Dr. Joan Williams is a neurological specialist and the wife of Jay Garrick.[1]


Jay Garrick needed the help of a scientist. When having her as an assistant, they felt a special connection and got married.

When Barry Allen of Earth-1 goes to Earth-3 to ask Jay Garrick to heal him, Jay introduces his wife Joan to him and explains how they met. Barry recognizes her as the alternate version of his mother.

When discussing, Barry tells her that she reminds him of someone special, but without saying exactly who. Jay and Joan then put Barry his helmet so Barry can see what happens after the upcoming Crisis.

When Barry is fainted after seeing his friends and wife being destroyed by the Anti-Matter, Joan reads him a poem to awaken him. When Barry wakes up, he tells her that she should have used a Lady Gaga's song instead.

When Jay and Joan send Barry to Earth-1, Iris reveals that Joan looks like Barry's mother.


The Flash

Season 6


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