were restored on Earth-Prime, becoming refugees from the original multiverse.

New multiverse[]

Living on Earth-Prime[]

Joan became a resident of Earth-Prime, living with her husband Jay Garrick in Keystone City. In 2021, Jay's retirement came to an end one day when he suddenly gained a burst of speed, causing Joan to lecture him on safety. However, she still allowed him to do as he wished. Unfortunately, before he could depart, he was ambushed and kidnapped by an army of Godspeed clones. Joan then reached out to Team Flash so they could save him.[3]

Joan later attended Barry and Iris' vow renewal ceremony along with her husband.[4]

Helping Iris[]

Joan Williams of 2049 in 2022

Joan Williams of 2049 in 2022.

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Joan helped Iris in 2049 with her time sickness.[5]


The Flash[]


  • Due to her Earth-Prime doppelgänger being deceased, Joan is able to remain on Earth-Prime as a refugee from the original multiverse without having to suffer from neurological degeneration.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Joan Williams was Jay Garrick's high school girlfriend, then wife, and often participated in his adventures as the Flash. Together, they cared for Bart Allen when he moved in with them to train as Impulse.